6 Sales Email Templates for Your Business to Copy Right Now

“Compared to other emails, sales emails have eight times more opens and clicks and can produce six times more money than other types of emails.”


The above statistic clearly shows the potential of what sales emails can do. If this is true, and it is, sales emails should be among your top priorities. 

However, in the same source, you can see another statistic that suggests only 24% of the sales emails are opened! 

Wait, this changes everything!

Both data clearly suggests, there are mammoth possibilities when with sales emails, but most businesses are missing out on something essential. There must be something that most are not doing in the best way possible. 

Maybe the subject line is not appealing, maybe the content is not the right kind, maybe value propositions are not delivered. Whatever may be the problem, there is definitely room for improvement.

If emailing is one of your top channels for sales closing, stick to this article, we are going to discuss the most important elements of building a sales email, and we’ll try to cover some useful sales email templates as well. 

And you’re more than welcome to steal them!

5 Key Elements Of A Sales Email

Every sales email is made up of these 5 essential elements:

  1. Subject line
  2. Opening lines
  3. Body
  4. Closing (CTA)
  5. Signature

Each element has a value that adds to the decision-making process of a prospect.

Subject line

The Subject Line makes the prospect curious about what lies beneath the email. You can do so many experiments with this tiny line. Marketers and salespeople have learned to make subject lines so interesting that prospects naturally find the urge to open up the email.

And that’s what we want. The first stage cleared!

Opening lines

Opening Lines make sure that prospects are getting a hint of what the email is all about, and still hold the curiosity! A vast audience exists that opens up emails, reads two lines, and shuts the mail down when it’s not interesting enough. It is very crucial to build the first few lines that make your prospect continue with your proposal.


Once your prospect reaches these lines, it is a certainty that they are interested enough to read your offer. The Body of the email makes sure all the necessary information is delivered correctly. This is the part of the sales email that makes sure your value propositions are delivered correctly.

Closing (CTA)

The next, Closing Lines with a nice Call To Action Button will make sure your motive is achieved. At this point, prospects can turn into a real customer. You have to provide them with all the necessary elements to reach your website. Nice-two closing lines with a targeted CTA will do the job.


Lastly, The Signature tells prospects who you are. Before clicking on the CTA, you have to make sure your prospects know who you really are. Your name with a designation can do enough, but email signatures have evolved in the last few years. You can share a variety of things in signatures like your social profiles, latest articles, contact number, company website, and many more.

That’s it. We only have to take care of these 5 sales email elements, and all we need is a list of verified email addresses. 

To make sure your efforts are in the right direction, you can use email finder tools like Findymail and email verification services. You can even use automation tools to schedule and send emails and put your campaign on auto-pilot.

Avoid silly mistakes like grammar errors, incorrect spellings, typing out the incorrect name. These mistakes can ruin your first impression. It’s better to double-check tiny details before you hit the send. You can use Grammarly or a similar alternative to make sure you sound grammatically correct. 

Now that we have covered all the important aspects of a sales email, let’s jump into what you can utilize for your actual campaigns. We are going to see some sales email templates based on the different stages of sales outreach. We’ll try and take real-life scenarios, so we can relate. 

6 Sales Email Templates For Your Campaigns

The first step to any sales process is Prospecting. This is the stage where you can have a list of prospects that are interested in your product/services, maybe. Or it can simply be cold outreach.

Let’s consider that you are a part of a company that offers high-speed internet services. This is the template you can use as a cold email or as the first introductory email.

Sales Email Template 1: Prospecting

Subject: Turtle-Slow Internet Driving You Crazy?

Hey Mark,

I hope you and your family are doing well in this pandemic. I know, life has turned upside down for all of us. Just like every problem, we will fight together and win over this pandemic as well.

You must have realized by now, this is the time when you need a strong internet to run your business or attend glitch-free video meetings. The Internet is one of the essentials now!

I am Josh from Magnet Fiber Internet Services. Ours is one of the most trusted brands for high-speed internet in Manhattan and other areas of New York. 

