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15+ Tips to Increase E-commerce Sales using Landing Pages

When you want to be able to grow your E-commerce business, there will be no shortage of hints and tips online. You’ll see everything from SEO and SEM to social media covered when you search for tips to increase E-commerce sales. The only problem is knowing which ones you should invest time and resources into so that you see results.

To give you the direction and strategic input you need to make an informed choice, we’re going to take a look at how you can use one of the most effective approaches: landing pages.

Why should you invest in quality landing pages?

Landing pages offer a powerful way to convert browsers into buyers with nothing more than engaging text and an effective layout. That means that they offer minimal setup challenges while also offering potentially lucrative returns. Exactly what you need when you want to grow your business the smart way.

Now that we’ve outlined why you’d want to do it, let’s take a detailed look at how you’d do it.

1. Tips to increase E-commerce sales: Split-Run Testing

First things first, if you want to turn your landing page into a sales converter, you need to start testing it the right way. Split-run testing, or A-B testing as you may have heard it called, involves making small changes to your content and seeing which performs best. It’s an iterative approach that allows you to gradually home in on a high-converting page, no matter what your starting point is.

The key thing with it is to be persistent, patient, and systematic. Only then will you be able to make the incremental changes that add up to make a big difference. And when you achieve a big difference in landing page performance, that’s when your conversions will really start to improve.

2. Create a strong hero image

You want your landing page to reach out and connect with the reader from the moment they see it, so start with your hero image. It’s the first thing any would-be buyer is going to see when they land on your page, so make sure it’s memorable. You’ll want to choose something that’s striking, eye-catching, and in keeping with the core values of your brand.

It’s no use having an impressive wildlife shot if you’re selling something utterly unrelated because all that will do is confuse the reader. Decide what you want your offering to stand for and then find an image that instantly allows anyone to connect with it.

3. Ask a question you already know the answer to

No list of tips to increase E-commerce sales would be complete without this clever old marketing trick. Imagine for a moment that you want to sell Shopify development. You could ask the reader if they want a Shopify store. Some people will say yes, others no, and the rest won’t be sure. But now turn the idea around and ask them if they want to run a business that sets them financially free. Who isn’t going to want that?

The great thing about this approach is that you’re determining the reader’s train of thought. You know precisely what they’re going to say in response to that question, so you can then start telling them how you make it happen. It’s a simple and effective approach used by more brands than you might realize.

4. Make the customer journey linear

There are all sorts of sophisticated landing page styles out there, but there’s nothing more effective than a linear layout that never branches off to the side. Why? Because the world’s most-used apps and social media sites have already shown us just how addictive inertial scrolling is. If you can create a landing page to mimic this experience, all you have to do is populate it with engaging text, and virtually everyone will read right to the bottom.

5. Don’t distract them with unnecessary content

This point kind of follows on naturally from the last, and it’s one of the critical drivers of many of the key landing page behavioral stats out there. You might think that by continually adding downloadable resources, contact forms, and pop-ups that you’re adding value. After all, isn’t value you what your customers expect from you these days?

However, the truth is that ‘value‘ in this case can mean something rather different to the majority of your customers. What they want to know is that they’ve come to the right place and that you can take care of everything that needs to happen. If you’re always bombarding them with options, it’s just not going to convert as well as a single button they have to click to get things started.

6. Remember to break up your text, so it’s bite-sized

There’s nothing wrong with a long-form landing page, provided the person reading it doesn’t realize just how long it is. The key is to break up the content into engaging, bite-sized pieces that almost function as standalone content. You can then break up the background colors and change the imagery to match.

The smart thing about this approach is that it makes the landing page appear more like a string of posts than a long article. Ideal if you want to tap into the propensity for people to sit and scroll their social media feeds for hours on end.

7. Hyper personalize your approach where possible

Every page of landing page stats will tell you to focus on personalization wherever possible. It’s the little touches like adding someone’s name or tailoring the imagery to suit their needs and desires that can make all the difference. While for a lot of businesses, this degree of personalization remains in its infancy, it’s still worth considering if you have sufficient resources.

8. Make sure your landing page never lags

If you want to keep your browsers happy, you need to invest in reliable web hosting. It may feel like something of a technicality when you’re busy creating images and writing content, but it can make all the difference.

