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11 Smart Ways To Promote a Landing Page

Smart Ways To Promote a Landing Page

Imagine this: Over 1.7 billion websites fight for a user’s attention on the internet. Most of these websites have their own landing pages to sell their products and services or whatever they’re offering.

With countless landing pages vying for attention, the question isn’t just how to promote yours, but how to do it brilliantly.

In this article, I’ll talk about 11 smart ways to promote your landing pages.

These strategic ways will ensure your landing page stands out from the crowd, draws in your target audience, and converts visitors into devoted followers, and customers.

1. Paid advertising

According to Google, it’s estimated that for every $1 a business spends on an ad, it generates $8 in profits. That’s an 8:1 return on investment.

You don’t have to worry about SEO if you have the budget to run paid ads for your landing pages.

Your site will, without a doubt, appear at the top of search results if it is paid for.

But, marketers are turning to more visual ads these days. Truelist says that 72% of marketers spend more on social ads.

Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow you to run ad campaigns.

social ad campaign example

These ads can be edited to your liking. You can get creative with images, videos, etc. It’s up to you how you utilize them.

2. Leverage social media

Social media is a great tool that you can use to directly promote your landing pages to your followers.

But, you need to be careful. I’ve seen a lot of marketers with a huge following (10k+) and still very little engagement. Why?

Because all they ever do is promote their products or services. That needs to be changed.

Bombarding your followers with product promotions will get them to lose interest real soon.

Aim for 80% educational content about your product, and your industry; and keep 20% for promotional stuff.

Ryan Robinson of ryrob.com does it seamlessly. He does 3 things:

  1. Shares content surrounding his product and industry.
Ryan Robinson Shares content surrounding his product and industry
  1. Promotes the products he advocates for (He is the Head of Content at Close).
Ryan Robinson Promotes the products he advocates for
  1. Also, throws light on his personal life to keep his followers hooked and engaged.
Ryan Robinson throws light on his personal life to keep his followers hooked and engaged

Have the right mix of these three and you’ll be well on your way to building an engaged following on social that will turn into customers.

Investing in social media advertising not only promotes your landing pages but also increases your following and audience on social platforms.

3. Your team is a valuable asset

Your team or your employees are of great value when it comes to promoting your products.

Is it a rule to promote your products or landing pages only through your company pages on social media?

No, right? So why not leverage your team’s social following and encourage them to spread the word about your product on their social media handles?

What’s more? People working at digitally run businesses often tend to have side projects like a blog, an online course, or a newsletter. All these properties can be used to your advantage.

Your team members won’t have any problems promoting your products. After all, they work for the product, right?

4. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is the process of writing a blog post for another website in order to gain exposure to a larger audience and also to build quality backlinks to your own website.

Guest blogging is actually a fantastic way to boost your online presence. Not only does it give you more visibility on the web, but it can also be a pretty effective method for promoting your landing pages.

Most website owners are cool with you dropping links back to your own web pages in your guest posts. You can be strategic about it and guide some extra traffic to your landing pages.

Oh, and here’s a neat bonus – guest bloggers usually get a little author bio or a byline at the end of their posts.

So, if you can pique your readers’ interest in what you’re all about through that author bio (and place a link), expect a bunch of high-quality leads to make their way to your landing page.

Make sure your guest post is related to your landing page content

If your landing page is about an email scraping tool you just launched, then it doesn’t make sense to link back to it from a guest post about the best VPN services.

Here’s an example of an author bio I got myself for writing a guest post about featured snippets.

In my author bio, I decided to include a link back to my SEO guide because featured snippets are a crucial part of SEO.

Someone who is interested in featured snippets must also be intrigued by an SEO guide.

Author article bio example

5. Don’t forget about emails

Email marketing is still one of the best (probably, the best) ways to market your products or services. Yes, I know it’s 2023 and all…

Email marketing still works, PERIOD!

I regret not starting an email list sooner for my blog. My email list subscribers are my most loyal audience. No one signs up for emails they don’t wanna see.

The best part about emails is that they can be sent in bulk. So, they have a wide reach.

Build an email list

I suggest you build an email list from day 1, no matter what business you’re in. Your email subscribers can be your most loyal customers.

But, there’s a catch – avoid bombarding them daily with product promos and discount codes. Instead, focus on educating them about your product, its advantages, and how it can address their issues.

Aim for 90% educational content and 10% promotional material.

The best part? All this can be automated. You can plan ahead the content that’ll be sent out gradually to each new subscriber.

Pro tip #1: If your subscribers are scattered in different time zones, use Woorise or any of those marketing services that allow you to schedule emails to be delivered at the same time in each time zone.

Cold emailing

Cold emailing might sound a little spammy. But, according to a study by Klenty, 23.9% of sales emails are opened.

according to a study by Klenty 23.9% of sales emails are opened

That’s good news given the ability of emails to be sent in bulk.

Follow the 30/30/50 rule to aim at a 30% open rate, 30% response rate, and 50% conversion rate.

Pro tip #2: Here’s another hack you probably aren’t using. Email signatures can be a great call to action. Design your and your team’s email signature in a way that includes a call-to-action to your landing pages.

