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The Benefits of Using Instagram Growth Tools

Instagram Growth Tools

Instagram can be an effective social media platform if you want to reach more customers, connect with your most valuable visitors, and establish a successful business. Thus, you should endeavor to get the best Instagram tools so you can reach your goals, increase the number of your Instagram followers, encourage more people to engage with you, and boost your Instagram presence.

Read more and understand the benefits of using Instagram growth tools when it comes to making your marketing and business more successful.

Higher Engagement

There’s no exact formula to get real followers on social media. Using Instagram bots, you can engage with your audience better, get more website clicks, and increase sales for your business. Many business owners and marketers find growing followers on Instagram time-consuming, so using Instagram tools can make things a lot easier.

Here are some tips and tricks to best engage with your target audience via Instagram:

  • Engage with other content of similar accounts within the same niche or industry every day. Interacting with other users increases your chance of being seen or gaining exposure. Remember that the more you engage with your target audience and influencers, the more visible your Instagram account becomes, thus increasing your site visitors. Invest time in choosing the best accounts because quality is always better than quantity. 
  • Increase your Instagram engagement rate with long-tail hashtags and general hashtags with massive amounts of the associated content. Mix long-tail hashtags with less popular tags for effective results. 
  • Make your Instagram caption even more engaging and effective by including a call-to-action or CTA to prompt viewers to act. You can encourage Instagram users to tag a friend or ask a question to keep your momentum. Never underestimate the power of Instagram captions because it can get you plenty of likes and comments. 
  • People’s photos get more likes, so posting images of people at work or expressing intense emotions is one way to boost your Instagram engagement. It can influence and attract people to dive into your Instagram posts and route them to your company site. 
  • Be responsive by replying to comments promptly. Keep the conversation going to help push your Instagram post to followers’ top feeds. If more people respond to your posts and comments, Instagram will recognize that your post is valuable and interesting to others. 

Instagram Automation

One of the benefits of using Instagram tools is automation. Save your precious time by using Instagram automation that will help you get real Instagram followers and likes. By automating interaction, your account will keep growing and reap the best results.

Here are some ways to grow your Instagram through automation:

  • You can automate following and finding new accounts by simply telling the Instagram bot account the hashtags you wish to follow. The Instagram bot will automatically follow those accounts, pick random ones, and follow a specific number of new accounts daily to make your account activity appear natural.
  • Instagram bot allows you to post automatically on Instagram and other popular networks, like Twitter and Facebook. You can create content and plan your posts, scheduling what you want to share with your target audience. Say goodbye to the manual way of posting content every day, which will allow you to focus more on your business. 
  • Automate commenting using Instagram bots without appearing spammy. Start automated commenting for only a few Instagram photos every day. But of course, always set a time to craft manual comments to neutralize genuine and automated comments.
  • It is safe to automate likes using Instagram bot. It will not get flagged or noticed by Instagram. Make people happy through “likes” and boost your engagement. Automating liking would mean attracting other people to also like your post. It creates awareness that your account exists. 
  • Through Instagram bots, you can also automate direct messaging. However, make sure to use it only on a small number of Instagram accounts every day. 
  • It is also possible to automate unfollowing some Instagram accounts with Instagram bots. Using filters can help you focus on users that will likely engage with you. It’s a waste of time engaging with accounts that do not follow or interact with you. So save your time, money, and effort by automating unfollowing unwanted Instagram accounts.

Get More Followers and Likes

As the saying goes, anything you do in social media will go back unto you. So, when you regularly follow or like a lead or influencer’s fan page, your chances of getting more followers and likes is higher. Using Instagram growth tools, you can take advantage of automation.

Following, unfollowing, and liking on Instagram can be managed using Instagram tools, so you can focus and boost your other Instagram growth strategies. Get more likes and Instagram followers without the time-consuming manual work.

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to gain more Instagram followers:

  • Running Instagram Giveaways: If you’re searching for a scalable Instagram strategy for more followers and brand engagement, look no further than an Instagram giveaway campaign. An Instagram giveaway allows you to offer something for free in exchange for an Instagram like, comment, or other pre-determined requirement.
  • Cross-Promote Dedicated Hashtags: Creating a hashtag for your business is a good idea, such as #joeslocalplumbing. Make sure that your company hashtag is in your profile. Also, you can print your dedicated hashtag offline. Print it in print ads, on your receipts, relevant events, and on your store signage. Also, you can direct potential customers to use your dedicated hashtag through TV and radio. Ensure that it is integrated into all your marketing campaigns, including email blasts, your website, and social media profiles. 
  • Creative Hashtagging: Look beyond obvious and one-word hashtags when creating caption ideas. It’s okay to be outrageous, funny, and ironic than boring when creating your Instagram content. 
  • Participate in Popular Conversations: Using a combination of relevant hashtags, like #plumbingdiyrepair, is a good idea to expose your brand or business. Find the right people and show more intent by using specific hashtags, which act as long-tail keywords.
  • Take Advantage of the Powerful Bio URL: Highlight your Instagram profile by linking your bio to your company site homepage. You can use your bio’s clickable link to drive traffic and attract your target audience to your most popular or newest Instagram content.
  • Descriptive Captions: Use storytelling alongside your Instagram photos. It will generate sharing and engagement.
  • Influencer Marketing: Identify possible influencers (people who can influence others to avail your products and services) and visit their Instagram page and interact with them. Stay notified every time these influencers share new content by turning on your post notifications settings on your Instagram page.
  • Remove Unwanted Photos From Your Profile: You can hide unwanted tagged photos from your Instagram profile to ensure that your best user-generated content is featured. 

