19 Best Email Marketing Apps & Tools

Email marketing is a tricky business, nay – an art. Some even say it’s a dying art, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Statista, around 281 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2018 alone. 

This is set to increase to 347 billion emails per day in 2023. So, how do you turn these astronomical numbers into tangible results?

With the right email marketing tools added to your arsenal you’ll have everything you need to:

  • Set up effective trigger-based campaigns
  • Grow your email list
  • Test and predict
  • Track results
  • Optimize your email marketing strategy
  • Integrate with social media
  • Generate leads
  • …and much more

Check out our hand-picked selections of the best email marketing software below.

1. GrowBots – Build Your Email List

GrowBots Email Marketing

Your email list is the holy grail of any successful email marketing strategy. Building it is a constant and sometimes daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be with Growbots.

This email marketing software instantly provides an AI-powered list of targeted prospects from its database of over 100 million contacts. You can then create personalized campaigns, and automated follow-ups to generate leads.  

Growbots will also give you actionable insights derived from its in-depth performance tracking.

Other features include:

  • Self-updating database
  • Integration with major CRM platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot
  • Detailed reports and split testing

Pricing starts from $119 / €172 per month.

2. Moosend – Wide Variety of Elements and Features

Automation Platform for Thriving Businesses

Moosend is mainly an email marketing and marketing automation platform but has a plethora of capabilities. Especially when it comes to lead generation, 

Moosend sports a wide variety of subscription form templates that can help you attract more leads and boost your efforts.

The platform’s subscription form feature is ideal to capture emails and is responsive and user-friendly. The extensive form library can provide forms for every occasion and website placement, from pop-ups to full-page forms and floating boxes.

And let’s not forget gamification, interaction, and FOMO. Moosend allows you to use GIFs, countdown timers, and its brand-new “Spin the Wheel” element to attract more leads and stand out.

Lastly, Moosend’s subscription forms can be optimized for both mobile and desktop use and according to the operating system, so that nothing goes amiss.

3. Sender – Design Newsletter Campaigns

Sender  Email Marketing

Newsletters keep subscribers up to date with your latest content, promotions, or sales, and offer an easy way to provide valuable information on a weekly or monthly basis.

Drag and drop HTML code, images, or videos to create stunning newsletters or use a customizable template with Sender. Furthermore, the ecommerce plug-ins allow you to instantly extract product descriptions, pictures, and prices from your website or online store.

Besides content-rich newsletters, Sender also provides email automation tools, including a visual workflow editor, list segmentation, and drip campaigns. In addition, it offers:

  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Mobile-friendly templates
  • Tracking and feedback loop integrations

Pricing starts at $10/€9 a month, but Sender provides a free option, too.  

4. Campaign Monitor – Serve Different Content

Campaign Monitor Email Marketing

While drag-and-drop form builders are about interaction, email builders like Campaign Monitor use visual components to grab attention.

The straightforward interface has various design options and analytics tools. You can put together a stunning email with images, videos, text, dividers, colors, or even countdown timers.

It also has a range of other features, such as:

  • Customized and mobile-friendly campaign building 
  • Performance tracking
  • Activity and engagement monitoring

Pricing starts from $9 / €8 per month.

5. Litmus – Optimize Across Multiple Devices

Litmus  Email Marketing

According to HubSpot, mobile-friendly email ranks second when it comes to marketing tactics. Make sure that the content you create is beautifully optimized with an email marketing tool like Litmus. 

It helps you build, test, and streamline your email on more than 90 clients and devices before sending it out. Litmus also picks up any snags in subject lines, codes, or links with its built-in HTML editor.

In addition, it provides:

  • Analytic and insight tools
  • Spam testing
  • Productivity and code editor integrations.

Pricing starts at $99 / €88 a month, with custom plans available.

6. MailGenius – Never End Up in Spam

MailGenius Email Marketing

Spam testing is an essential email marketing tool. Without it, even using the best email sender service, your emails could never see the light of day.

MailGenius is a supplementary solution that can be used with all the major email marketing tools and providers like Gmail, Outlook, HubSpot, Salesforce, and others. 

By scoring your email content, it tells you how to avoid spam filters, ensure HTML best practices, and follow authentication standards.

