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8 Steps on Building a Localized SaaS Landing Page

Localized SaaS Landing Page

Localized landing pages are used by many businesses when they want to target a specific market. They’re especially useful for SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses that operate all around the world.

We’re going to take a good look at localized landing pages, the benefits they can bring, and how you can craft them perfectly to boost your conversion rate.

What is a Localized Landing Page?

A landing page, as you’re probably aware, is a web page designed with a specific purpose. When a user clicks a link and is brought to a landing page, they’re prompted to take a particular action or engage with a business in a desired way. 

In this way, landing pages are designed to drive conversions, whether that’s generating leads, closing sales, or simply boosting signup rates. They’re a vital part of every product, service, and app marketing strategy.

landing page target objective chart


A localized landing page is much the same but with one key difference. As the name suggests, a localized landing page is specifically geared towards a particular geographic location, culture, or language.

Businesses that operate in many different locations will often use localized landing pages. They’re a great way to reassure customers that they’re interacting with a business that’s local to them, which makes them more inclined to trust the service they’ll be receiving.

Localized landing pages feature customized content, language, and imagery to make them more appealing to their target audience and fulfill their purpose. The best localized landing pages will strive to do more than simply translate the text that appears on every other web page, however.

A good localized landing page will understand the nuances of the region it’s tailored towards. Factors such as cultural sensitivities, local practices, and even regional dialects and speech patterns should all be taken into account. All these factors help to create a more relevant and personalized experience for the user.

What Are the Benefits of Using Localized Landing Pages?

Using localized landing pages can bring many benefits to both large and small businesses operating in a wide variety of industries.

Increased Conversion Rate

Using localized content instills a higher level of trust and credibility in your brand. It shows your target audience that you understand them, their customs and traditions, and their wants and desires. 

All these factors add up to a higher level of trust in your brand, and that’s something customers are certainly looking for. Research by Edelman shows that trust in a brand is one of the top three factors consumers consider when making a purchase.

factors consumers consider when making a purchase


Knowing that, the link between localized landing pages and an improved conversion rate becomes pretty clear. Localized landing pages result in more trust from your customers, which translates to a higher likelihood that they’ll make a purchase.

Better User Experience

Alongside increased levels of trust, localized landing pages help to create an overall superior experience for your customers. The most obvious advantage here is that content will be more easily accessible to its target audience.

By translating copy into the languages spoken in your target market, you can have the best possible chance that every user who visits your landing page will be able to understand what you’re trying to say to them.

Getting your message across clearly is essential if you want to sell your products and services. There’s no point in loading your landing page with a copy that highlights all your unique selling points if your target audience can’t understand a word of it.

This goes beyond simply translating the copy into another language too. Different regions can have vastly different cultural reference points. This means that jokes, slang, or turns of phrase might not translate properly from one region to another.

Personalized Content

Creating personalized content is the best way to leave a lasting impression on your audience. In fact, research shows that personalization leads to higher conversion rates, improved customer loyalty, and a better brand reputation through positive word of mouth.

personalization leads to higher conversion rates, improved customer loyalty, and a better brand reputation through positive word of mouth


Localized landing pages can help to create a personalized experience for your customers. By addressing the specific needs and preferences of a particular region on your landing pages, you can show your audience how your products or services can help with their unique pain points.

On top of this, showing your visitors that you value their culture and customs can make them feel more special and instill in them a greater desire to engage with your business. 

Boosted SEO Ranking

Localizing your landing page can boost its SEO (search engine optimization) ranking in the territories you’re targeting. This leads to higher visibility with your target audience, improving the chance that the people you want to visit your landing pages can find them. 

For this reason, localized landing pages are often used in conjunction with other marketing efforts. This can include growing your Instagram following using platforms like Kicksta or Combin to increase brand awareness in new markets.

Incorporating region-specific keywords, phrases, and content in your landing pages allows you to target specific areas. Users searching in those areas will find your pages more easily, as optimizing your pages in this way will align them with local search intent. 

Having region-specific keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags helps search engines understand the page’s relevance to a specific locale. This increases the likelihood it’ll appear in searches in that region. This information will also help your landing page appear in search page results when users search for products or services in that area specfically.

If your localized landing page appears in search results with content tailored to the user’s location, it’s more likely to attract clicks. A higher click-through rate (CTR) signals to search engines that the page is relevant to users, pushing it up their rankings. 

8 Steps for Building a Localized Landing Page

Now that we’ve seen the many ways that localized landing pages can benefit your business, it’s time we learned how to create one. Here are eight top tips for creating localized landing pages that’ll increase your conversion rate.

Understand Your Target Audience

You can only effectively localize your landing pages once you know who you’re localizing them for. This requires you to do some research. 

Tools like Google Tag Manager can be a great resource here. They can provide you with valuable information on your website visitors and their interactions, allowing you to build an accurate picture of local users.

