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10 Ways Guest Posting Can Help you Grow your Business

Blogging has become an integral part of the internet today. According to statistics by GrowthBadger, there are more than 600 million blogs available online today.

Businesses use blogs to advertise their products and draw traffic to other parts of their websites. Bloggers make money through content creation and affiliate marketing among other things.

While the 600 million blogs were all created by people for different reasons, they share a common goal. All of them must rank properly on search engines to get significant traffic. The competition is intense and it’s only going to get more stern in the coming years.

If you want your blog to stand out, you need to use all the tools at your disposal to make this possible. One great way to improve the visibility of your blog on search engines is through guest posting. 

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting (or guest blogging), as the name implies, refers to writing and publishing content on a website different from yours. As a blogger, you can benefit significantly by posting on other websites and by letting other good bloggers post on yours. The name and website of the poster are usually stated on the blog. So, readers who are interested in the message can reach out to the guest poster, thus driving traffic to the blog. 

Keep in mind that the blog receiving the guest post must have the required target audience. You cannot publish a guest post on a blog that has nothing to do with the message you’re trying to get across. So, when you’re looking for a guest posting opportunity, make sure all the websites are relevant to your products or services. This is the only way the website will accept your guest blogging pitch and it’s the only way their readers will engage your post. 

Finding Guest Posting Opportunities 

One of the best ways to get guest posting opportunities is by asking reliable guest bloggers for assistance. A good place to meet fellow guest bloggers is MyBlog Guest. Signing up on this platform is free. Just visit the website and fill your details.

A good network of bloggers will recommend websites to you and give you tips on how to pitch guest posts for approval. While pointing you in the right direction and giving you tips will be helpful, the blog you’re interested in posting your guest post in will be more likely to accept your request if someone they trust does the introduction. So, if your blogger friend is willing, he or she should introduce you to owners of websites directly to increase your chances of making a connection. 

You can also find guest posting opportunities on Google. Since Google is the most popular search engine in the world, it would be a good idea to post on blogs with strong Google authority. To search for guest posting opportunities on Google, you use the regular search bar or Google trends.

For the search bar, merge your keywords with other relevant keywords. For example, if you want to publish a guest post about your travel agency, you should look for a blog that offers related content like a travel blog. A good keyword to type on Google for a travel blog search would be “Travel blogs accepting guest posts”. This will help you narrow your search for guest posting opportunities.

Apart from searching Google, you can also search social networks for blogs that accept blog posts in your niche. You can do the social media search with keywords the same way you do Google search. You’ll see the latest related content and this can give you a solid lead.

There is also the option of scanning through the backlinks of your competitors. Look for links to guest posts made by your competitors. You can pitch your guest post ideas to these sites your competitors have posted on and see what happens. Searching for backlinks manually on competitor sites isn’t going to be easy. Consider using tools like Site Explorer or Google search to automatically hunt for backlinks. 

The Main Purpose for Guest Posting

The main purpose of guest blogging is to get traffic to your website, boost your domain authority, increase brand visibility, and establish relationships with your peers in the industry. Guest blogging for high authority domains guaranteed that your business will get a credibility boost.  

Brand awareness is an essential part of growing your business because you can only thrive if you stand out from the crowd. In today’s sea of overwhelming digital overload, small businesses have a hard time getting noticed. Regardless of how excellent the products of your products and services are, you have got to get the word out to make sales. 

Through guest blogging, you can rise above the noise and get to the top of Google’s search results pages. This is a tried and tested method that guarantees results. Remember, if you don’t have domain authority, you don’t have Google’s trust, which means the algorithm won’t be recommending your site for users. 

Here are some great ways on how guest posting can grow your business and your brand.

1. Guest Blogging Boosts Brand Awareness & Exposure 

One of the primary reasons why people publish guest posts is to get more brand exposure and increase brand awareness. This is why you should always post on reputable and authoritative blogs with high traffic. Making a guest post on a website with over 50,000 daily visitors will give your brand far more exposure than making a blog post on a site with 2,000 daily visitors. It’s that simple.

