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8 Mobile Marketing Tips That Drive Leads and Sales

10 years ago, all of the marketers we’re saying that mobile is the future of marketing. As far as we’re concerned, the future is now. Even though some mobile devices came and went, smartphones are going nowhere any time soon. The number of smartphone users is only continuing to grow.

At the moment, there are more than 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. They use their phones to stay in touch with family, enjoy media, and of course, do business and shop. If your business means anything to you, then you need to work hard on reaching smartphone users.

And that’s the reason we’ve prepared today’s list of 8 mobile marketing tips.

Here’s what we’ll go through today:

  • We’ll go through the basic elements of this form of marketing
  • Discuss further in what ways smartphone marketing can help your business
  • Look into 8 actionable marketing tips that will get you more leads and sales

With that out of the way, let’s dive right into the topic at hand.

An Introduction to Mobile Marketing

So what exactly is mobile marketing and why do so many people talk about it? In essence, it’s a form of digital marketing that aims to reach people who mainly use mobile devices to browse the web. According to Market Watch reports, it’s the fastest-growing form of digital marketing, with a 25% CAGR. The more people own smartphones, the more marketers use mobile marketing. Simple as that.

What does this type of marketing refer to? In the beginning – little less than 20 years ago – when you talked about mobile marketing, you’re referring to SMS marketing. Later MMS came into play, and marketers all over the world started using images, sounds, and videos to promote their brands. As the technology developed over the next few years, so did mobile marketing. With 91% of consumers interested in signing up for texts and open rates as high as 98%, you should take advantage of SMS marketing for your business. Incorporating personalized and timely text messages can enhance your outreach and engagement strategies, leveraging the widespread use of mobile devices in today’s digital landscape.

In the following years, mobile marketing expanded to voicemail, email, and mobile websites. With the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, mobile marketing became one of the most important marketing strategies overnight. Once mobile apps and social media took over, mobile marketing came to the forefront. Companies started investing millions of dollars into their strategies.

Nowadays, you can’t possibly have an online business without investing at least a small part of your budget in mobile marketing. Seeing how people now spend almost 3 hours playing around with their smartphones, the fact that so much time and effort is investing in mobile marketing isn’t surprising at all. And with the number of mobile users getting larger, we can expect even more people investing.

How Can Mobile Marketing Help Your Business?

One of the best aspects of mobile marketing is that it comes in many forms. Meaning, no matter what communication channel or media platform your target audience prefers, you’ll be able to reach them through mobile marketing. Here are a few widely used formats of mobile marketing:

  • SMS and MMS: The oldest form of mobile marketing involves capturing a lead’s number and sending text offers, links with landing pages, and even personalized content
  • Mobile applications: Allow you to target your audience while they’re using the app with in-app advertisements and with push notifications when they’re not using it
  • Location-based ads: Location-based ads work quite simply, once the user arrives at a specific location – an area near your business – it triggers an advertisement for your business
  • Mobile search ads: Mobile-first ads that emerge turn up on the top of the page when you google something are paid advertisements that aim to bring more people to your site

When compared to traditional marketing, mobile has a lot of benefits. For instance, mobile marketing costs less than print, radio, podcast, and TV adverts, but at the same time, allows you to reach a wider audience, anytime, anyplace. It also allows you to target a small group of users more easily, through multiple media channels at once.

While everyone understands that smartphones have become a necessity in 2020, some of you are probably wondering why you should invest so much time and money into mobile marketing? Here are a couple of reasons why every business needs to embrace and make use of mobile marketing:

Improve Your Customer Engagement Rates

Personalized ads and messages allow you to make your customers feel special. Luckily, almost 60% of consumers now explicitly want brands to offer them special perks, not available to your average user. Woorise will help you to keep your customers engaged at all times and improve their user experience. This, of course, will translate into better conversion rates and sales down the line.

Allow You To Reach a Worldwide Audience

With billions and billions of people owning and using smartphones, investing in mobile marketing can help you expand your reach to a global level. You can create content that can reach far beyond your city and even country. By using the right strategies, your business will be able to enter exciting, new markets and access new revenue streams.

Help You Target Local Customers More Easily

While having a global audience at your fingertips is a nice thought, let’s go back to the local customers for a second. 9 out of 10 people who do a local search on their mobile device call or visit a business in their area within 24 hours. With local-based marketing tools at your disposal, you can easily put your business in front of your local consumers and ensure that they reach out to your business first.

Give You Instant Results from Your Efforts

Unlike traditional marketing, mobile marketing allows you to see the results of your efforts almost instantly. Since people carry smartphones wherever they go, they usually react to advertisements in mere seconds. You can instantly see how people are responding to your marketing efforts. In turn, this allows you to make tweaks to your marketing strategy on the go.