You’ll want to find out as much as possible about your target audience, including:

  • Prominent languages read and spoken in your target location
  • Local customs and traditions
  • Common values and beliefs held by the local people
  • Specific pain points experienced by customers in the area that your product or service could be used to overcome
  • Competitors operating in the same market

Access to this information will help you create personalized content that speaks directly to your target audience and doesn’t risk offending or confusing them in any way.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Once you know exactly who you’re localizing your pages for, you can start creating your landing pages. It’s important to focus on SEO (search engine optimization) at this point. This is one of the most commonly used marketing methods for driving traffic to landing pages.

chart on how to drive traffic to your landing page


It involves optimizing the content of your landing pages to ensure that they appear as high as possible on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Don’t worry if this is new territory for you and your business.

There are a few key features of your landing pages that you should focus on if you want to boost your conversions.


If you simply translate copy from a landing page targeted at another location, you might end up totally missing the top keywords for the market you’re trying to appeal to.

Make sure that your landing pages contain organic keywords specific to their target market. This will boost your chances of appearing in local searches.


The metadata of your landing pages is another factor that heavily influences your ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Keep your landing page metadata concise, but ensure that it includes all the relevant keywords that’ll lead your target audience to your website.


H1 tags should be snappy and eye-catching while still containing the keyword you’re targeting. Try not to overload headings with too many keywords or their variations, though, as this can be off-putting to readers.

URL Structure

A clean, readable URL is essential for SEO rankings. Your landing page’s URL should align with Google’s usability standards. For instance, try to avoid using special characters such as “%20”. These usually appear if you’ve left a gap between letters, so try using a dash “-” instead.

If you can include local keywords, even better. This will enhance the user experience by highlighting its local emphasis while also providing a snapshot of its content to readers.

Backlinks are links on external sites that direct users to your landing pages. Local link building is one of the top priorities for marketers, who view it as an incredibly important local SEO marketing tactic for driving traffic to their landing pages.

chart about business who have a plan to improve rank in local search results


External backlinks aren’t recommended for landing pages, but backlinks from other pages are absolutely encouraged. You can begin by linking from Google My Business and your website, then reach out to complementary local businesses in your target location for additional backlink opportunities.

Online services, such as accelerate SaaS link building, are available that can help you to build these connections and develop a thriving SaaS link-building strategy.

Use the Right Images and Alt-Tags

You should ensure that you reflect the unique feel and atmosphere of the location you’re targeting by using local images. If you have a branch in the area,  you could try showcasing your building or the local team members.

Try to create unique images for each localized landing page rather than recycling generic images. You could even consider hiring a photographer to capture original content. 

Original images will give you the highest EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) score in Google’s eyes, boosting your position in local search rankings. 

It’s also important to use descriptive alt-tags for your images, as this will further help in your SEO efforts. Try to use the keyword and the name of the location you’re targeting in your alt-tags. The same goes for image file names.

Include Compelling Calls to Action (CTAs)

Including location-specific CTAs will give an extra boost to your conversion efforts. By crafting CTAs that speak specifically to your target audience, you can increase your click-through rates and conversion rates.

The best CTAs are short, sweet, unmissable, and relevant. Determine what kinds of actions you want customers in your target market to take and focus your CTAs on them. 

For example, if you’re breaking into a new market for the first time, you may wish to gear your CTAs towards mailing list subscriptions in order to generate more leads

Make it Mobile Friendly

People using mobile devices account for nearly 60% of all website traffic. Mobile traffic first outpaced desktop traffic in 2017, and its prominence has only continued to grow since then.

landing page mobile traffic stats


What does this mean for localized landing pages? Simply put, you need to make sure they’re optimized for mobile browsing and that your mobile marketing strategy is on point.

If a user clicks a link through to your landing page using their mobile device, they need to be able to read it when it loads. Otherwise, chances are they’ll simply close the tab without performing an action at all.

Keep it Secure

Security on landing pages is a crucial part of a good user experience. Internet users who don’t feel that your web page is secure are likely to navigate away from it, and they’re certainly not going to buy anything from it! 

It’s especially important to promote security on local landing pages, where you might be encouraging users to share their location. Use security features, including SSL encryption and bot detection to securely transmit data and safeguard against malicious activities between your website server and your customer’s browser.

Keep it Fast

Internet users want an efficient browsing experience. In fact, there’s a direct correlation between page load speeds and conversion rates. The faster your landing page loads, the more likely you are to make a sale.

landing page load speed increase conversion rates


Try to avoid overloading your localized landing pages with too many videos or graphics that might slow down their loading speed. If a web page is taking too long to load, many users will simply navigate away.

On the other hand, a fast-loading web page shows professionalism. It also gives your local users fast access to the relevant business information they’re searching for.

Localize Your Landing Pages to Boost Conversions

Localized SaaS landing pages help you to create a personalized experience for potential customers. This increases the levels of trust in your business, boosts your SEO efforts, and ultimately leads to a higher conversion rate.

If you’re building localized landing pages for your business, remember to do thorough research so you can make them relevant to your target audience. Keep your landing pages as fast and secure as possible. Pay close attention to SEO throughout to make them as visible as possible.

Woorise simplifies the creation of localized landing pages for businesses targeting specific markets in any language. With its intuitive platform, designing pages that resonate with different demographics becomes effortless, significantly boosting conversion potential. Embrace Woorise for easy, effective localization and see your engagement and conversions soar in the global marketplace.

Do all that, and you’ll see your conversion rate skyrocket in no time.

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