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15 Unique Ways to Market Your Brand

Marketing your brand is essential to growing your business. If you can find a way to market your idea or product in a different way than your competition, then you will likely see an increase in page views and revenue. 

The market is often flooded with advertisements for the same products as internet browsers gather information on consumers’ shopping history. Websites may have separately generated ads all for similar products that the customer is interested in, but the unique ad is the one that grabs attention. 

Many of these suggestions for marketing your brand are both scalable and adaptable to any line of business. You can change them to work with your company and make your marketing campaign successful. You would be surprised as to how much something as seemingly minor as an effective Facebook video cover could affect your marketing success!

Here are unique ways to market your brand:

1. Interactive Websites

Whether you have a chatbot or an interactive image, you can intrigue users by having them click on different parts of an image to find out more information. Website users like to find information in exciting ways. Ensure you have an option to have all of the information available as a list just in case mobile devices are incompatible with the format. 

Check out this interactive menu on Best Buy’s website. 

Best Buy’s interactive menu

With bold graphics and a clean design, they make it easier for shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for. 

2. Gamify

This goes hand in hand with interactive websites. The population are suckers for games and will pay more attention to an ad if it is a playable game. You may run into trouble if your advertisement looks like a game but isn’t playable. This will only frustrate consumers and give your product negative attention. 

A customized game that represents your brand can pay off big time. Internet users love having fun. They also love cool features that allow them to win prizes. An interactive game allows them to interact with your brand, often without even realizing that they are being marketed to. 

3. Seasonal Marketing

If your product is designed for a particular time of year, or changes for every season, use that to your advantage. When people are desperate for summer to end and fall to arrive, they bring out their decorations and get pumpkin spice everything. 

Use the seasons as a reason to change your advertisements, so they always have a fresh perspective, like this. 

starbucks coffee ad example

Starbucks is famous for tailoring their ads and their offerings to the season. Whether it be peppermint for the holidays or refreshing drinks for summer, their seasonality keeps their brand super relevant. 

4. Catchy Music

There are multiple methods of using music in ads. The first is to have it play as background music to accompany a voice over. Second, you can have a catchy tune that is geared toward your target audience’s age bracket. Third, you can use music to draw attention to your company by using a song that will get stuck in everyone’s head. 

If you choose the third option, choose wisely as you may lose out on conversions that found the use of the song annoying rather than charming. There are many places to find music available for free use. 

Many times people will forget an ad but the accompanying music stays stuck in their heads. Using a catchy jingle can not only gain your ad attention, but it can also keep it in the minds of consumers. Make sure it aligns with your brand so that they can make the connection later when the tune pops into their subconscious.

5. Expert Panels

With information available at the touch of a button, it is vital that you provide the consumer with information that is difficult to find online or is in a niche market with no data. Bringing in an expert to sponsor your company can provide a higher level of credibility. 

The average Joe using a product and leaving a positive is definitely worth something, but an expert who will put their stamp of approval can be worth more. 

An expert in the field gives your brand credibility, like how Body Armor enlisted Kyler Murray here.

Body Armor Kyler Murray ad example

Consumers see this and think, “If their sports drink works for one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, it’s definitely good enough for me!”

6. Sponsorship

In the interest of getting your brand on everyone’s mind, you should consider sponsoring an event or a team in your area. If you have a semi-professional sports team or a county fair, you can spend a little money to get your company name printed on jerseys or ticket stubs. The more people that see your brand, the more you are likely to profit from sales. 

Many large cities are integrating rentable scooters in their downtown districts. It is a positive experience for the rider, and if your name is on the handle, they might wonder what it is and look it up. 

Sponsoring a charity benefit or event to raise money for a non-profit is a great strategy. Not only does it give your brand exposure, but it also shows that you care about the community. Look for events that align with your brand and use the opportunity to distribute swag with your logo. 

7. Content Creation

If you are a talented writer and can write articles to be published on various websites, you should take the time to write quality articles that will help you market your business. Make your articles creative and engaging for the reader. They should be more than a sales pitch and include some of your personality. 

Not everyone is a skilled writer, but many freelance writers are available to write content for your website at a low cost. Creating articles can lead to a feature in other posts online, spreading your brand even further. 

Here, Whole Foods offers some helpful advice on creating the perfect fall wine and cheese pairings, useful info for hosting cool weather cocktail hours. 

Whole Foods content creation

But, as you scroll down the page, they have added links to buy these products on their website. 

Whole Foods buy call to action

They use this opportunity to turn their expert information into a chance to grab sales.

8. Personality

Add personality to your ads to show the audience that you are a real person. Once you have established your company, customers want to know that there is more to the company than the product they are buying. A backstory of what led you to create your brand or how you started in your garage and now own a large warehouse for your production will draw them in. 

There is a reason human interest stories are featured on the news in every form. People want to see other people doing positive things for good reasons. 