Boost Your Ranking Pass the Competitors

Any time you look up mobile marketing tips, you’ll notice that people can’t stress enough the importance of having mobile-friendly content and websites (more on that later). Besides the customers, search engines also prefer mobile-responsive websites. Google has officially made it one of their main ranking factors. That’s how mobile marketing can help you rank above your biggest competitors.

8 Mobile Marketing Tips for Leads and Sales

Now that we talked about what it is and how it can help you, it’s time to give you some actual mobile marketing advice. Here are 8 mobile marketing tips that will help you grow your list of leads, further your sales, and in the end, increase your bottom line.  

1. Invest in Creating Your Mobile Apps

In-app marketing no matter how many people find it tiresome after a while is effective. But there’s an even more effective way of targeting app users and turning them into customers. No matter how many people access mobile sites every day, they actually prefer to use applications. According to a recent Compuware survey, a staggering 85% of mobile users prefer apps to mobile apps. While launching a mobile app is a big investment, it would help you expand your market reach if you take mobile app development into consideration.

2. Look into Voice Search Optimization

Roughly 1 in 4 people in America now own a Smart Speaker. Most of these consumers use voice search more often than they do a text search. That’s why your content should be voice-search optimized. This includes using long-tail keywords in your content, making sure your contact info is updated and answering common questions about your niche. And that’s not all. You can now invest in voice-activated ads and target mobile shoppers that use their mobile devices, personal assistants, and smart devices to lookup certain products.

3. Deliver Personalized Messages Through SMS

As you’ll notice by taking a walk down the street, people are glued to their phones no matter where they are. An average mobile user unlocks their phone roughly 150 times every day. Every time they hear an SMS notification, you can be sure that they are going to read the message right away. While some may think that technology is outdated, in reality, SMS campaigns yield results. It allows you to deliver personalized messages to your leads, communicate with them directly, and look for feedback.

4. Improve CX Through AR and Mobile Web

For some people, Augmented Reality is still nothing more than a novelty. Even though the technology is still in its infancy, you can’t deny its impact. According to recent studies, AR can capture your customers’ attention for more than 85 seconds at a time, increase your interactions by 20%, and boost CTR by 33%. Merchants have used AR to show the customers the effect of skincare products on their skin, create virtual fitting rooms, and even show how a certain color would fit their home.

5 .Get More Engagement With AI-Powered Marketing

Speaking of new technologies, we simply have to say a few words about Artificial Intelligence. What you need to realize about modern consumers is that they want to be treated as individuals. They expect their shopping experience to be catered to their likes and wishes. Being bombarded with irrelevant content is the number one reason why customers become disengaged. A platform like Semnatics3 can help you crawl your site, examine customers, and create targeted content/product suggestions for each visitor.

6. Drive More Leads Using Influencer Marketing

With so many products out there, making a purchasing choice can be a nightmare for today’s consumers. They need help in the form of purchasing recommendations from their family, friends, and of course, social influencers they admire. That’s why more than 85% of marketers use influencer marketing. A collaboration with an influencer can bring in more traffic to your website, increase conversions, and improve your bottom line. You can look for potential influencer partnerships on platforms like SocialBakers, Upfluence, and CreatorIQ.

7. Use Social Commerce to Your Benefit

Social commerce? Are we saying you should start selling your products on social media? Not exactly. A good example of social commerce is setting a Facebook retail page and connecting it with your store. This allows your potential buyers to browse your offering, without actually leaving the social platform.  Targeting social media followers should be a big part of your overall lead generation strategy. Around 60% of small businesses have gained new customers through the use of social media.

8. Start Using QR Codes to Connect Offline and Online Marketing

A great thing about QR codes is that they allow you to maximize your online and offline marketing efforts. For instance, by placing printed ads with QR codes, you can navigate offline users to your website in a matter of seconds. And that’s not all. A simple tool like the QR code generator can help you boost your lead generation rates. By strategically placing QR codes on your website, ads, and social media images, you can get more engagement, expand your reach, and drive users to a landing page. 

Back to You Now!

And there you have it, those are our mobile marketing tips. By optimizing your website and investing in mobile marketing, you’ll help your business attract more people and improve sales in months. Here’s what you need to know about mobile marketing:

  • Mobile marketing is indispensable in today’s business climate so learn it well
  • Millions of people use mobile for shopping and you need to target those people
  • By learning all of the most effective strategies you can improve your bottom line easily

Businesses that aren’t reaching out to these consumers are missing out. Use our mobile marketing tips, improve your overall strategy, and start earning more money today.

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