You can also:

  • Prevent outside spoofing 
  • Monitor IP reputation
  • Witness real-time results

Pricing is dependent on your number of subscribers, and there’s a pay-as-you-go option, too.

7. MailChimp – Track Emails & Gather Data

MailChimp  Email Marketing

Tracking tools indicate how well your campaigns are performing and provide valuable insights.

As arguably the best email sender service, MailChimp gathers data on customer behavior patterns, which ultimately leads to improved and enhanced email marketing.

With its short learning curve and user-friendly mobile app, you can create list segments, track audience growth, and gauge top locations. MailChimp’s range of features include:

  • Real-time stats with comparative reporting
  • ROI monitoring
  • Automation and other bulk actions

Use the free version, or sign up for a monthly plan from $9.99 / €8.91.

8. iContact – A/B Test Your Campaigns

iContact  Email Marketing

The average attention span is 8 seconds, so your emails need to be captivating and unique if they’re to stand out.

A/B testing allows you to see what you’re doing wrong, tweak your strategy, and improve your content. With iContact, you can try out different versions of a mail, test subject lines, and even evaluate calls-to-action.

These tools are conveniently built into the user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor. So, whether you’re about to launch a campaign or if you’re just freshening up a newsletter, you’ll ensure high-quality content every time.

You’ll also be able to:

  • Create targeted campaigns
  • Analyze and monitor performance
  • Sync with social media, CRM, or eCommerce apps and tools

Pricing begins at $30.60 / €26.56.

9. HubSpot – Get Actionable Insights

HubSpot  Email Marketing

Email marketing tools help you gather as much information about your clients and their behavior as possible, but this is useless without action. 

Besides standard features like customizable templates, campaign building, and automation, HubSpot also comes with comprehensive reports, email list segmentation, and other tools to streamline, monitor, and act on data and performance.

What further sets it apart is its CRM (customer relationship management) software. This robust tool has unlimited user and data capacity, and the ability to store up to 1 000 000 contacts. Its main features include:

  • Automatically enriched contact records 
  • Prospect tracking and tools
  • Gmail, Outlook and marketplace app integrations

The HubSpot CRM is free, while priced plans start from $50/ €44 per month.

10. ActiveCampaign – Automate Email Sequences

ActiveCampaign  Email Marketing

ActiveCampaign is an affordable tool that helps you build automatic logic-based email sequences with its “triggered emails” functionality. 

Track performance, adjust your strategy and find new opportunities with its automations map, or set and monitor targeted segment goals. You can also:

  • Track ‘micro-conversions’
  • Set up a welcome series with autoresponders
  • Create targeted emails using conversion data 

Pricing depends on the number of contacts you have, with a starting price of $9 / €8 per month. 

11. Benchmark – Traverse Language Barriers

Benchmark  Email Marketing

Effective communication with a global audience can be troublesome without the right resources. If you’re expanding your reach across borders and language barriers, then email marketing software like Benchmark is essential. 

The app can be used in over five languages. Aside from its intuitive drag and drop builder, HTML editor, and easy-to-use photo editor, it translates email footers and unsubscribe pages to more than ten languages. It also provides:

  • Automated campaigns with RSS feeds
  • Inbox checker tools
  • Live engagement reports

While you can start using Benchmark for free, its pricing begins at $11.89/€10.57 a month.

12. Zoho – Manage Campaigns on-the-go

Zoho  Email Marketing

In the fast-paced digital era, it’s crucial to manage your campaigns in real-time. Zoho, while known for its SaaS suite of tools, also provides an iOS and Android mobile app for complete control at your fingertips.

Available in various languages, you can pause, resume, or schedule campaigns at your convenience. You’ll also have instant access to detailed reports while receiving customized notifications. Other primary functions of the Zoho mobile app include:

  • Location-based tracking
  • Subscriber list management
  • Shareable data collection

Pricing begins at $3/€2.70 per month, with subscriber-based and email credit options.

13. Email on Acid – Improve Your Efforts

Email on Acid Email Marketing

While list hygiene is crucial for a successful email marketing strategy, so is email testing, checking, and validation.

Email on Acid inspects your content, including images, links, and accessibility to identify and resolve any snags before launching a campaign. It also provides blacklisting and spam testing, as well as actionable solutions.

