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How to Use Quizzes to Boost Lead Generation (Types + Examples)

Marketers have always struggled to find ways to boost their lead generation. However, as the era of personalization is currently upon us, you have to find more unique ways to excite your audience.

Content like videos, blog posts, and case studies have proven themselves to be powerful lead gen tools. However, these marketing activities aren’t enough to capture all those leads waiting for you in the corner.

According to Ion Interactive’s study, interactive content can generate content 70% of the time, compared to 36% for passive content. As the ultimate form of interactive content, quizzes have become one of the most popular lead generation tools for your business.

With sites like Buzzfeed and Playbuzz receiving billions of content views per month, quizzes are also the most beloved and fun means to get personalized results and have fun.

Taking into account the tremendous capabilities of quizzes will help you improve your content strategy and increase your leads minus the struggle.

What are the Benefits of Quizzes?

Quizzes are fun, creative and will let you know which Star Wars character will be your Valentine’s day date in a matter of seconds!

But more than that, quizzes can be powerful tools to collect valuable information about your leads and help you deliver personalized experiences that’ll eventually convert them.

You can Personalize Your Marketing Strategy

A quiz is something more than a way to pass the time and see what’s your ideal pet. For your business, a well-made quiz will offer valuable information and help your quiz-takers discover something new about themselves.

Giving them exceptional answers that will excite them will help you connect with them and establish a solid bond. 

For instance, Birchbox’s “Makeup Brand Spirit Animal” quiz gave the brand the opportunity to offer personalized results to its users.

quizzes jouer Personalize Your Marketing Strategy

The linked product pages allow the brand to generate more clicks and incentivize their quiz-takers to purchase their ideal products.

You can segment your audience

Segmentation is a powerful tactic to divide your audience into different groups with similar interests and preferences. 

Having a segmented audience will not only help you deliver more personalized experiences and content but also make your marketing efforts easier.

Consequently, when you have all the necessary information, you can use it to create awesome marketing campaigns.

Quizzes will give you a fast and easy way to group your leads. For example, Airbnb  uses a “Travel Personality” quiz to help its users find their next amazing destination:

quiz question example

The data collected from this quiz will help Airbnb segment their quiz-takers according to their answers and different travel personalities. 

To take advantage of segmentation you should consider leveraging some of the best email marketing services out there.

By doing so, you’ll manage to use the data to rock your email marketing and nurture your new leads in the most cost-efficient way.

You go beyond traditional content

Users love interactive content, so why not give them something more than a simple blog post?

As interactive experiences are winning over more and more consumers, leveraging quizzes will help you optimize your content strategy.

Brands like Function of Beauty, for instance, have turned quizzes into their primary means of generating leads. 

The brand uses a personalized quiz to allow visitors to build a custom hair profile corresponding to the right product.

quiz example build your hair profile

Types of Quizzes for Lead Generation

Before leveraging the power of quizzes you need to know which types you need in your digital marketing strategy. 

To select the most suitable type, you need to take into account your industry, your goals, and your target audience. Then, choose the best type, build it and start generating more leads.

The Knowledge Quiz

Knowledge quizzes are simple, aiming at testing your audience’s knowledge on various things related to your brand. 

This quiz should be straightforward, challenging your audience through a series of multiple-choice questions. 

To perform, your knowledge quizzes should be able to provide feedback and extra tips based on your quiz-takers’ score.

Here’s a quiz example from Guns & Ammo:

Personality Quiz

Personality quizzes are among the most popular types. Why? Because Consumers love finding out in which category they belong to and what it tells about them.

Brands that want to increase their lead generation can come up with personalized results and beautiful images that will increase the shareability of the quiz on social media.

Here’s a quiz example from Country Rebel:

quiz song example

Shopping Quiz

Shopping quizzes are an eCommerce store’s best friend. This type aims at presenting the quiz-taker with personalized product recommendations stemming from their quiz answers.

