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How To Earn Money From Blogging

You have a website up and running. You love to write. You have some spare time on your hands. Why not make it an income-earning opportunity for you through blogging? Start putting all these skills and assets to good use, as in recent days, blogging is becoming one of the best and most reliable ways to earn passive income.

If you take the time to browse through the World Wide Web today, you’ll find that many websites are up and coming, which are all dedicated to blogging. These blogs come from all different sorts of niches, and you’ve only got to take your pick as to which one you’re most comfortable in. You can talk about anything from your life, experiences, travels, hobbies, and whatnot.

Are you excited to be headed down this direction, but also just pressed by the trouble of where to start? You’re in the right place. This article gives you some of the best tips to apply to start earning money from blogging.

1. Apply For Sponsored Blog Content

As its name suggests, sponsored blog content means that there’s a particular brand that will sponsor specific content in your blog. For instance, this could be you writing on a specific product, but with the disclosure that what you’re posting right now is sponsored content. This latter fact is the ultimate difference between sponsored content and affiliate marketing, which will be discussed in the second section below.

Sponsored blog content has a disclosure that a brand is paying you, the blogger, to talk about a particular product. In contrast, affiliate marketing doesn’t always have this “Ad” or “Sponsored Content” disclosure.

Today, many bloggers are earning money through sponsored blog content. But, if you’re new, don’t expect to make much from this just yet. You need to gain first quite a steady traffic coming to your blog, or a following, for brands to recognize you as a viable source for them to sponsor you. They trust in your reputation that what they pay you will be worth it, as you can get many of your followers also to purchase the products that you’re promoting.

Here are tips to apply when trying to get into sponsored blog content posts:

  • Identify products and companies that fit perfectly in the niche that you belong to.
  • Research the websites of the products and companies that you feel you can talk confidently about.
  • Once you’ve reached their website, search for the contact information, so that you can send an email or your marketing pitch. This will increase your chance of them noticing you and approve (or in some cases reject) your offer for sponsored content.
  • As you wish to become more attractive to companies, don’t forget to also keep the focus on growing your blog’s audience.

In sending out emails to companies that you’d like to send a pitch to for sponsored content, be sure to include the following information:

  • A little background about yourself and your blog, to convince brands to invest in you.
  • Pricing, which you should also state as subject to negotiations so that the company you’re reaching out to don’t have to feel so compelled to accept your price immediately.
  • A breakdown of your audience, who they are, how many you have, and what their demographics are.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Now, affiliate marketing. This second way to earn money from blogging is closely related to that of sponsored content. But, the difference is that in affiliate marketing, you don’t necessarily have to disclose that it’s a sponsored ad. You use the product or avail of the services that are offered as a form of advertisement for the company that reached out to you as an affiliate. Instead of being paid per blog post, you may also be generally paid for every sale that the company makes through the link that you posted on your blog.

As one of the smartest strategies to earn a steady income from blogging, here are some pointers to lead you in the right direction:

  • Choose the right product or service, especially those that you’re genuinely interested in trying out or that you know your blog’s audience will avail of.
  • Make in-depth research on the products and services that you’re trying to promote.
  • Keep your content interesting and user-friendly.

3. Enable Blog Advertisements

This third section applies when you’ve already got a steady flow of traffic coming to your blog. On that occasion, your blog is already profitable and marketable. So, it makes good sense to enable blog advertisements. In other terms, this is also referred to as displaying advertisement space.

Many companies or brands that are venturing into digital marketing are still on the hunt for advertising space. This comes so, for excellent reasons:

  • Advertising space on websites mimics the traditional but very effective means of advertising, such as television ads, billboards, magazine placements, and newspaper ads.
  • Advertising space also is one of the easiest avenues for brands to get their name known out in public, especially on the Internet where the population is growing by the day.

4. Apply Email Marketing

This strategy of email marketing works when you’re trying to get your blog known out to the general public, especially when you’re still new. Note that by running a website per se and posting content, you’re already starting on the earning process. For every view or follower that comes in to visit your site, you already earn money in exchange. But, if you’re new, you have to make all the effort that you can to get your website known.

One excellent way for you to reach out to your subscribers on a personal level is through email marketing. A unique way to go about with this is to notify your contacts list whenever you’ve got a new post. This contact list can also comprise of your existing followers and even those that you still wish to target.

The good thing about email marketing when you’re still starting is that it’s very cheap. It can cost close to nothing, especially when you’ve already got a website up and running. 

Here are other benefits that you can gain through email marketing:

  • It allows you to reach out to your subscribers by providing them information about your blog.
  • Enables you to bring in more customers to come to your blog so that you earn more profit.