With this email marketing tool, you can build and edit emails, and conduct unlimited test previews across 90 clients and devices. It also provides:

  • Comprehensive analytics reporting
  • Integration with email service providers
  • Tailor-made spam testing and heat mapping solutions

You can get Email on Acid from $86/€74.50 a month.

14. SendinBlue – Send High Volumes of Emails

SendinBlue  Email Marketing

When your contact list has reached new proportions, you’ll need email marketing software that can keep up. SendinBlue’s free plan allows 300 emails a day, while more advanced options permit over 120 000 emails a month.

This dynamic SaaS solution provides a one-stop platform for email and SMS marketing, transaction emails, landing pages, Facebook ads, and more.

With its range functions, you can design personalized emails, set up trigger-based campaigns with its powerful “machine-learning” algorithms, and even further define and segment your audience.

SendinBlue also offers:

  • Optimized workflows based on engagement activity and behavioral data
  • Centralized contact database
  • Workflow testing and email previewing

Use it for free or get a plan from $25/€19 per month.

15. Marketo – Unify Your Data

Marketo  Email Marketing

Marketo offers all-inclusive analytics software to automatically unify data, determine which campaigns deliver the highest ROI, and map out your customer’s journey. 

Design personalized emails and set up trigger-based sequences, or use the Marketo Moments app to review and schedule campaigns, and more. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Other prominent tools include:

  • Custom attribution models
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • AI-powered recommendations in real-time

You can find out more about pricing from the Marketo website.

16. Lemlist – Kickstart Cold Emails

Lemlist  Email Marketing

Cold emailing is an integral part of any marketing strategy to create new customer relationships. Lemlist provides more than just automation; it’s also an immersive outreach platform that allows you to personalize cold emails with images and videos. 

You’ll still be able to send bulk emails, without compromising the one-on-one aspect. In addition, this supplementary software tool offers:

  • Cold templates for sales, follow-ups, backlink generation, and more
  • Integration with various other tools
  • Smooth syncing with any email account

Begin a free trial, or get Lemlist from $29/€25.90.

17. MoonMail – Send Cryptocurrency Newsletters

MoonMail  Email Marketing

If cryptocurrencies and blockchains form part of your business, then you’ll know that many email providers have a blanket ban on distributing newsletters of this nature.

However, MoonMail embraces crypto enthusiasts and provides a tailor-made email marketing tool to share the latest developments with your subscribers. Its features include:

  • Fully customizable campaigns
  • Unlimited lists
  • High deliverability via Amazon SES 

Pricing begins at $29/ €25.90per month, but there’s a 14-day free trial version, too.

18. ConvertKit – Grow Your Audience

ConvertKit  Email Marketing

Whether you’re selling a service, launching a product, or hosting a webinar, ConvertKit provides simple, yet potent tools for seamless email marketing automation. 

Designed with online creators in mind, this platform is incredibly easy to use, so there are no complicated and time-consuming processes. Launch campaigns, set up trigger-based sequences, or send broadcast emails.

Its visual builder allows you to create eye-catching emails and connect with your audience. You can also:

  • Add clickable calls-to-action
  • Build intuitive automations
  • Integrate with industry leaders and ecommerce platforms

ConvertKit is free to use, or you can opt for a plan with pricing from $29/ €25.90 per month.

19. AWeber – Streamline Your Marketing

AWeber  Email Marketing

Created for small businesses, AWeber’s range of email marketing tools help you streamline and meet your campaign goals.

From crafting responsive emails to targeted list segmentation, it has everything you need on one platform. You can create data-driven campaigns, set up auto-newsletters, and even conduct A/B testing.

You can also monitor performance with the AWeber Stats app or design newsletters from your phone with the Curate app. There’s even a list-building app called AWeber Atom. 

Other features include:

  • Free template library
  • Social and ecommerce integrations
  • Dynamic content creation and tagging options

Start using AWeber for free, or upgrade to a plan from $19 /€16.49 per month.

The Last Word

There you have it – some of the top-rated email marketing software. These tools bring something to the table from list-building and data analytics to tracking, testing, and optimization.

Create unique and engaging campaigns, enhance your content, and use social media to your advantage, and you’ll soon see those leads pouring in.
Just remember that even the best email sender service or the trendiest tools won’t produce results unless you put your customer at the center of your business.

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