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10 Lead Generation Landing Page Examples

Lead Generation Landing Page Examples

Landing pages serve as a key point of contact between brands and customers.

However, unlike a homepage, they target specific segments of an audience with a particular message to encourage action. 

Customers usually “land on” these pages by clicking on marketing emails, ads, and other promotional content. 

These pages allow customers to understand the brand’s offerings, thus fostering decision-making. On the other hand, marketers can leverage them to achieve several goals by positioning relevant content and elements like CTA (calls to action), forms, etc.

For instance, landing pages can showcase products, promote events, prompt visitors to “click-through,” capture leads, and more.

Lead generation landing pages are specifically optimized to attract leads. When designed well, they can boost a marketing campaign’s ROI, thus helping businesses, especially SMBs, earn high revenue. 

In this post, we will share 10 lead generation landing page examples. Observe their strategy to optimize your landing pages for lead generation and conversions. 

But first, let’s understand the concept followed by the best practices for best leveraging these pages. 

What is a lead generation landing page?

As mentioned earlier, these pages are designed to capture lead contact information. 

Businesses usually drive traffic to lead generation landing pages through advertising and other promotional efforts.

The main goal of a lead generation landing page is to encourage the audience to give their contact information in exchange for a valuable resource. 

For instance, businesses can ask the audience to fill out a form to avail comprehensive guide on lead generation strategies.

Best practices to design engaging lead generation landing pages

High-converting landing pages can prove to be an invaluable asset for businesses. However, creating an engaging lead generation landing page can be challenging.

Fret not! Here are a few best practices to optimize lead generation pages.  

  • Draft a compelling headline: The headline is one of the first elements visitors notice on a lead generation landing page. So, ensure the headline is captivating and communicates the value proposition.
  • Opt for a clutter-free design: Ensure the page is clean and clutter-free. The design should highlight the primary message brands have to offer. 
  • Create helpful and relevant content: Ensure the resources (in exchange for customer information) offer value to the audience. So, begin with performing research to gain in-depth insights into your target audience. Next, create digital assets like eBooks, cheat sheets, guides, and checklists to link to the revenue generation landing pages. 

However, ensure the content is not spread across multiple folders, shared drives, and platforms. This can create content management challenges leading to internal conflicts and miscommunication, thus impacting the workflow. Count on tools like digital asset management software to ensure seamless content management. 

  • Use a strong call-to-action: The page should have a clear call-to-action (CTA) that encourages visitors to take specific action. Include elements like bold text, contrasting colors, and others to make the CTA stand out.
  • Optimize for mobile devices: Reports state that 92.3% of internet users leverage mobile devices for internet usage. What’s more? Mobile devices contribute to 58.43% of the total website traffic. 

All this data points out why brands should optimize the landing page for mobile devices. 

So, ensure creating a responsive design for the landing page. It should adjust to different screen sizes (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and load seamlessly on these devices.

  • Include social proof: Place links to case studies, customer testimonials, and crucial social media mentions on the page. This is critical to build trust and improve a brand’s credibility.
  • Keep the form concise: Ensure the form is concise. Ask for only relevant details like the user’s name, email address, job title, etc. Avoid asking for unnecessary information from the users. 

Count on tools like Woorise’s form builder to create concise and beautiful forms with a few clicks. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows the creation of custom online forms. There’s zero need for technical skills and coding knowledge.

  • Perform A/B testing: Understanding and improving the effectiveness of the lead generation page is imperative. A/B testing can help you test and optimize crucial elements of the page, such as the CTA, headline, form fields, and others. 

Lead generation landing page examples

Here are 10 lead generation landing page examples that follow the shared best practices. Take inspiration from them to kick-start your journey. 

1. Row House

This fitness provider has channeled its vision and brand message quite well. 

Besides the sharp background design, the lead generation landing page gets brownie points for the content. The value proposition speaks volumes about the fitness brand without being promotional.

Row House landing page form example


What stands out?

  • Concise form: The form asks for basic contact information like the prospect’s name, email address, and phone number. This can help increase the response rate. 
  • Customer-centric content: The content depicts the brand’s value proposition. This can help encourage users to take action. (without being overwhelming!)
  • Enticing background and text placement: The page features compelling elements. The background image and strategically placed text enhance its aesthetic and user experience.

2. Lusha

Lusha is a go-to-market intelligence software, designed for marketing, sales, and recruitment teams. Their landing page highlights how the platform can help professionals discover and reach the right prospects

Lusha landing page example


What stands out?

  • Strategic element placement: With the strategically placed content, clean images, and vibrant pink background, everything looks on point. 
  • Powerful CTA: The phrase “start for free” with strategically placed reviews can nudge users to submit their email addresses. 
  • Social proof: Their team showcases testimonials of happy customers with individual ratings. This is a smart move to win audience trust and enhance the brand’s credibility. 

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an all-in-one solution for managing email marketing campaigns. Besides conveying the brand message, the landing page straight away shows its unique selling point (USP). The brand compares features and benefits with its competitor (Active Campaign). 

Sendinblue landing page example


What stands out?

  • “Show, don’t tell” approach: The brand offers a detailed comparison of its offerings versus what Active Campaign (competitor) provides. It clearly proves that Sendinblue is a better bet than Active Campaign.
  • Easy-to-understand format: The easy-to-digest content format (comparison table and well-placed testimonials) creates an engaging and relevant user experience. 
  • Actionable CTA: The CTA is short and precise (four words). Besides, the phrase “No credit card required – No commitment” placed below it is powerful enough to generate leads. 

4. Scrut Automation

Scrut Automation is a leading cloud security posture management solution provider. Their landing page summarizes key features and functionalities of the platform, thus conveying the value proposition and differentiators. 

