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10 Quiz Examples and Ideas to Better Engage your Audience

Remember picking up popular magazines and flipping directly to the quiz-of-the-week page? How many times did you learn about your vacation goals, what celebrity you’re most like, or what dog you should get based on your personality? 

There’s no doubt about it — quizzes have always been fun and engaging, which is why, apart from entertainment, they’ve also made their way into the business world. 

“How?” you might ask.

It’s simple. 

Quizzes have become a powerful tool to collect email leads and gather essential information about the participants. Next to other types of interactive content, such as calculators or polls, they can help you build your email list almost on an autopilot.

Interactive content gains 2x more engagement than static content. That’s why we have decided to put together a list of some of the best quizzes ideas available online right now. It contains quizzes used in a wide range of industries, so whether you’re looking to increase sales or grow your subscriber list, we promise that you will find the inspiration you are looking for!

Ready? Let’s dive in! 

The Four Types of Quizzes you Can Create for Your Business

There are countless ways you can use a quiz in your marketing strategy. Some businesses  get super creative with their quizzes —  for example, they ask questions about your personality, style and body type to match you with the perfect outfit for a special occasion.

In this article, we’ll define the difference between personality quizzes, scored quizzes, knowledge tests and surveys, and we’ll share live examples of each type of quiz. To start, let’s look at personality quizzes.  

1. Personality Quiz

One of the most common types of quizzes people come across are personality quizzes

Everyone’s likely done at least one of these before. From finding out what type of sitcom character you are to what your spirit animal is, personality quizzes attract a lot of attention because they help people discover something new about themselves. The results pages tend to bucket people into a specific category where they can be matched with other like-minded people, and there’s a written section that explains to the user why they were matched with that category. 

These types of quizzes are a goldmine for marketers looking to send personalized follow-ups because they ask a ton of personal information about a person’s likes, preferences, needs, insecurities, pain points and more. 

Erika Holmes: The “It Factor” Quiz

Erika Holmes provides copywriting and website copy services. On her website there is a sticky bar that features the “It Factor” quiz. 

This fun quiz asks users a series of questions to figure out what their brand’s celebrity personality is. To take the quiz, you have to click the sticky bar at the top of the website.

Erika Holmes Personality Quiz example

At the end of the quiz, Erika asks users for their email in order for them to get their results. This is a smart tactic to gather opt-ins from potential businesses that Erika can contact to sell her marketing services.

Erika Holmes persona Quiz example

Through the quiz questions, Erika can understand useful information about each person that fills it out. This enables her to be able to send personalized follow-ups based on the information collected throughout the quiz and optimize an email marketing strategy that ensures increased open rates, click-through-rates and overall engagement. 

Copyhackers: What kind of copywriter are you? 

Copyhackers is a B2B company that has a great quiz on their website that helps people find out what kind of copywriter they are. One notable aspect of this quiz is that it’s a bit more technical than other similar quizzes. Using accurate copywriting, SEO and web terms throughout the quiz, every copywriter that engages with this quiz will trust the results they get because Copyhackers has built credibility by using these real terms. 

This is a smart tactic to generate qualified leads since the only people that will be completing the quiz start to finish will be actual businesses and writers that may benefit from Copyhackers services. Also, keep in mind that the quiz landing page is embedded with a custom branded link, so users can easily search and find the quiz in search engines as well, which helps with Copyhackers discovery in search engines.

personality quiz example What kind of copywriter are you


Children’s Hospital Los Angeles: Which therapy dog are you? 

To add a more fun angle to a more serious business, the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles created a quiz on their website that matches people to a therapy dog based on their personality. 

This quiz asks a lot of fun questions, such as what type of setting you’d like to play fetch in, the type of shoes you’d wear for a walk, what your dream home would look like and more to match you with the best furball. 

pet dog personality quiz example


Similar to other quizzes, the Children’s Hospital collects email addresses for users to get their quiz results and is then able to reach out to every quiz user about hospital updates and more. For a business like the Children’s Hospital that isn’t looking to sell a specific product or service, a quiz to collect email addresses is a great tactic to be able to send newsletters to promote blog content to their email list, which will continue to grow with users wanting to know what type of therapy dog they are! 