Also, the more visitors a site gets, the higher the chances of getting conversions and directing traffic to your website. Note that posting on a blog that has 50,000 daily visitors doesn’t automatically mean that all 50,000 will visit your site. However, even if a fraction of that number visits your website, you’ll get some brand exposure. Some of these people who visit your website will subscribe to your blog to get more information or read similar content later. This is why it is vital to be informative.

Another reason why these guest posts create brand awareness is that the readers see your name or your company name on several websites and eventually become interested in finding out more about you and what you offer. 

2. It Builds Website And Brand Authority

With so many blogs out there, it’s not a surprise that building authority is difficult for new bloggers. It takes months and even years to become respected in any blogging niche. It also requires a lot of hard work.

When you guest post on high authority blogs regularly, you reduce the timeline significantly. You’re become awesome by association when you link up with top bloggers in the industry.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to be good at producing quality content if this plan is to work. No blogger will allow you to soil their reputation by publishing half-baked or low-quality content on their website. Your blog should also be guest post-worthy. The only way they will let you post links to your website is if the content on your website is great. 

3. You’ll Learn More About Yourself And Your Brand 

When you have a blog with a loyal audience, it is going to be difficult to get honest opinions about your brand and your content. This is because loyal readers often feel compelled to compliment your work even when it needs to be criticized. A little criticism will help you work on your flaws.

The best way to get honest opinions is to expose your content to an entirely new audience through guest posting. The people who will read your content on the guest blog will not care about your feelings because they have no loyalty to you. When you get constructive criticism from readers on guest blogs, you’ll be able to fix it the issue and carry every reader along. You should not be sentimental when you’re reading these comments. Just focus on the correction and work on them. 

4. It Gives You Quality Traffic 

Guest posts automatically increase traffic to your website because when you include a link to your site, many are bound to click on it. Think of it as a ripple effect; it’s like the ripples caused by throwing a pebble into a lake. 

While getting high traffic is every blogger’s dream, the quality of the traffic you get is crucial. When the traffic is low quality, the bounce rate on your website will be extremely high and this will hurt your rank on search engines.

There are several reasons why your website’s bounce rate can be high. However, it primarily happens when your website visitors aren’t your target. When they open your content and discover that it isn’t relevant, they leave almost immediately.

Another reason why your website can have a high bounce rate is when the content isn’t valuable or engaging. When you publish high-quality guest posts on websites that have your target audience, you’ll get high-quality traffic. So, you can reduce your bounce rate significantly through guest posting. 

5. You’ll Build Your Social Media Presence  

Most guest bloggers use their guest posts to promote their social media pages by adding a link to their page to the post. Ask the owner of the website if it’s okay to promote your social media pages in the blog post. If they do, casually mention the social media handle of your choice and anchor it with a link to the page.

You need content to ensure your social media pages stay fresh and alive. Social media is of no use to you if you don’t use them to share information and insights with your followers constantly.

Failure to engage with your customers using entertaining and informative social media pages will result in your pages fading into the abyss. You can use guest blogging to find new content to share across your social media pages. Make use of thoughtful hashtags to make sure you read a wider audience. 

Link building is one of the oldest strategies is search engine optimization. Whether you’re allowing other bloggers to post on your website or your guest posting on other blogs, you’ll be building major links. The more links to high authority sites you have on your website, the higher your authority will be in search engines. However, it is important to consider topical authority vs. link building when developing your SEO strategy, as focusing solely on link building may not always lead to the best results.

However, building strong backlinks is one of the significant factors Google algorithms consider when ranking sites on SERPs. Even though there are more than 200 other ranking factors search engines use, getting one right is a big deal. Make sure you submit your guest post to websites that have been in the industry for years because Google considers the backlink age as well. Backlinks from older domains are considered more powerful than new ones. 

This, in turn, will increase your rank and visibility. The result is more traffic and more conversions. Guest posting gives you a chance to build links natural rather than those spammy links that black hat SEO experts use.  You should also be creative with the anchor text because search engines use them to determine what the link is about.