Victor Levine Email signature example

6. Optimize your landing pages for SEO

Just like a blog post needs SEO optimization in order to appear in search results, a landing page is no exception.

Organic traffic is the most targeted type of traffic as Google shows the searcher exactly what he is looking for.

Here are the things you should keep in mind while optimizing your landing pages for SEO:

  • Keyword research: Conduct proper keyword research as to what search terms are people searching for when looking for a product like yours. Then, optimize your page for that keyword.
  • Meta tags optimization: Insert your keyword in your URL, title tag, H2 heading tags, and meta description.
  • Schema markup: Schema markup is an HTML code that enables Google to recognize the specific format of your content. For instance, it ensures that a table is correctly identified as such, and a section dedicated to reviews and ratings is appropriately tagged.
  • Search intent: Search intent refers to the reason behind a search. Intent can be informational, commercial, transactional, etc. When someone is looking to purchase something, the intention is transactional. To improve your online visibility, adapt your content to match the top-ranking results for your keyword. If pricing pages dominate the results, create a similar landing page; if it’s a features page, do the same.
  • Build backlinks: High-quality backlinks will determine how well your landing pages perform in search results. Build as many high-quality backlinks as you can to your landing pages. The more the links, the better the search performance.

You can even get your hands on tools that help you rank on Google. These tools are designed to optimize for keywords, identify search intent, build backlinks, and even generate schema markup code.

7. Grab attention with website pop-ups and alert bars

Do you try to dodge ads, links, and banners on a webpage? We all do.

But what if a popup tries to grab your attention towards more of something you’re already reading? That’s what contextual popups do.

They appear at strategic places; places where a website visitor is already reading or watching something closely related to the popup’s content.

Alert bars

If you want to grab attention but are looking for something less obtrusive, then an alert bar is a good fit.

These bars don’t disturb your readers as they are placed either at the top or bottom of the webpage to promote your offer or landing pages.

Woorise promo bar

Without the space to include a lot of words or content, an alert bar has to be designed strategically. A common practice is to create a sense of urgency such as a countdown timer.

Exit-intent popups

Exit-intent popups are really effective as they show up just when a visitor is about to leave your webpage. If your offer is enticing enough, you are sure to get substantial clicks to your landing pages.

everlane exit-intent popup example

Blog CTAs

Having a blog is the best thing you can do for your business. People need to be educated about your product and about things surrounding your product.

Once your readers have finished exploring a blog post, it’s time to nudge them towards one of your landing pages.

This is why it’s super cool to sprinkle some CTAs throughout your blog. These little CTAs can find a spot within the blog content,

blog article cta example

Toward the end,

blog article footer cta example

or chill out in the sidebar.

blog article sidebar cta example

The real trick is to pick an offer or a landing page that goes hand in hand with the blog’s topic.

Imagine your blog post is about using quizzes to generate more leads – you could slip in a friendly CTA guiding folks to a landing page where they can start creating awesome quizzes for their website.

8. Reach out to the right influencers

Have you ever purchased something because someone you admire did?

Yes, you have, haven’t you?

And who are the most admired people on the internet? Influencers!

93 of marketers have used influencer marketing

Brands are turning to influencer marketing as it targets a very specific audience, has a wider reach, and offers huge conversion rates.

Did you know that influencer-generated content receives 8x more engagement than content generated by brands themselves?

Because people tend to believe recommendations from regular people more than ads from companies.

Choosing the right influencers can be challenging but once you find the perfect ones, do not just expect to see a lot more traffic to your landing pages, but also a significant boost in conversion rates.

9. Webinars and live events

Webinars and live events are a great way to promote your landing pages. Talk all you can about your product throughout the webinar or event – educate them about your product, give a tutorial to use your product, etc.

But, what’s the knockout move?

You need to call them to take action, which is to make a purchase.

Guide your viewers at the end of the webinar to scroll down or click on a link that leads to your landing page. When equipped with all the knowledge about your product, they might just decide to purchase it.

So, a webinar doesn’t just bring in traffic to your landing pages; it attracts high-quality visitors with a strong likelihood of converting.

10. Linking from your blog posts

Internal linking is a highly effective method of guiding traffic to your landing pages. It also improves your website SEO which we talked about earlier.

This is how you do it: If you have written a blog post about creating an online course, then sneak in a link to your landing page featuring your online course creator software.

This will help in two ways:

  • Direct traffic to your landing page through the link (People interested in creating an online course will definitely want to check out your tool)
  • Pass the backlink juice to your landing page which will improve its performance in the SERPs.

11. Online communities and forums

There are online communities out there with folks who share your interests. When you discover the right ones, believe me, they’re brimming with individuals who are already keen on what you’re into.

This means there’s tremendous potential to turn them into your customers.

Start exploring forums like Reddit, niche-specific Facebook groups, Twitter (X) communities, and platforms like Quora.

content marketing community example

Not only these, there are also forums and communities run by individuals on their own websites.

Now, here’s the kicker: strategically drop your landing page links when they align with the discussion or provide a solution to a problem.

Ensure your posts are genuine and genuinely helpful; blatant self-promotion won’t cut it.

When done right, you’ll not only drive targeted traffic to your landing pages but also foster a community of loyal followers.

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