How to Design a Killer Giveaway Landing Page

giveaway landing page

Your landing page design can make or break your campaign. The same goes for designing a giveaway landing page. 

Your giveaway landing page must be optimized to convert visitors into giveaway entrants that are willing to submit their emails, opt into your service, or download your app. You will need to ensure that your landing page has the crucial elements needed to get people to enter the giveaway.

This guide has an in-depth look into all of those crucial landing page elements, along with an excellent case study at the end.

If you are looking to design effective giveaway landing pages that will produce the best results, then this guide is for you!

Let’s get started.

Benefits of a Killer Giveaway Landing Page

The majority of online giveaways are hosted on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to host a giveaway.

It’s also the most popular and quickest way for brands to host their giveaways.

ps5 youtube giveaway


However, hosting a giveaway on YouTube (or other social platforms) does have its limitations and is best suited for influencers or content creators. Social networks don’t offer the same extent of customization that a website has to offer.

For instance, here are some crucial marketing goals that you can achieve by hosting an online giveaway on a website landing page:

  • Boost in website traffic – When people visit a giveaway landing page on a website, the traffic on that site will instantly increase. You can use this as an opportunity to direct all this traffic to other product pages on your website and potentially make a few sales!
  • Build an email list – If every user is required to submit their email to enter, then your giveaway landing page will effectively build up your email list.
  • Opt-in to a service – Hosting a giveaway on a website is an excellent way of getting people to sign up to a service, download trial software, use an app. For example, “download our app to enter and you could win big!”

These are only a few examples of what you can achieve with a well-constructed giveaway landing page that’s hosted on a website. 

For example, giveaways that are set up this way are ideal for brands that are hosting complex campaigns that require users to perform multiple tasks. These tasks can be anything from submitting an email address to downloading trial software. 

vyper giveaway example


Hosting a giveaway on a well-crafted landing page will ensure that visitors are easily directed to the pages that host these tasks (email form or software download page). It’s obvious that giveaway landing pages are excellent for managing complex campaigns.

To ensure that your giveaway converts well and achieves the best results, then you will need to place key components within your giveaway landing page design.

Key Components of a Giveaway Landing Page

Design is subjective. So, you can include anything you wish in your giveaway. However, every giveaway landing page must include certain crucial components to ensure a successful campaign with maximum conversions.

Here are the key components that all giveaway landing pages must include:

  • The offer
  • Giveaway prize
  • Your brand (and brand credibility)
  • Fast page load times

We go more in-depth with these components in the sections to follow.

The Offer

This is what your giveaway has to offer entrants, which, in most cases is a chance to win a prize.

Your giveaway offer has to be right up front and center. That position is located at the top of a landing page, the most crucial part of any webpage. This is the area that visitors will notice first. 

You want potential giveaway entrants to immediately know what your giveaway landing page is about. 

doritos playstation 5 giveaway


The header image above is taken from Sony’s own giveaway page. A page that is filled with instructions and info related to the giveaway. 

This header image is meant to quickly grab a user’s attention. Without it, people will be left to sift through a bunch of text just to figure out what’s going on. This can discourage people from entering the giveaway. 

An effective offer like the one above will quickly get users to commit to entering the giveaway. Any additional tasks or actions required by them will simply be a formality.

Giveaway Prize

It’s essential to show off the prize along with your giveaway offer. This can be a simple product image or a picture of the prize in use.

An image of the prize will help users to better visualize your offer. This helps people to visualize themselves using the prize.

giveaway prize landing page


The campaign above perfectly showcases the giveaway prize. The prize (blender) is pictured in the header background and is being used by one lucky person. This is excellent as it shows the prize in use, instantly giving people a sense of what they can do with the prize.

The giveaway host, Coconut Bowls, included a more professional image of the prize further below. This gives entrants a better look at the prize in all its glory.

Your Brand

A killer giveaway landing page will not be complete without your brand name. It’s a no-brainer! Giveaways are excellent campaigns for brand building, which is why your brand name or logo needs to be noticeable.

If you look closer at the previous examples, you will notice the logos of the brands that are hosting the giveaways. In the giveaway below, the Design Spark logo is featured prominently at the bottom right. 