7. Build Strong Relationships And Boost Your Credibility 

Guest posting allows you to build mutually beneficial relationships with other bloggers. These bloggers will influence the ever-evolving world of content marketing. Opening your blog up for guest posting is a good way to get quality content even when you don’t have anything to write.

There are many other benefits of building relationships with fellow bloggers. It’s the perfect way to build your personal and brand credibility. People will trust you more when they see that your portfolio spreads across the internet on different high authority blogs.

You need to use guest posts to show your target audience that they can always come to you for creative, unique, and relevant content. Even though there is nothing new under the sun, there is a way you can present your content to make it appealing to your ideal audience. 

To begin with, make sure you never plagiarize people’s work. Copying and pasting articles from the internet is not providing your readers with value. Address issues from new dimensions to give your readers a new perspective on the subject. 

8. You’ll Get Feedback From Expert Bloggers 

Each time you create a guest blog post, the blogger on the website will most likely act as your editor. With humility, you can take advantage of this and work on becoming a better blogger.

The more websites you provide guest blogs for, the more advice you’ll get about writing and publishing. Feedback from experts can be insightful as long as you’re willing to learn. 

9. You’ll Build Your Search Engine And Domain Authority

Having a unique domain name is one of the factors that let your visitors know you mean business. You’ll need to pay some money annually to hold on to the name.

There are millions of domains and domain names out there and all of them are fighting for search engine authority. Guest blogging is a great way to get in Google’s good graces as long as your posting on high authority blogs and only similar blogs are posting on your website. 

10. Reinvent Your Sales Cycle 

If your primary aim for writing blogs is to promote a product or service, then you’re working with an invisible sales cycle even if you don’t know that. When you post on a single blog, you’re limiting your chances of reaching out to more people and moving closer to completing a sale.

You can speed up your sales cycle by guest blogging. This is because each time you publish a guest post on a popular blog, you give room for more familiarity from your target. You will be telling your potential leads more about your products or services through the guest post rather than waiting for them to seek you out. Just make sure that you’re pitching smartly. If your pitch isn’t good enough, you’ll not attract anyone. Some people might even be irritated if your pitch doesn’t cut it.

BONUS: 100+ Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Woorise provides guest post opportunities. If you are interested to contribute to Woorise blog please check our guest post requirements and get in touch with us.

Additionally here is a list with 100+ blogs ordered by their domain authority that provides guest posting:

  1. Shopify
    DR: 93, Topics: Web Design and Development, eCommerce
  2. HubSpot
    DR: 91, Topics: Marketing
  3. ProProfs
    DR: 85, Topics: eLearning, Online Training Courses, Learning Management System, Scorm, Tin Can, xAPI, Instructional Design, Mobile Learning, Online Education
  4. Sellfy
    DR: 82, Topics: how to grow social media following, how to build a community, figuring out the best product, getting product ideas, product presentation, launch and promotion
  5. GetResponse
    DR: 81, Topics: Social media, Content marketing, Email marketing, Marketing automation, Search engine optimization, Omni-channel marketing, General marketing tips for different industries
  6. Teachable
    DR: 81, Topics: online marketing, e-commerce, audience building, blogging, YouTubing, podcasting, digital products
  7. Semrush
    DR: 79, Topics: SEO
  8. Woorise
    DR: 78, Topics: Growth Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation
  9. Zapier
    DR: 78, Topics: Business Growth, Productivity, Automation
  10. Freshdesk
    DR: 78, Topics: Customer Support
  11. Campaign Monitor
    DR: 72, Topics: Digital Marketing, Email Marketing
  12. Mention
    DR: 72, Topics: Top social media management tools to use, Customer loyalty or customer success (how to excel at either/both), Campaign strategy: How to build and monitor your marketing campaigns, Social media services that agencies should offer their clients, Client onboarding: How to build satisfied customers for life, Competitive benchmarking, Social media monitoring, Crisis management, Influencers marketing, Instagram influencer marketing (like Ultimate guide to …), Top PR tools you need to use, How to measure your brand impact, Executive branding, Competitive tracking, How to get more Instagram likes
  13. CoSchedule
    DR: 72, Topics: Marketing
  14. Webflow
    DR: 72, Topics: Web Design
  15. Creately
    DR: 70, Topics: Diagramming, Visual Communication
  16. FinancesOnline
    DR: 69, Topics: SaaS, Project management software, Accounting and finance management software, Binary options brokers, Help desk software, Hosting services, Collaboration software, CRM software, Communications software, File sharing software, IT management, development and security software, Marketing software, Business intelligence software, Customer support software, Shopping cart and ecommerce software, HR management software, Sales and marketing software, Learning management systems
  17. Wordely
    DR: 68, Topics: Growth Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, SEO, WordPress
  18. Vidyard
    DR: 67, Topics: Video Marketing
  19. MailerLite
    DR: 66, Topics: Digital Marketing, Email Marketing
  20. MailJet
    DR: 66, Topics: Email Marketing
  21. Dlvrit
    DR: 61, Topics: social media, content marketing, curation, SEO, productivity
  22. Northcutt
    DR: 60, Topics: Conversion optimization, Social marketing, Email marketing, Content marketing, Career advancement, Marketing industry trends
  23. Cloudways
    DR: 59, Topics: Tech, Processes
  24. Desktime
    DR: 58, Topics: productivity, team efficiency, employee management, work-life balance
  25. Ryte
    DR: 57, Topics: SEO
  26. Ownetic
    DR: 55, Topics: Art, Design, Architecture, Photography, Collections, Exhibitions and Culture in a general.
  27. SocialPilot
    DR: 55, Topics: Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, TikTok, etc.), Marketing Tips, Tricks and Hacks, Marketing Strategies, Analytics
  28. Stackify
    DR: 55, Topics: Tech, Software Development
  29. Cucumber
    DR: 55, Topics: Software Development, Testing
  30. Brand24
    DR: 55, Topics: Social Media Marketing
  31. Cyperchimps
    DR: 54, Topics: WordPress
  32. CopyHackers
    DR: 53, Topics: Online Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, Business, Growth hacking
  33. Slidebean
    DR: 53, Topics: Design, Public Speaking, Startups, Growth
  34. Sleeknote
    DR: 52, Topics: eCommerce
  35. HypeAuditor
    DR: 52, Topics: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok Marketing and Growth, Influencer marketing, Social Media analytics
  36. Convert
    DR: 51, Topics: CRO
  37. MailMunch
    DR: 51, Topics: Lead Generation, Opt-in Forms, Landing Pages, Email Lists, Conversion Rate, eCommerce, Marketing Automation
  38. WebEngange
    DR: 50, Topics: Marketing, User Engagement, Retention, Marketing Automation
  39. InvoiceBerry
    DR: 50, Topics: Small business and brick-and-mortar business, Freelancing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Startups, Marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, social media marketing, Finances & Budgeting, Accounting & Invoicing, Productivity, Starting, running and growing a business, Business tools