Scrut Automation landing page example


What stands out?

  • Gripping visuals and text: The page’s background, animated image, and clear headline effectively capture readers’ attention.
  • Appointment scheduler: Scrut Automation has added a user-friendly appointment scheduling feature to allow users to connect to the team hassle-free. The brand only asks for crucial contact information, such as name, email address, country, and company name to get started. 
  • Authoritative, high-quality content: The SaaS company offers users well-researched, in-depth information on automation and technology. This improves their credibility, thus helping generate more leads. 

5. Nauto

Nauto, an AI-powered fleet safety software, highlights its benefits with engaging copy. Besides, they offer a helpful resource (eBook on fleet safety) in exchange for visitors’ information. 

Nauto landing page example download form


What stands out?

  • Simplicity: The design is free of any distractions. It highlights the company’s vision and offerings straight. Besides, it’s user-friendly and appealing. The color scheme with shades of white and black aligns with the company’s branding. 
  • Persuasive copy: The content is easy to understand. It drives the point home that deploying the software is the best bet for the audience. 
  • Helpful resource: The eBook is relevant to its target audience. The bold heading communicates its value proposition, while the CTA looks prominent. This can accelerate its download, thus helping them capture lead information. 

6. Wag!

Wag! is an exclusive service connecting dog owners with pet sitters and walkers. 

The lead generation landing page gets straight to the point. It requests caregivers to join the community by filling out a simple form. They offer a QR code to encourage visitors to download their app. The form design merges well with the background, enhancing the page’s appeal. 

Wag landing page example qr code form


What stands out?

  • User-friendly form: The form is simple and offers a QR code scannable. Besides, the QR code provides a nice touch, making the process easy.
  • Emphasizes credibility: The caretaker pictures on the CTA with the specific mention of the 400K+ community increase the page’s credibility. 
  • Prominent voice: The easy-to-grasp language with relevant testimonials captures the brand voice well.  


IMPACT’s lead generation landing page can inspire everyone aiming to create a superior user experience. 

This marketing and sales education platform offers helpful resources and training to its audience. Its bold headline copy and beautiful visuals with a simple layout look perfect, encouraging the audience to download them. 

IMPACT landing page example download form


What stands out?

  • Best use of colors and fonts: They have used uniform green tone in the background with simple font that creates a cohesive look. The page looks clean and is easy on the reader’s eye, thus enhancing the user experience. 
  • Helpful resource: The brand offers a free guide to help the target audience “generate more conversions.” This phrase can significantly accelerate the chances of its download.
  • Cleverly designed form: The form doesn’t ask for too many details. It focuses on the customer’s email address and name. 

8. Sprout Social

This leading social media management and intelligence provider uses a tried and tested strategy. It provides users with a creative testing worksheet in exchange for their contact information.

Sprout Social landing page example headline and form


What stands out?

  • Storytelling: The headline copy is to the point. The rest content on the page has a storytelling approach. It reflects crucial reasons why visitors should download the worksheet. 
  • Readability: The content is divided into short paragraphs, enhancing the overall readability. 
  • Design consistency: The lead generation landing page complies with the brand’s design guidelines. This practice ensures design and color consistency on the page. 
  • Actionable and powerful CTA: The CTA (get the worksheet) reflects the brand’s motive. They have specified its benefit in the content. This can inspire the audience to download the worksheet.

9. Sunbasket

This meal-delivery firm provides customers with healthy meal kits and pre-made meals. They use organic ingredients while maintaining the dietary needs of the customers. Their lead generation landing page depicts their values and commitment. 

Sunbasket landing page example


What stands out?

  • Exclusive offer: The content depicts a time-limited exclusive offer of 90% off on the first order. This statement serves as a strong incentive for visitors to fill out the form.
  • User-friendly design: This lead generation landing page has a clean and intuitive design. It guides visitors through the ordering process, making it easy for them to sign up.
  • Eye-grabbing content: The page effectively communicates Sunbasket’s value proposition and differentiators. The mouth-watering food visuals and persuasive language entice visitors to take action.  
  • Compelling CTA: The page’s clear call-to-action (CTA) prompts visitors to redeem the exclusive offer, driving lead generation and conversion.

10. Brosix

This secure team communication software allows firms to collaborate in real-time. The lead generation landing page highlights its key features to drive user action.

Brosix landing page example


What stands out?

  • Professional design: The Brosix lead generation landing page features a clean and professional design. It mainly reflects the platform’s key features and benefits. 
  • Color and text: The page predominantly uses shades of white and blue. Besides, the concise text used for headlines and subheadings creates a clean aesthetic.  
  • Persuasive language: The content uses social proof to prove its credibility. The design and content create a compelling user experience conveying Brosix’s value proposition and differentiators.
  • Prominent CTA: The CTA button encourages visitors to sign up for the free trial. This helps the brand collect customer information and accelerate the sales pipeline


By offering valuable content and incentives, the lead generation landing page helps brands collect authentic audience information. This increases the chances of conversions, thus accelerating marketing efforts and ROI. 

So, to create a powerful lead generation landing page, businesses must optimize their design and content. Including value propositions, compelling CTA, and the persuasive copy can help achieve the goal. 

Take inspiration from the 10 lead generation page examples shared in this post. Incorporating the mentioned best practices can help you generate high-quality leads, thus driving revenue growth. 

Leverage Woorise to kick-start your journey. This tool offers professional-looking and mobile-responsive templates to help you design beautiful lead generation landing pages with a few clicks. 

So, start experimenting with the designs. Keep testing and refining the pages until you achieve the best results!

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