Design Spark logo giveaway


Design Spark also chose to promote their podcast with this giveaway by including the thumbnail for the podcast. 

If there were no branding at all present in the giveaway above, then people will think that Beats were giving away their headphones and not Design Spark. It’s for this that you should make it clear to entrants that you are the host of the giveaway and not the brand behind the product (which is the prize).

You can achieve this by inserting a disclaimer stating that the brand associated with the prize has nothing to do with the giveaway.

Brand Credibility

If your brand is not a household name (yet!) and you are using this giveaway to promote your brand, then it’s recommended that you include some brand credibility on the landing page. 

These can be logos of other brands that used or featured your product or service.

Including logos (like the ones pictured above) on your page will help establish credibility and trust quickly with giveaway entrants. This is an excellent way of using your giveaway to create brand awareness.

Other ways to display brand credibility (and gain trust fast):

  • Social media icons and links – Clear display links to all of your social media accounts. This will allow users to view your accounts to see how active your brand is on social media. Users have more faith in brands that regularly post content and engage with users on social media.
  • Testimonials – Display a few testimonials from customers who have previously dealt with your brand. People want to know what other customers have to say about your brand.
  • Reviews – Link out to blogs that have done professional reviews of your products or services. You can display a summary of their review on your landing page (eg. 4/5 stars – The Verge).
landing page reciew example


Quick Page Load Times 

It’s a fact, page load speeds can drastically influence conversion rates. Most users online are spoilt by convenience and are not as patient as you may think. 

Here are some stats on page load times:

marketing dive landing page load speed


By optimizing your landing page to load faster, you will indeed create a better user experience. This means that users will be pleased with the efficiency of your campaign which allows them to quickly and easily enter your giveaway.

It’s also important to ensure that your landing page is responsive on mobile devices. Test your giveaway landing page on a smartphone to make sure that all forms, widgets, and more appear on the page and are working properly.

Tips on Improving Page Load Speeds

  • Compress images on your landing page – You don’t have to use original high res images. Your page can be just as effective with lower resolution images that are smaller in size and faster to load. Try editing your images so that they are optimized for faster loading times. 
  • Remove unnecessary components that potentially slow down the page – This can be additional (or unnecessary) images, widgets, or plugins.
  • Don’t upload videos to the landing page itself – Instead, upload the content to video hosting services like YouTube or Vimeo. Then embed the video to the page.
  • Group multiple images into one image – For example, if you choose to display multiple brand logos on your page, then try combining all the images into one image using a service like Canva. You can compile all images into a collage or an infographic.

Xtremeskins PS5 Giveaway Landing Page – Case Study

Xtremeskins is a UK-based brand that recently hosted a PS5 giveaway on their website. The giveaway landing page they build is extraordinary and ticks all the right boxes for a killer giveaway landing page.

Xtremeskins PS5 Giveaway Landing Page


  • The offer is clearly visible at the top of the page and is the first thing you see.
  • The prize is also clearly visible at the top.
  • Logos of the brands involved are perfectly positioned next to the offer and the prize.
  • Fast page load speed due to minimal optimized media being used.

Xtremeskins also added crucial information further down the page. You can make a simple infographic, like the one below, to make it easier for your participants to go through the signup process.

Xtremeskins PS5 Giveaway steps

Users will be more than pleased to navigate this page, while easily being able to find all the info and instructions needed to enter the giveaway. There might be a lot of information on the page, but it hardly seems so because of the way the page is designed, making it easy for users to understand.

This is an excellent example of how to create a killer giveaway landing page! Hopefully, it can inspire your next campaign.


Online giveaways on social media are excellent for boosting followers and engagement. However, you are limited to just creating social media posts. With a giveaway landing page, you can further customize and optimize your giveaway for the best results.

Having additional customization options will allow you to structure your giveaway in a way that will help you achieve your marketing goals (eg. build email lists, sign-ups, or app downloads). For the best results, optimize your giveaway landing page by including those crucial components discussed in this post.

Have you designed a landing page for a giveaway before? Let us know how it went in the comments below.

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