Netpeak Software: What SEO hat are you wearing?

Some businesses actually get super creative with their quizzes, such as asking questions to understand someone’s preferred SEO techniques. 

In this quiz by Netpeak Software, users will get asked questions about what certain SEO terminology means, how they would respond to guest blogging inquiries, how they would optimize content, and more. Each question helps to understand what kind of hat you’re wearing as an SEO specialist. 

For example, a white hat means you follow search engines guidelines and optimize your websites. To keep things interesting, Netpeak uses a series of gifs throughout the quiz too, which adds a touch of humour for the users interacting with the quiz. 

seo personality quiz example


2. Scored Quiz

For Scored Quizzes, there are two main results pages: a numbers results page and a percentage results page. This is how the results of a scored quiz could be represented:

  • Numbers results: This is when the final quiz results are displayed as a number–like an overall score based on the user’s quiz answers. For example, if you were asked if you could name 10 countries based on a photo, the quiz would tell you exactly how many you got right. 
  • Percentage results: Similar to the numbers results, these types of quizzes will give you a score based on a percentage that you got correct. For example, if you asked if people could recognize a movie based on a series of quotes, you could give them their overall score as a percentage. “You got 95% right!”

We’ll share a few examples of these types of quizzes next! 

Solluna: What’s your beauty sleep score?

Have you ever wondered what your sleep score is? Interested in better understanding why you are or aren’t well-rested in the morning?

 Solluna, a lifestyle brand about living your true beauty, has a quiz for that! 

Solluna quiz example question


This is an interesting angle for the quiz because it highlights a customer’s potential pain points through the results (whether they need a better sleep style or not). Based on this, Solluna can then reach out to anyone who gave their email to get their results and talk to them about ways they can better their sleeping habits. 

Genbook: Do you offer a great business experience?

In this quiz by Genbook, you can find out if you’re offering a great business experience for your salon, spa or wellness center. 

By answering a few basic questions related to your booking system, website experience, customer feedback responses, how you greet clients and more, Genbook will tell what your business experience is like for customers.

Genbook business experience quiz example


Genbook tells quiz users what their business experience is like through a percentage score. You have the ability to share your results on social media, which is a great tactic to get more users to fill out the quiz and grow your leads list.

Also, Genbook will tell customers how they can make minor improvements to get a higher score and offer a better business experience, so users leave with actionable advice after taking this quiz. 

personality quiz results example

3. Knowledge Tests

A knowledge test is as simple as it sounds: you’re testing someone about how much information they know about a specific topic.

These tests can also be displayed as numbers and percentage results, but ultimately the main purpose of them is for the user to be able to see how much they know about a topic and learn something new after taking the test. 

We’ve got two examples of knowledge tests below.

The Redbull Test your Knowledge quiz is an awesome example of a company that sells a specific product, but uses a quiz as a way to educate their audience rather than use interactive content to try to sell their product. This method is just as effective for the business to collect more emails, especially for a well-known brand like Redbull where users likely already have regular product knowledge. 

red bull knowledge quiz example


Something that is unique to Redbull’s quiz is that the “start quiz” page has a video background that features many of Redbull’s characters and designs drinking cans and recycling them. Since this quiz is all about recycling, the background videos match the content perfectly and enhance the idea that Redbull is trying to share: that we need to recycle more ! This quiz gets bonus points for design. 

History Extra: how much do you know about Tudor Queen Elizabeth I?

Seriously, how much do you actually know about Tudor Queen Elizabeth I? If you want to test your knowledge on it, take this quiz from History Extra, which features nine detailed questions about Tudor Queen Elizabeth I to see how much you really know about her. 