The more accurate the results are, the better they will incentivize your prospect to take action and purchase something from your store.

Here’s a quiz example from Shoe Dazzle:

Shopping Quiz

Quiz Contests

One of the most amazing quiz types to increase lead generation and brand visibility is quiz contests. Quiz contests can work miracles for your lead generation efforts because they rely on giving something back to your audience. 

The perfect contest or giveaway will boost customer acquisition in the most cost-effective way and help you build your mailing list.

Here’s a quiz example from The Guardian:

shelf improvement quiz example

3 Amazing Tactics To Enhance Lead Generation With Quizzes

To turn your quizzes from fun activities into incredible lead gen tools, you need the right tactics. 

These tactics don’t need to be complex, though. To boost your customer lifecycle marketing endeavors you simply need a creative idea and the right tools!

1. Build Your Quiz 

The first thing you need to rock your lead generation strategy with quizzes is to create the ultimate quiz. 

To ace it, you need to take into account that your quizzes need to be entertaining, informative and attractive enough to incentivize your visitors to complete them.

Quizzes that feel boring or too complex, will discourage your audience and sink your lead generation ship.

So, what should you do first?

Find the Right Concept

You set your goals, but what about your quiz idea? Telling your users to answer questions on a topic that has nothing to do with your brand will confuse them and discourage them from taking part in it.

If you want results, you should come up with an amazing idea that will pique your visitors’ interest. 

For instance, a beauty brand and a shoe brand should have different approaches to capture their quiz-takers’ attention.

To see the difference, let’s take a simple quiz format like the famous “Which/What X are you?”. 

For a shoe brand, it would be strange to come up with quizzes that focus on beauty products. Instead, a great quiz idea would be something like this: “What type of shoe are you?”

Nevertheless, your idea shouldn’t only focus on niche-specific quizzes, but cover different brand-relevant topics.

Here’s an example from Colourpop:

quiz example wich disney princess are you

At first glance, Colourpop and Disney princesses seem irrelevant. However, Colourpop has already come up with a number of Disney inspired palettes that make this quiz the perfect addition to boost lead gen.

Leverage Your Opt-In Form

Your quiz alone won’t manage to skyrocket your lead generation efforts. 

While some of your quiz-takers may take action after receiving their results, you need to ensure that the majority of them will convert.

To do that you need to include an online form at the end of your quiz. According to statistics, online forms are the best lead generation tool, with 74% of marketers already using them.

As you can see, your email capture forms are the perfect tools to boost your lead generation.

Here’s a great example from Z Gallerie:

quiz idea discover your style personality

Asking your quiz-takers to give you their email address to get their results is the best way to start. 

However, to get from lead generation to world domination, you need to be sure that your users will give you their contact information.

How? Let’s take a look at the following section.

Ask the Right Questions

Creating a quiz is easy but there are a few important steps that you should pay attention to before releasing them.

In this case, your questions are the most important aspect of your quiz, affecting the overall performance of your quiz.

Avoid questions that are hard to digest and try to make them as clear as possible. Be careful, though, because having questions that give away the result may lead to incomplete quizzes.

To nail your quiz questions, take into account personalization and the impact it has on consumers. Then, start creating your questions in a way that they’d feel personal and interesting.

2. Promote Your Quiz

Like any other piece of content, your quizzes need to be discoverable in order to work. Since lead generation and visibility are tightly interconnected, you can’t achieve one without investing in the other first.

If you want to increase your lead generation you need to take advantage of your converted quiz-takers and show your leads why they need to be part of your company.

Through word-of-mouth marketing, your excited quiz-takers will talk about the quiz with their friends. That’s the first step to increase your quiz visibility.

To get to lead generation, though, you need to guarantee that they will also share their results on social no matter what.

But how exactly can you increase the shareability of your quiz and boost lead gen?

Write Compelling Results

If something’s cool, people will talk about it. But if something is super cool, then people will share it and incentivize others to try it themselves.