More than 50% of browsers will click off somewhere else if a page takes more than 5 seconds to load. What do you learn from this? Loading speed is crucial to the conversion rate of your landing page. The longer it takes, the harder it’s going to be to keep the attention of each browser. And when that happens, their chances of buying something from you can fall dramatically.

9. Discover what your audience wants to hear

Your audience has a language and a way of doing things that they want to see reflected in what you’re offering. If you want to be their destination of choice when they need something, your content needs to make it clear that you’re one of them. Get the balance right, and you’ll have that instant connection that can make all the difference when it comes to driving conversions. Get it wrong, and you could continuously be losing potential sales right at the start.

10. Use multiple CTAs down the page

One of the best tips to increase E-commerce sales is to add multiple CTAs down the length of your landing page. Just take a look at these interesting conversion trends if you want to see just what a significant impact this approach can have on your sales.

What you want to avoid is coming across as too sales-orientated. No one is going to mind you trying to sell them something, but if you’re constantly pushing it and offering nothing in return, it’s just not going to work.

The best approach is to follow the advice in the next tip…

11. Offer rebuttals to all the common pain points

Everyone is different, which means you simply cannot use a one-size-fits-all approach when you want to make sales to a large audience. Instead, it’s all about addressing the pain points and downsides that each individual is going to see in what you’re offering, or the problem you’re solving.

Work through them one by one down the length of the page, and you’ll be doing two things without the reader even realizing it. Firstly, you’ll be building a compelling case for a sale — that’s never a bad thing. And more importantly, you’re showing that you understand what the individual members of your audience need.

The moment the reader sees a pain point or an issue they can relate to, they’re primed to buy. All you have to do then is add in a well-timed CTA and your sales will start to increase.

12. Use aspirational and motivational text where possible

It’s tempting when addressing pain points to paint a picture that’s all doom and gloom, but that’s not always the best approach to take. If you end your landing page on a rather depressing note, what’s that going to do to your buyer? It’s hardly going to motivate them to take action and solve the problem, is it?

Instead, what you want to do is provide an aspirational and motivational message that convinces them they have everything they need to move forward. Once you’ve done that, they’ll feel far more empowered to buy because they’ll feel like it was their idea.

13. Create competitions on your landing pages

Another one of our favorite tips to increase E-commerce sales is to start running competitions on your landing page. Services like Woorise make it quick and easy to add interactive content to your page that will instantly start engaging your audience.

It’s a subtle way to generate interest, harvest emails, and get people to spend more time on your page. The longer they spend on there, the more connected they’ll become to your brand, and with that comes an increased likelihood of making a sale.

14. Monitor your analytics

If you want to make real inroads on your conversion rate, regular and periodic monitoring of your analytics will be essential. A layout or an image that worked a month ago may not be working all that well now, so make sure you’re the first to know about it. By taking a proactive approach to analysis, you’ll be able to ensure that the first indication a landing page needs a revamp isn’t an unexpected drop in sales. 

15. Make it mobile-friendly as standard

More than half of all purchases and browsing experiences are now on mobile devices. That means that if you want your landing page to work in any setting, it needs to be fully responsive. The vast majority of pages are these days, but because it’s so easy to overlook, it’s a tip that’s found its way onto our list.

16. Choose a memorable sign-off

Last but not least, you need to keep your sign off as memorable as possible. It’s all about tying things up as succinctly and powerfully as possible. Furthermore, it’s about doing so in a way that primes the reader to buy.

Simple questions like ‘what are you waiting for?’ allow you to add in the extra nudge that can make all the difference when you’re interacting with a large audience of buyers. Find something that’s subtle, memorable, or makes them think, and you’ll find that it can improve your conversions and sales more than you think.

You might also want to consider adding a little bit of urgency in there too. It will start to force the reader into making a decision and tap into their fear of missing out.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve worked your way through our tips to increase E-commerce sales, it’s over to you to start putting them into practice. Start by committing to split-run testing so you can see what works and what doesn’t, and then take it from there.

It’s a simple approach that will allow you to iteratively home in on the conversion rate you’ve been striving for. Exactly what you need when you want to boost your conversion rate with a tried and trusted strategy.

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