For people who realize they didn’t know as much as they’d hoped about this queen, there’s a direct link to History Extra’s blog post about Queen Elizabeth I where visitors can easily learn more. In this knowledge test, History Extra has used their quiz as a top-of-funnel gateway to promote more content on their blog. This is a smart strategy to increase blog traffic through interactive content. 

quiz score example


4. Surveys

There are two ways businesses can use surveys

The first is as a post-purchase or post-experience method where the business asks a previous customer or client to fill out a survey about their experience with that business. This helps the business understand how customers feel about their products or services. 

The other type of survey is when businesses ask visitors a set of questions in order to direct them to a specific answer. This is to help guide visitors toward a specific end-goal.

Neil Patel: Want more SEO traffic? 

If there’s a master at generating leads and increasing website traffic, it’s Neil Patel! His website features online courses and educational material for businesses wanting to learn more about marketing, SEO, website traffic, conversion optimization and more. 

On his website, Neil has an SEO traffic quiz, which is about helping businesses grow their SEO traffic. This is different from many other quizzes in a sense that it asks you a few questions about your business and your website and completes a full 10-second audit based on a link you provide at the same time. 

seo traffic survey

By gathering this information for the business, the quiz can then recommend the right products, services or strategy to help that specific user. 

Thanks to surveys, you can use the information you collect from quiz users to build a positive relationship marketing strategy, meaning you can build long-lasting connections with all your customers. This helps increase your retention rate by interacting with customers using personalized and targeted messaging based on the information they provided in the survey.

Slice: Where should you go on your next vacation?

And of course, there has to be a vacation quiz in this article for inspiration as well. 

Splice has a great one on their website to help you figure out where you should go for your next vacation. This survey quiz goes beyond the standard vacation-quiz-questions about where you want to go.

 For a few examples, the Slice Vacation Quiz asks more detailed questions about whether you want to travel alone, with family, with friends or a significant other, and what type of weather you’d be interested in having while traveling to narrow down the results. 

vacation quiz example

What’s Next?

Once you’ve created a quiz, you need to understand how to get the most from it. Here are a few tips and ideas to get started:

Set up retargeting ads: Based on the information you’ve collected about website visitors in your quiz, set up retargeting ad campaigns on LinkedIn or Facebook to try and bring those visitors back again. 

The offers and messaging in your ads are dependent on your desired goal, your audience and where they are in the buyer’s journey. You can learn more about setting up retargeting ads in this detailed guide by Ross Simmonds at Foundation. 

Design an engaging email marketing funnel: A quiz does an excellent job of growing subscriber lists and providing businesses with valuable information about those subscribers. The next step is to leverage that information for your marketing channels to interact with visitors using personalization techniques. 

Your emails will have much better engagement results when you start personalizing the messaging based on knowledge you have about customers and website visitors, but you also need to ensure you’re optimizing your email deliverability to reach your target audience. This email deliverability guide on Mailtrap’s website will show you how to optimize your email marketing funnel.  

Create educational content: Once website visitors have engaged with your quiz, you know that your quiz topic is one they’re interested in learning more about. Creating educational content about the same topic and sharing it with quiz users is a great opportunity for you to move customers along the marketing funnel. 

You can read about ways to promote your blog in this article by Chris Wagner. If you’re looking for other ways to make your quiz profitable for your business, you can also create online courses related to your quiz topics as well. Here’s a great guide to creating an online course to help you get started.

Start Creating Quizzes to Engage With Customers in Meaningful Ways

Now that you’ve learned a ton about quizzes, are you ready to create your own? 

We hope these examples and templates have given you inspiration for how you can engage with people visiting your website. Incorporating quizzes into your marketing strategy is worthwhile (and creating one won’t cost too much of your marketing budget). 

No matter what your business goal is, quizzes are an extremely powerful tool for any businesses to gather valuable information from users that ensures you’re using the right messaging when sending any future marketing automation. 

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