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20 Ways to Promote & Distribute Your Blog Post

You’ve done your research. You’ve finished writing the entire article and hit that Publish button.

Well, the true challenge is just starting. No content strategy is done at the moment your article goes live.

If you’re struggling to come up with extra ways of promoting your blog post besides a simple share, read on to find 20 unique ways in which you can promote a blog post.

1. Repurpose Existing Content

I’m a firm believer in the power of long-form content, not just because of its value for readers. It can also be an everlasting source for new content. That’s why I tend to put together guides that I can later turn into videos, infographics, and even simple social media posts.

Say you have a typical list of 10 tips. You can turn that into a video, a series of 10 tweets, a presentation, and even take each tip and create new detailed articles to go into all the particularities.

2. Use Content Curation Tools

I’ve been a huge fan of Zest, a Chrome extension where you can submit your marketing-related content. Only highly-relevant and valuable articles get selected here. For more general topics you can try Mix but the content there is not handpicked. Both options are free.

Quuu Promote on the other hand is a service you’ll have to pay a fee for every time your content is promoted. The service promises to get relevant people to share your work and thus increase the traffic of your blog.

3. SlideShare – the Secret Way!

SlideShare has been my little secret trick to repurposing content and getting it in front of a larger audience. The website has a surprisingly high number of active readers. So everything I’ve been posting there got 300+ views in the first few hours. 

Keep some best practices in mind. This platform works best if you’re planning on displaying insights and solid reports through presentations or infographics. Also, you need to optimize your post just like you would for a regular blog post to increase its chances of getting discovered.

4. Promote your Blog Post on Quora

Now, in my opinion, Quora remains a mandatory tool for brand awareness. However, you need to be careful with it. Going around and spamming all questions with a link to your blog post will only get you banned.

Yes, this is a common practice and Quora closing or limiting your account is nothing new. Instead, use your network and clients to start talking about your product or service. Alternatively, create highly-insightful posts that will fully answer the question and don’t be afraid to mention your competitors. I strongly recommend you check their best practices before deciding to put time into your Quora efforts.

5. Promote your Blog Post on Reddit

Reddit is in many ways similar to Quora. The only difference really is that while Quora’s answers are cluttered with ads and brand mentions, Reddit is still free of all that. So you don’t want to go and send people directly to your brand as this will only get you banned from a subreddit.

Instead, Reddit works best for exceptional content that’s published in very specific subreddits. I’ll give you an example: You have a product that helps remote teams collaborate. With Reddit, this gives you 2 options:

  1. Create a huge blog post or guide on your own website and share that on Reddit. This will only work if the content is not highly promotional and can indeed bring value to the subreddit.
  2. Create a spreadsheet of 200+ tools for remote workers or 200+ articles remote workers need to see. Make this personal and don’t brand it.

6. Promote your Blog Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was first created to suit recruitment needs. That is the requirement of individual people. And while companies have been trying to get a hang of it, it’s ultimately a platform for individuals. So you’ll need to turn to your employees or yourself to bring in traction.

As of today, LinkedIn’s algorithm prioritizes organic posts. From what I’ve seen with my own tests, simple shares get 10x fewer views. So instead of randomly dropping a link on LinkedIn, create a unique post. You can resume your article or go into the details of a specific topic you covered. No links though, just mentions.

A must-do for SEO purposes is linking internally to the article you just published. Go and pick 2-3 other articles on the same topic and place a link on relevant keywords.

This will help Google create topic clusters on your blog and readers might also come in from your old posts.

8. Guest Posting

While many media outlets and blogs don’t allow you to directly promote your product, most are fine with organic links to your articles as long as they are justified for their audience. To find profitable opportunities for you, consider the keywords that define your industry and run a search for the following or alternatives:

  • keyword: write for us
  • keyword: contribute to
  • keyword: guest author

But remember to customize your pitch. Woorise also accepts authentic guest posts so that’s a great place to get started.

Woorise has created a list with more than 100 blogs that accept guest posts ordered by domain authority that you definitely want to check out.

9. Suggest it to a Podcast Host

You might already have a couple of favorite podcasts or you can use MatchMaker to be connected to a podcaster in your industry. Ideally, you can score a full interview but small mentions of your post will do.

Like with Reddit, if you want to promote your article for free, you’ll need a solid piece that’s truly worth a mention. So, really, regardless of the method you’ll use to promote your blog post, make sure the content in it is top-notch first.

10. Pinterest – the Visual way to Promote a Blog Post

No, Pinterest is not just for recipes and fashion. Business-related topics such as office organization and productivity at work also do well. All you have to do is create an image like these:

Pinterest pins blog posts examples

Place it at the end of your post and share it on Pinterest with appropriate hashtags to get discovered.