I understand that paying high bills for a high-speed internet might not be possible for you or anyone due to the current situations. That’s why Magnet is coming up with 20% off on all the plans. Magnet is already well-known for its top-notch quality. We make sure you don’t have to complain about slow internet ever again!

You can take a look at our plans from the link below. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or face any issues while picking up a plan.

Check out Magnet Plans

Stay Connected!
Josh Keller
Senior Sales Representative
My Personal Contact
Magnet Fiber

This email can turn a prospect into a customer. If you noticed, a little bit of research went into this email. The prospect is from Manhattan and it is clearly written in the email, so the prospect can relate.

You can find so much important information about your prospects from buyer persona and social media profiles. And everything can be used in this introductory email.

Sales Email Template 2: Follow up

This template talks about following up on your last email. 

Most businesses don’t take follow-ups seriously, and that’s where they lose the battle. 50% of sales happen after 5th follow up, so you better be ready to knock on the same door more than once.

Let’s take an example of an agency that offers marketing services to startups. You already have sent the first email-based on buyer persona and a little bit of research. In this email, you have to offer more details on why the prospect should lean towards your services.

Take a look at this:

Subject: Gain The Initial Boost That You’re Looking For! 

Hey Ryan,

I sent you an email earlier on how Sigma Inc. helps startups like yours with A+ Marketing Services. I am trying to stay on the top of your inbox with this quick follow up. I would love to discuss your thoughts on a short call if that’s fine with you. 

Meanwhile, a bit more information on Sigma can help you make the right decision. 

Sigma Inc. has helped 40+ startups that fall under your niche of business with quality marketing services in the last 4 years. Each one of our clients in this niche has experienced traffic growth of 65-130% in the last 7 months. All these clients have experienced a spike in conversion rates, right after 2 months, we took over the marketing efforts.

Let me know if you need more details on how we can help your startup. Or a short call with me would do the job as well! 

You can pick any time and date from my calendar, and we can have a 15 minutes conversation on your goals and growth.

Schedule A Call

Taylor Adams
Head Of Sales
Sigma Inc.

As you can see, this sales email adds value to the previous email. It gives out more information to think about, real data to count on. 

That’s so much more than a boring sales follow up.

Sales Email Template 3: Asking For A Demo/Trial

Most SaaS businesses revolve around free-trial style. They want to make sure prospects make an informed decision, and a demo or free trial is a good way to go.

In this example, we will cover a scenario where a prospect is interested in your product, and a demo can do the job. 

But, the main problem is time. You should always consider that your prospects are busy and it will be hard to find 30-45 minutes for you. 

What you have to make sure of in such a case is: you show the real purpose of the demo, how much time you will take, and topics discussed on the demo.

The template below can do the job:

Hey Tom,

George here from TrafficWatch Analytics. 

This Wednesday, we had a brief call regarding what exactly you are looking for in a Marketing Analytics tool. I’m glad to share again that TrafficWatch can be a perfect tool for your needs.

In order to show the real value of TrafficWatch, I have to steal 20 minutes of your time. In my short, yet on-point demo, I’ll share some of the outstanding features of what TrafficWatch can do for a website like yours. 

I will also discuss a few revolutionary features that we’ll launch next month (nobody knows about this, you’ll be among the chosen ones!)

We can also mold TrafficWatch according to your needs as we have divided the product into small modules.

Let’s decide on a date, shall we?

Schedule A Demo

Peter Kage
Sales Team Lead
TrafficWatch Analytics

This email perfectly communicates what the demo is actually about, how many minutes it’ll take, and what value it’ll pass to the prospect. 

Small details like exclusive future releases make prospects feel special and give them one more reason to book a demo.

Sales Email Template 4: After Call Email/Feature Showcase 

For the next case, let’s assume you finally managed to get a reply back from a prospect. In the first few emails and follow-ups, you tried to show the real value of a SaaS CRM software. Now, you need to showcase the features of products or elements of your offering.

Hey Tim,

I hope our last conversation has made you more familiar with what CloseRight CRM can do for your business. You can always reach out to me if you have any questions.