  40. Promo
    DR: 50, Topics: Video Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Best practices and tools for small business owners, Optimization for small businesses and marketers, Original content creation, Social media tools, management, news and effective strategies
  41. CompareCamp
    DR: 50, Topics: SaaS
  42. StartupStash
    DR: 49, Topics: SaaS, Marketing
  43. OmniConvert
    DR: 49, Topics: eCommerce Growth
  44. Prisync
    DR: 48, Topics: Magento, Shopify, E-Commerce
  45. Procurify
    DR: 48, Topics: E Procurement, Cash Flows, Spend Management, Spend Control, Spend Visibility, Vendor Consolidation, Problems With Accounts Payable, Strategic Sourcing, Future of Procurement, AI in Purchasing, Relationship Between Finance & Purchasing
  46. Automate.io
    DR: 48, Topics: Web Apps, Productivity, E-Commerce, Marketing & Sales Tech Stack
  47. Softwaresuggest
    DR: 47, Topics: SaaS
  48. Chanty
    DR: 47, Topics: Collaboration, Communication, Productivity, Technology
  49. Awario
    DR: 46, Topics: Digital Marketing
  50. Mailigen
    DR: 46, Topics: Email Marketing
  51. Walls
    DR: 46, Topics: Social Media
  52. OSI Affiliate
    DR: 46, Topics: eCommerce marketing
  53. Userbrain
    DR: 45, Topics: Usability, User Experience, Usability Testing
  54. Vidooly
    DR: 45, Topics: Video Marketing
  55. RankWatch
    DR: 45, Topics: SEO, Digital Marketing
  56. AppVirality
    DR: 45, Topics: B2B/B2C Marketing, App Marketing, Growth Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing
  57. Futuramo
    DR: 44, Topics: project management, team collaboration, remote work, productivity
  58. EmbedSocial
    DR: 44, Topics: Growth Hacking, SEO, Internet Marketing, WordPress Plugins, Mobile development, Facebook advertising, Facebook API development
  59. Honeybadger
    DR: 44, Topics: Ruby or Elixir (from a dev perspective)
  60. GanttPro
    DR: 43, Topics: Project management, Productivity, Marketing, Tutorial, Tips
  61. AeroLeads
    DR: 43, Topics: B2B Sales (sales forecasting, sales techniques, social selling), Digital Marketing (social media, content and influencer marketing), B2B Lead Generation, Customer/Business Relationships & Networking, Business Development, Customer Relationships Management (CRM), AeroLeads Case Studies
  62. SalesHandy
    DR: 43, Topics: Inside Sales, Sales, Startups, SaaS, Growth Hacking, Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Startups, Lead Generation
  63. Gimmio
    DR: 42, Topics: Email Signatures (best practices, fonts, design tips, troubleshooting, etc), Business Cards (styles, features, best practices, printing, design guides, etc)
  64. Imagify
    DR: 42, Topics: user experience, using images on the web, WordPress
  65. Stark
    DR: 42, Topics: Accessibility, Purpose, How-to, Building products, etc., Beyond the screen, Alternative Input and output methods, Service design, Architecture, Illustration
  66. GrowthRocks
    DR: 41, Topics: A/B tests, Analytics, B2B Marketing, Branding, Case studies, Chatbots, Content marketing, eCommerce, Email Marketing, Growth Hacking, PPC, Referral Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Tools
  67. Outreachplus
    DR: 41, Topics: Marketing, Sales, PR, Link building, Outreach, Guest blogging, Email Marketing, Leads, Conversions, Influencer marketing
  68. Linkody
    DR: 41, Topics: SEO
  69. Inturact
    DR: 41, Topics: SaaS Marketing & Sales Best Practices, Customer Development, Customer Success, Product Management, SaaS Product Launch, SaaS Free Trial Optimization, SaaS Onboarding & Offboarding, SaaS Product Optimization, SaaS Pricing
  70. Accessally
    DR: 41, Topics: Email marketing and list building, Online courses, Membership sites
  71. Woodpecker
    DR: 40, Topics: cold emailing, following up, email deliverability, email personalization, customer retention, lead generation, sales process, SaaS growth
  72. Divante
    DR: 40, Topics: eCommerce
  73. Saasgenius
    DR: 40, Topics: SaaS
  74. Gist
    DR: 39, Topics: Marketing (Content marketing, email, nurturing, top/middle funnel, etc., etc.), Sales (Closing, cold email, pitching, etc., etc.), Support (Onboarding, customer success, handling tickets, etc., etc.)
  75. MageComp
    DR: 39, Topics: E-commerce, Magento, SEO
  76. Poptin
    DR: 39, Topics: SaaS, Marketing
  77. Moengage
    DR: 39, Topics: Multi-channel marketing / omni-channel marketing, Push notifications, App marketing, Mobile marketing automation, Email marketing, Customer retention and customer engagement, Personalized marketing automation, Customer journeys, Growth marketing, Customer lifecycle engagement