11. Participate in Twitter Discussions

Twitter is definitely a platform for people who like networking. You’ll need a solid following and authority to get clicks on your shares. So your better option remains to participate in any interesting discussion you come across.

Twitter chats can bring valuable leads and even promotion opportunities with many companies creating “chat resume” posts after, highlighting top comments. Here’s a huge list to find the perfect chat hashtag with. Run a search to check if they’re still active.

12. Create a Group on Facebook

Three words: branded Facebook groups. More and more brands and even individual freelancers are creating them to build strong networks and loyalize fans.

These groups are sure ways of getting your content in front of an audience who is genuinely interested in it. Also, such communities create strong bonds between your buyers as long as you’re able to offer support and maybe even exclusive blog posts. Have a look at the UNILAD Adventure community for some inspiration.

13. Promote your Blog Post on Slack Groups

I came across Slofile a couple of days ago and have been obsessed ever since. The website helps you find and easily join Slack groups that are relevant to your interests.

Most of these groups are created for professionals to help each other but there are also those #shameless channels where members are invited to share blog posts they’ve been working on. As a quick note from me, you can alternatively use these communities to gain insights and expert quotes for your future articles.

14. Create a Contest 

A one-of-a-kind method of promoting blog posts is holding contests. You need to get creative in order to also connect your blog post to the contest. Get people to read your article and suggest their best additional tips, leave an easter egg in the article and have participants find it, or just end the blog with a question. 

Woorise will help you create your first contest or giveaway in a matter of minutes. This way you’ll be able to easily gain more followers, shares, and even traffic for your article. Simply getting your fans to share the article for a chance to win will be a great boost to your blog post.

15. Enable Social Sharing on all Posts

If you want to keep the ball rolling and get as many people talking about your product as possible, you need to make it easy for them. Add a social media sharing plug-in to your WordPress website or just code your own tool to place next to the article. 

Having a quick way of sharing an article with their network will make readers that more likely to do the sharing since minimal effort is required. You can even preset the suggested text you want them to share or opt for all shares to mention you so you can thank them and like their message. This small extra interaction will go a long way in creating long-lasting digital relationships.

16. Do on-page SEO the Right Way

I’m talking here about nailing your keyword placement (title tag, meta description, headings, ALT tags, and all other small tweaks), placing relevant internal links, and optimizing the speed of your website. Nailing the on-page SEO will help the article “promote itself” on Google by ranking higher.

This is probably one of the first things you need to take care of since this type of promotion can last for years. I have a full guide on this that you can use as a checklist to go over your content and make sure you haven’t missed anything.

17. Industry Communities

You probably already have that forum or community that you check regularly for updates or just go to for help. In my case, that’s GrowthHackers, a friendly community for all things marketing. Many content writers already submit their articles here and people get to upvote them so only the best content gets displayed at the top.

As with any other community (see Quora and Reddit), you need to keep your shares closely tied to the website. No spam. No overpromotion.

18. Start a YouTube Channel

VIDEO MARKETING. It’s the future. Matter of fact, it’s already here. So the earlier you start building a strong YouTube channel, the better. You can either repurpose existing content or create an original series.

Yes, videos take longer to produce and launch, but once you find that format that will define you and appeal to viewers, you’ve hit the jackpot. For business terms, YouTube is not yet as oversaturated as Google’s results so you’ve got a pretty huge chance of getting yourself #1 early on. 

19. Word of Mouth

You know those expert round-up everybody puts together from time to time? Besides the value they can bring to the industry via unique insights from renowned professionals, they will also get the buzz around the article from the very moment you publish it. How ideal is that?

HARO is my tool of choice when reaching out to experts besides the manual outreach you can do to professionals you already consider “worthy” of a mention. This platform in particular lets you send out inquiries (and pitch in your own to other outlets) which you’ll be able to use to strengthen your content.

In exchange for the feature, most contributors will be more than happy to share the article in its first hours of life. This can literally triple your traffic.

20. Never Stop Promoting

Regardless of which techniques you use to promote a blog post, never stop distributing your content. It’s easy to just share it in a bunch of places as soon as it’s live, but you’ll also need a long-term strategy to keep it in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

One hack I do is to schedule tweets based on the post for months to come. When the tweet is live I usually decide whether it’s also relevant enough to go on other social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. And of course, you can always link back to this particular blog post in your next pieces.

Where to Next?

Turn this post into a checklist you can always go back to whenever you post something new. Articles, e-books, guides, videos… it works with all kinds of content.

If you have any other tips for promoting blog posts, leave us a comment below. Until next time, keep distributing!

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