Just to make your life easier with CloseRight CRM, I am sharing the most important features and the value they can add. 

Nothing major, just one-liners on our major value additions and links to our support articles:

1. Contact Management: Create company & contacts with advanced profile enrichment.

2. Deal Automation: Automate obvious steps that you take on every deal. Assigning tasks, moving deals to the next stage, sending emails, etc.

3. Follow Up Machine: Take follow-ups regularly based on chosen time and intervals. 

4. Auto Dialer: Make hundreds of calls one after another!

5. Chat: Connect with teammates and make your internal communication better.

I am sure our support articles will solve your issues while using the CRM, but if anything weird comes up, you have my number 🙂

Team Lead
CloseRight CRM
My Latest Blog On Benefits Of CRM

As you can see, this sales email provides additional support articles to the prospect who is actually using the product. Small things like these can contribute to the decision-making process, and close a customer for you.

You can also see an additional link in the email signature, an article written by Key. This way, prospects can learn a bit more about you and your brand. You never know, what might strike, and turn them into a customer!

Sales Email Template 5: After Free Trial Ends

In this template, we will cover a scenario where a prospect is already using the product with a free trial. The trial is about to end and you have to try maximum to convert this prospect. 

Let’s take an example of Cents Invoicing app. This email template would be a perfect choice for this stage.

Hey Jay,

It’s me again, Chris.

I hope you explored Cents Invoicing to the full potential in these 15 days. We’ve had some amazing discussions on how Cents can help your business and fill the gap of your invoicing needs. 

Tomorrow, the free trial of your Cents account will complete. I am pretty sure you are all set to choose the best plan for your business. 

We have two simple plans, no complications! We don’t have any limits on Invoices in any of these plans, so you can literally pick any of these two. But, the Gold Plan will add extra value to your everyday business process.

You can look at an in-depth comparison of Silver and Gold plans from our pricing page below:

Check Cents Pricing Plans

Without a doubt, you can reach out to me if you need any assistance in choosing the right plan for your business 🙂

Chris Parker
Chief Of Sales
Cents Invoicing

The template shares the news on a free trial, but it also shares an important part of any sales process – Pricing. Dealing in software, especially in SaaS, you have to deliver the right values of pricing plans, so prospects can clearly see themselves in one of the plans.

Sales Template 6: Upselling & Cross-selling

There’s selling, and then comes upselling & cross-selling.

It is relatively easier to upsell because you maybe knowing your customers from previous purchases. 

Let’s take an example of a consultancy that provides design and development services. Beth is an existing customer, and now your consultancy has introduced Animation services, very recently.

Take this sales email template for the reference:

Subject: We Have Made New Additions In Our Services!

Hey Beth,

Real pleasure connecting with you again!

You have been one of our loyal customers for more than 6 years, and we will share this relationship for more years to come.

My main reason for connecting with you is very special. OnTime Consultancy has added a brand new service that can add value to your conversion. According to statistics, Animations on websites can increase 17% chances in converting a visitor. 

Just launched in June, we have already helped 35+ customers with advanced animation, and they are experiencing a solid change already. 

Consider this email as a notification about this new change in our catalog. You are already familiar with the kind of quality we deliver. Now or in the near future, feel free to connect with me for interactive animations for your online store. 

You already have my contact 🙂

Jeremy Payn
Team Lead
Commerce Consultancy

According to a survey, 60-80% of the customers don’t go back to the businesses that they’ve used. Well, you can certainly change that with this upselling & cross-selling approach. It is a high probability that your existing happy customer will accept you for new business. All you have got to do is drop an email.


I genuinely wish these sales email templates will add value to your campaigns. You can modify these samples according to your needs and business style. 

There can be a lot of sales email cases like reaching the decision-maker, response to a missed call, minutes of the meeting, and many more. But I have tried to cover the most frequent and common ones.

One of the most interesting about sales campaigns is – Experiments. If something is not working, make changes, and continue your game. Use various email outreach tools to make your process easier. There are some amazing tools in the market for every step of email outreach, you should definitely consider these tools and find your best fit.

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