9. Creative Ads

There is no formula for advertisements that will work with every brand. The point of having an individual brand is that you can differentiate yours from the competition. Use your creativity to make an ad, digital, print, or video, to set your brand apart from others. 

The population is bombarded by ads, and the ones that stick in memories are often the most creative. The Dell laptop commercial has been out of circulation for ten years, but many people still remember the factory with the acapella group singing “Lollipop” as they make colorful laptops. 

Here taco spot Condado combined puns and a Quija board themed for a creative ad.

Quija board themed for a creative ad

The little pointer moves back and forth between the choices, enticing browsers to click and learn more. 

10. Creative Names

When naming your company or your products, use your creativity to boost your titles to gain more interest. Make sure your company and products are still identifiable but have a little fun, and don’t be afraid to pun. Titles can be difficult to come up with, so if you have trouble, ask for help. 

You may get an exaggerated groan from a large crowd, but many people appreciate a good pun. Nostalgic jokes and puns are being used in today’s social media, so why not incorporate it into your advertisements?

11. Sell/Give Away Stickers or Hats

Putting stickers on everything has become one of the most creative ways you can advertise your business. If you give away stickers for free to your customers, they will likely put it on their reusable water bottle, laptop, or notebook. Your customers will do your advertising for you with minimal upfront costs. Your customer also is a positive, in-person review.

If you give out hats at an outdoor event, there is a high possibility that people will wear them to shade their eyes from the sun. You also have created free advertising for your products that will be all over the event. Hats or stickers are only two examples of free products you can provide to your customers. Hand sanitizer, lip balm, pens, and frisbees are other great options. 

Stickers have bounced back as a popular item for collecting. Selling them not only earns you cash but also gets you some great brand exposure. Think of how many people will see your logo plastered on the back of laptops or around that water bottle.  

12. Giveaways and Contests

There are many ways to conduct a contest. You can run them at an in-person event or online for the max reach. A raffle can also be used to gather customer information as it generally requires an email or phone number to participate. 

With this method, you can generate interest for your brand with the contest, and have an additional marketing tool for use later. Social media platforms are also conducive to contests and will spread by people sharing posts with their friends. 

Here HGTV secures itself as the leading home improvement channel. 

HGTV giveaway examaple

Their infamous home giveaway contest drives tons of traffic to the site as users return again and again to enter to win a new house. 

13. Videos

Including videos on your site may seem daunting. However, when you consider it easiest to explain something in person than over the phone or email, it makes sense to include videos on your site. The videos do not have to be long. It is actually recommended that they are as short as they can be but still provide the necessary information. 

If you are unfamiliar with creating and editing videos, you can quickly learn how to make one yourself or hire someone to make a short video for you. Once you have the video, your website will be able to reach more people who like to see the product being used and have difficulty picturing it in their heads. 

14. Social Media

Social media is a common method of advertising, but there are many creative ways to draw attention to your company. If you are a quirky person and run your business in a different way than most companies, don’t hide it, showcase it. Use social media to demonstrate how you and your employees have a good time while getting work done. 

Do you have dance parties on Fridays after work in the office? Or have secret Santa every Christmas with gag gifts? Everyone loves to see the behind the scenes images, and social media is the best way to showcase it. 

While social media is an expected resource for advertisers, don’t let that stop you from using it creatively—many of the suggestions listed above blend perfectly with the use of social media platforms. 

Twitter Hashtags:

Create a new hashtag related to your marketing campaign and use it across as many platforms as you can. This can help to unite your posts and provide search results with higher usage. 

twitter hashtags example

Check out how The Mandalorian advertises their hashtag to promote their new series. Think of how many users are going to use this hashtag as their watching and discussing the show, giving their marketing exponential reach.

Facebook and Instagram:

Daily posts about what your company is working on with links to articles from your other platforms. You can also engage with your followers and get instant feedback.

Facebook and Instagram as also awesome tools to give your brand personality. Chipotle is one company that has a genius social media marketing strategy. 

facebook post example

With a playful voice and engaging posts, they encourage users to interact with their brand. And all of those users’ likes, shares, and comments result in a ton of exposure. 

15. Creativity is Key

promo creativity example

The overwhelming theme of this list is creativity. It may seem like every ad has already been produced, but there is a perfect ad for your brand just waiting to be discovered. Once you find your avenue, stick with it, and build your brand to total success. 

If you are struggling for ideas, search for old advertisements on the internet of what was successful. Don’t copy their format, but draw inspiration from others to create your own success. Every ad does not need to be world-shattering, but a little innovation goes a long way. 

Ad fatigue is a real thing, and when consumers start to see the same ads over and over again, they begin to ignore them rather than the desire to learn more about them. The same image for an ad can be accompanied by different words or colors to make the ad seem new. So remember, keep it fresh, creative, and consistent with your brand’s voice!

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