5. Sell Your Products And Services

This section applies to those of you that have a blog up-and-running, while at the same time, you also have products and services that you’d like to sell. But, in this strategy, you can’t just sell any product that you can think of or come across with. You’re going to be a more effective seller and a more profitable one when you’re selling products and services that you’re genuinely interested in. 

For example, you’re a chef that has your list of tried and tested dishes. Rather than merely posting them on your blog, make more money through other means instead. Take time first to develop an e-book with these recipes, then sell and promote your book through your blog.

An advantage of using your blog to promote your products and services is that you already have a steady following of subscribers that already trust you. To your followers, you’re a reputable source. Hence, this increases the likelihood of them buying your products and services, simply because they trust your word enough for it.

Here are tips to apply, when trying to sell your products online:

  • Make sure that the products you’re trying to sell apply both to you and your target audience.
  • Identify your target market.
  • Choose a profitable selling platform, which you can link to from your blog.
  • Build an online store, if you’ve got many products that you’re trying to sell.
  • Advertise and talk about your products and services regularly on your site.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a reliable hosting provider to support your online store, you can consider Hostinger. Hostinger offers an excellent platform for managing and make an online store, providing you with the necessary tools and support to establish a successful e-commerce presence.

6. Apply For Google Ad Sense

Google Ad Sense is the best option for those of you that wish to make direct income from your blog through ads. Google Ad Sense is an advertising platform that’s in a pay per click or cost per click function, wherein bloggers place relevant ads on their website.

After you apply the code of Google Ad Sense on your site, Google will immediately start posting and displaying ads on your blog. Advertisers place these ads so that they can earn profit and revenue through the traffic that’s coming in your site. On your part as the blogger, applying for Google Ad Sense is free. So, for beginner bloggers who are trying to earn more income, this is one of the best options.

Here are other significant reasons why you should use Google Ad Sense:

  • It’s significantly easy to start with, especially when you’re not yet very familiar with the technical side of blogging.
  • It’s easy to customize, to make it fit more effortlessly with your blog.
  • It only has very few restrictions.
  • It opens up your blog to an incredible network of new followers.
  • It’s one of the best website optimization tools to use.

7. Sell Online Courses

This manner of earning money online from blogging applies to those of you that have special skills to share with the world. Apart from just writing and keeping a blog, you may want to upsize your earning potential by selling online courses. Then, link these courses on your blog, so it’s easier for your followers to link to your course.

For example, with all the hard work that you’ve put in, now you’re earning a five to six-digit income through blogging. Your followers are strong. You have a steady set of sponsored and affiliate content coming in. Surely, you can teach a thing or two about your success. You can help other bloggers that are just starting out find their way also in the blogging industry.

Here, make the most of your skills to sell online courses related to your success story. Selling online courses to your audience is one of the most powerful ways to earn a steady inflow of income coming in today.

How do you get started with selling courses online? Follow these tips to guide you:

  • Start by filming short, thirty-minute instructional videos to teach your readers how to do something meaningful, such as in this case, blogging.
  • Validate the ideas of courses that you’re planning to sell to your audience by also asking your targets whether they’d love to learn more about that particular topic or niche that you’ll be talking about.
  • Focus on keeping topics easy and fluff-free.

8. Sell Out Ad Or Banner Space On Your Blog

Another way for you to monetize your blog or to earn from it is to sell out ad space or banner space on your blog.  These banners are there for a reason, as it gets people who are on your blog or site to view these banners, which also contain the ads. The end goal? To purchase the product advertised on the banner.

The more your blog or website is tailored to have ads, all the more that you also become profitable. Advertisers measure the viability of your blog’s ads or banners in the following ways:

  • Click-throughs, which measures how many people clicked on the advertisement.
  • Page views, which estimate how many visitors are on your site and are exposed to each ad.
  • Cost per sale, which refers to how much money is spent on the advertisement to make just one sale.

A good tip for you to follow is this; when you already have a blog or website that is mainly focused on a localized niche, and you’ve got no intention of moving forward to another slot, sell-out year-long contracts for the banner space. That way, you’re assured that yearly, you’ve got additional coming in merely through the banners on your blog.


From these tips, you may be thinking right now that blogging isn’t as easy as it sounds. While this may be true, it’s not one that you should give up on. Blogging is more than just an excellent way to earn an income. It’s a good exercise of your hobbies while earning at the same time. Wouldn’t it be nice to earn an income while doing something that you love? With the right tools, skills, and knowledge, as presented by these tips, you’re sure to be one step closer towards making profit through writing – or talking.

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