Create Compelling Instagram Content

Spend your time in creating appealing and engaging Instagram content rather than just liking photos. You’ll save a lot of time, money, and effort when you avoid doing repetitive tasks. Leave these things to Instagram marketing tools and build organic traffic with your captivating content.

Here are some examples of the best Instagram content:

  • Behind the Scenes: Show your personality and who you are as a company by showing behind-the-scenes pictures, like how you produce your products or ensure the quality of your services through on-action photos or steal shots.
  • Current Events: Tap into what your target audience is currently thinking and talking about by posting content related to current events, such as public holidays, world events, conferences, and local events.
  • Co-campaign: Tie up with expert social media marketers and create co-campaign work targeting businesses you find valuable and are sharing the same target market.
  • Hashtag Contests: One of the best benefits of using Instagram marketing tools is giving you more time to formulate the best hashtag contest to engage Instagram users with your brand.

Schedule Instagram Posts

An Instagram scheduler can save you a lot of time because you can plan the posting of your content consistently and straightforwardly. For many businesses, consistency in Instagram posts is crucial because it means consistent business.

Here are the best features of an Instagram scheduler:

  • Integrated Media Library: Store your content without the hassle.
  • Social Media Calendar: Remind you of important days and the perfect time to post a feature.
  • Cropping: Edit as you upload images into the scheduler.
  • Account Switch: Quickly switch multiple Instagram accounts for easier management of several brand profiles.

Enjoyable Instagram Designing

If you’re not really into graphic design, designing your Instagram visuals can be challenging. Luckily, Instagram tools are now available so you can create beautiful visuals even if you don’t have a knack for creative design.

Not only would you save time hiring a designer, but using an Instagram design tool also allows you to realize your creative skills. Use a wide array of formats, themes, illustrations, and photos that will make your life a lot easier. You’ll soon realize how enjoyable it is to make beautiful Instagram visuals.

Here are some of the best Instagram Stories and designing tools:

  • Adobe Lightroom CC: This is a photo editor app with a wide range of tools you can use to remove imperfections or unwanted logos, make sophisticated edits, or adjust background colors. It includes free Instagram presets for easy and quick enhancements. 
  • VSCO Instagram Tool: It is the top choice for Instagram photo editing because of its “film-like” presets. Users have access to video editing and coloring tools, useful for Instagram Stories and video posts.
  • Snapseed: This free editing app was developed by Google, and it offers smoother workflow and easy-to-use tools, helping creators edit Instagram content for mobile.
  • PromoRepublic: This free tool includes a hundred thousand images and templates for everyday purposes, events, and holidays. You can customize details and add a brand with its editing tools.
  • Filmm: This Instagram tool offers free filters, video editing tools, story splitting save options, and more through in-app purchases.
  • Unfold: This tool offers a wide range of minimal templates for IG Stories.

Track Your Current Status and Progress

Never miss tracking your important metrics using Instagram tools. You can track your follower growth rate, engagement per follower, site traffic, link clicks, reach, comments per post, and Instagram stories engagement without any stress by using an Instagram Analytics tool, like Instagram Insights.

Increase your return on investment by keeping track of your Instagram account’s current status and progress. Surely, you’ll reap the rewards of your efforts managing an active Instagram account with the help of Instagram marketing tools.

Here are some of the best Instagram analytics tools to help track your performance:

  • Owlmetrics: It tracks all your Instagram account’s key data points, including follower growth, hashtag activity, engagement, click-through rates, and competitor accounts. It gives real-time insights through an easy-to-use dashboard. Also, it offers rich and valuable data.
  • Iconosquare: This Instagram tool helps you understand the relationship between your posting frequency and driving new followers or losing some on an everyday basis. Also, it shows interactions and comments on each post to keep conversations going without leaving. Use Iconosquare to find influencers who can help with your new campaign. 
  • Sprout Social: This is a combination of management and content creation tools that can help you with scheduling new content across various platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. It is a great tool for multi-purpose social media exposure for your business.
  • Simply Measured (by Sprout Social ): This Instagram tool helps you study how far and wide your brand is exposed to Instagram. You can monitor the hashtags you are using and the number of people your hashtags are potentially reaching. Simply Measured is offering a basic Instagram Analytics free scaled report, so you can instantly see the number of likes and comments rolling on an everyday basis, allowing you to easily correlate them with relevant results. 


Instagram growth tools are life-savers. With the best features and benefits of these tools, you don’t have to perform the manual work of following, liking, scheduling, and professionally designing your Instagram page. Take advantage of Instagram bots, scheduler, designer, and other automated tools to make beautiful visuals for a stronger Instagram presence.  Once you have adopted the right Instagram tools, you’ll realize the huge benefits they can bring to your sales and marketing efforts, and to your overall business.

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