With that in mind, try to think of your Facebook timeline and recall some of the things you usually come across.

If quiz results are among them, then you can see that people love to share this type of content with their friends, usually tagging them and telling them to take the quiz.

Quizzes that are well-crafted are more likely to be shared. To see how to create an exceptional quiz copy let’s see an example from Buzzfeed’s famous “What Career Should You Actually Have?”.

quiz career example

No surprise here, I guess! 

Writing compelling results is your top priority to increase shareability. The more accurate you are, the more your quiz-takers will share them.

Here, Buzzfeed’s quiz was among the most shared quizzes because it provided a description of the quiz-takers’ ideal careers, using specific language and making suggestions.

Include Social Share Buttons

If you want to maximize your quiz visibility, then you need to make it clear that this is a quiz for the ages! 

To do that, your copy and visuals will help you create incredible results that will improve your quiz’s shareability. Using a photo editing tool to edit your images will also power up your quiz performance and give you better results.

However, a quiz without social share buttons is a quiz that doesn’t take lead generation seriously. 

Adding social share buttons is the alpha and the omega of lead generation quizzes. Allowing your visitors to share their results on famous social media platforms will help your quiz go viral and allow you to reach more leads.

facebook share example

Leverage Lead Ads

Paid campaigns have been used numerously to target a specific audience and get it to convert.

Social media and Google Ads, for instance, have proven to be precious allies to increase brand awareness, engagement and, of course, lead generation.

With quizzes, this effort becomes a lot easier for your business. To get started, you need to take advantage of Facebook Ads, set up a new lead ad campaign and target your audience.

Lead ads can benefit from quizzes in more ways than you think. So, if you want to target your Facebook audience and engage with it, try to create a quiz that will be less promotional and more informative.

Here’s an example of a quiz lead ad from Integrative Health on Facebook:

sponsored quiz facebook ads

3. Generate and Nurture Quiz Leads

Creating a quiz is easy. However, the difficult part is what you need to do after your audience has completed your quiz.

Lead generation is one of the most crucial tactics to get your business to higher heights, so what you need to boost it is a solid post-quiz strategy to ensure that your lead gen efforts work.

Send an Email Follow-up Sequence with Their Results

Capturing your quiz-takers’ email addresses is great, but that’s only the beginning. If you want to increase your lead gen and nurture your prospects, then you need to target them with the right post-quiz messages.

Be it their results or any other campaign, keeping in touch with your audience is essential to establish a relationship and get to know them.

Email marketing automation can be a precious ally to achieve it. Emailing your quiz-takers’ results will let you engage them further instead of displaying their results on your website.

This step will offer you the chance to redirect your leads to a new page on your website and offer them an irresistible CTA to click on.

Here’s an example from Topshop after taking their highly personalized “Style Quiz”:

clothes shop quiz exaample

Nurture Your Audience with Personalized Messages

After completing your quiz, you will have at your disposal a variety of information to target your audience more effectively.

By leveraging the data they provided you with, you can create personalized campaigns with specific recommendations for each quiz-taker.

To do so, you can set up personalized campaigns for every quiz-taker. Knowing what your audience likes will help you nurture it properly with the right type of messages and offers. 

So, the more relevant your content is, the better you will incentivize your quiz-takers to search your brand, take a look at your website and, ultimately, buy your products or services.


Quizzes are a great way to pass the time and learn something new about yourself.

If you leverage them properly you’ll end up with an all-powerful lead generation tool that will not only be cost-effective and easy to master but also provide you with significant data to power up your marketing campaigns.

From creating your quiz to generating leads and converting them, there are certain things and certain steps you need to take to create the ultimate lead gen quiz.

Knowing the benefits and which type of quiz fits your strategy best is key to increasing your leads. And with the right tactics and tools, you’ll manage to get there faster.

People will always look for fun ways to pass their time and discover something new about themselves, so giving them an amazing quiz will simultaneously satisfy their needs and help you grow your business beyond expectations.

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