  78. Ravechat
    DR: 38, Topics: Customer engagement, Live chat, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Customer service, Customer experience, Sales and CRM, Digital marketing
  79. Pushengange
    DR: 38, Topics: Product Marketing
  80. InvoiceBus
    DR: 38, Topics: Business Strategy & Management, Startups, Freelancing, Invoicing, Billing, Accounting, Taxation, Financing, Marketing, Productivity, Prospecting
  81. Mangools
    DR: 38, Topics: SEO
  82. CallHippo
    DR: 38, Topics: SaaS (Software as a Service), Telecommunication, Cloud strategy and adoption advice, VoIP Communication, Cloud Telephony Systems, International Calling Apps, Cloud-Based Services/Solutions, PBX Phone Systems, Toll-Free Numbers, VoIP DID Numbers, Call Center Software, IT and Telecom Professionals, Virtualization Considerations and New Technologies
  83. Dashbird
    DR: 38, Topics: Serverless
  84. Seomator
    DR: 37, Topics: SEO, Marketing
  85. Incredo
    DR: 37, Topics: SaaS
  86. Kobiton
    DR: 37, Topics: Mobile App Development
  87. Wordable
    DR: 37, Topics: blogging, content marketing, systems and processes
  88. Pepipost
    DR: 36, Topics: Email Marketing (Best practices, campaigns, trends), Email Deliverability, Email Infrastructure, Gmail trends, Email SMTP and API, Case Studies related to Email Marketing
  89. Socialchamp
    DR: 36, Topics: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO
  90. Webix
    DR: 36, Topics: Programming, Web Development, Project Management
  91. Customerly
    DR: 34, Topics: Customer Experience, Customer Success, SaaS, SaaS Growth
  92. Revi
    DR: 34, Topics: Digital Marketing, E commerce, Social Media, Client reviews, SEO, Digital Business, Web design, Online Reputation, Start Up, User Generated Content, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing
  93. Nine Peaks Media
    DR: 33, Topics: SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Website Design, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Google Advertising, Link Building, Marketing Automation
  94. SaaS Email Marketing
    DR: 32, Topics: SaaS, Email Marketing, Bootstrapping
  95. SoftwareWorld
    DR: 29, Topics: Marketing Automation Software, Car Rental Software, Complaint Management Software, Brand Management Software, Blog Software, Market Research Software, Online CRM Software, Virtual Data Room Software, App Development Software, Business Continuity software, Construction Management Software, CMS Software
  96. Zon.Tools
    DR: 29, Topics: Amazon PPC
  97. Rise
    DR: 28, Topics: User experience (UX), User interface (UI), User-centered design, Usability, Information hierarchy, Working in teams (Onsite and remote), Tools, WordPress, JavaScript, CSS, Python, User testing/Quality assurance, Working in teams (Onsite and remote), SEO (On- and off-page), Conversion rate optimization (CRO), Copywriting, Email marketing, Social-media marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Influencer marketing, Search engine marketing (Google Ads)
  98. WP Pluginsify
    DR: 27, Topics: WordPress, CRO
  99. Bay Leaf Digital
    DR: 26, Topics: SaaS Marketing, Contact Center Technology Marketing, Learning Management Systems
  100. Outpost
    DR: 25, Topics: Customer service best practices, Productivity as it relates to customer service, Building effective, empowered, and well-trained employees, Leadership skills for businesses that are growing, Email and customer service metrics—using analytics and data to improve customers’ interactions, Expert insights on email and customer service within specific industries, like restaurants and hospitality, nonprofits, fitness centers, and more
  101. TheStartupINC
    DR: 22, Topics: Startup’s, Entrepreneurship, Small business ideas, SaaS / Technology, Marketing, Productivity, Success stories, Failure stories, Tools & Softwares for Startups


As you can see, guest posting or guest blogging is an integral part of content marketing. Irrespective of your reason for writing, posting content on high authority blogs is a good way to improve your online presence.

This, in turn, will help you generate more revenue among other things. Now that you know the value of guest blogging, you can start looking for guest posting opportunities online.

After finding the right website, write an amazing guest posting pitch to the website. Finally, keep in mind that the guest posting trends evolve just like other internet marketing trends. So, you need to stay in the loop. 

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