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15+ Best Instagram Bio Link Tools & Apps

Marketing on Instagram has historically been challenging due to the linking restrictions. The platform does not allow clickable links within picture and video captions at all. Only those with 10,000 followers or more can use the “swipe up” linking function within Instagram Stories. And users only get one link in their profile, or bio. 

However, the power of Instagram as a marketing channel cannot be denied. With over 1 billion active monthly users and 95 million photos posted on the platform every single day, Instagram is one of the world’s biggest social media marketing platforms. 

Fortunately, savvy marketers got creative and found a solution to Instagram’s linking restrictions. The “link in bio” workaround was born. Using this strategy, users include the words “link in bio” (or #linkinbio) in a post, signaling users to click on the link listed on their profile. 

But instead of needing to change the link each time you have something to promote, did you know that there are a number of apps and tools you can use to hold all your Instagram links?

Most of these tools work by taking the user to a custom landing page which contains all the relevant links. Some are free, others come at a small cost. 

Here, I’ve collated the best Instagram bio link tools and apps you can use right now. Let’s get started!

1. Woorise

woorise bio link tool for instagram

Woorise includes a bio link landing page as part of their growth tools. Woorise lets you optimize your landing page using links to sites you want your audience to visit. These could be any social sites, blog, your online store, and others.

The Bio Link page feature also allows you to share the link on other social sites, including Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and more, add your social links, add links to your products, links to your most important landings pages online, YouTube and Vimeo videos and much more.

Woorise bio link feature also allows you to automatically show your latest Woorise campaigns in a list or grid format.

  • Add unlimited links
  • Easy drag and drop builder
  • Automatically show your latest Woorise campaigns
  • Customise colours, sizes, backgrounds, and button styles
  • Link easily to all of your websites and social platforms using icons
  • Easily add videos from popular sources such as YouTube and Vimeo

Additionally Woorise is the easiest way to create viral giveaways & contests, landing pages and engaging forms such as surveys and quizzes.

The best part is that the Bio LInk page feature is included in the Free plan.

2. Liinks

Liinks Supercharge your link in bio

Liinks lets creators design and build pages in minutes, with more ways to customize than other link-in-bio tools.

No two pages are alike – great for creatives, personalities and brands wanting full control over their page’s look and feel. Create beautiful micro landing pages with ease. Drop in your links, style your page and add it to your bio.

It’s free to get started with Liinks, but upgrading to Liinks Premium (only $3.99/month!) unlocks robust features giving full advantage of all the awesome customization options. 

Every Liinks user gets:

  • Unlimited basic links
  • Profile picture and bio at the top of your page
  • Social icons for quick reference

Premium Liinks users can:

  • Add images to your links and choose between 6 awesome different layouts, including Grids and Carousels
  • Customize the colors, fonts, background, and more to match your brand.
  • Add Media embeds (Youtube, Spotify, etc…)
  • Connect to Instagram to automatically update your Liinks page with links from your post captions
  • Collect emails in Mailchimp with a Mailing List block
  • Animate your Liinks to draw attention or schedule them to show and hide at a specific time

With an expanding feature set and low price point – Liinks is a great option for those looking to stand out with a beautiful and unique bio link page. Explore some of our favorite pages here!

3. C8ke

Create Your C8KE Page   A Mobile Web App for Your Bio Link

C8ke is a completely free link in bio tool that helps you grow your business and sales/affiliate income.  C8ke offers a wide range of fonts, backgrounds and layouts so you can customize your page to fit your brand.  

C8ke’s most unique feature is its shoppable gallery. You can add custom affiliate links and/or URLs to any photo and/or video you upload into your landing page.   This feature lets you combine all of your affiliate links from different networks into one easy shoppable gallery.   There’s also a search bar feature, so your audience can quickly find the links they’re looking for.  

Along with custom quick links and social links you can also enable C8ke’s RSS feed. This will automatically update your page with your most recent blog posts and/or Youtube videos.

Lastly, enable C8ke’s subscribe button so your followers can easily opt into your personal newsletter. Growing your email list is so important when growing your business.  Additionally, use the multi-page feature to create multiple landing pages that are all linked.   

Key features:

  • Multi-page – create and link multiple landing pages 
  • Shoppable gallery – add custom affiliate links and URLs to your photos and videos
  • Search bar – helps your audience find your content
  • Highly customizable
  • RSS feed – share your latest blog posts and/or Youtube videos
  • Subscribe feature – get your audience to opt-in to your email list
  • Insights and analytics
  • Download the C8ke app to use on the go.

Pricing: C8ke is free to use.


Soc.Link is the easiest link-in-bio tool that allows you to modify your landing page. Share links to sites and social networks you want your visitors to pay attention to.

Start to upgrade your own landing page with new backgrounds, animation, colorful headings and neat paragraphs. It’s a simple way to embed videos, post direct links to contacts. Create and manage your account in a few seconds.

Soc.Link tools can be used for growing your business – auditory will find you everywhere. Add links to your social posts, stores, websites, videos and articles. As easy as 1-2-3.

Key features:

  • 100% free for everybody – no subscriptions and pricing plans.
  • Basic design variations: allows to use headings, change background, add animation.
  • Unlimited links – use in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Tools easy-to-use – manage the page yourself.
  • Does not make adjustments to the page – no copyrights and logos.

If you are engaged in marketing, this tool will allow you to increase efficiency at no cost. The only requirement is to sign up. No limits and understandable interface – majority don’t need more.

5. Koji

Koji Supercharge your Link in Bio

Koji’s “link in bio” profiles offer deep customization, 4K video backgrounds, and an app store with hundreds of free add-ons that let creators collect Tip Jar payments, sell products, host their own AMA and more. Koji’s platform powers unique monetization and engagement opportunities anyone can take advantage of right inside of the social networks they are already using. 

Key Koji features:

  • All features are 100% free to use, there are no paid plans
  • Hundreds of mini-apps to add to your profile
  • No fees to withdraw money or collect Tip Jar payments
  • The ultimate dashboard for creators
  • Koji profiles integrate with custom domains, Google Analytics, Facebook & TikTok Pixel, Mailchimp and more
  • 24/7 support

6. HubSpot

drag and drop ebsite builder tool

HubSpot provides an all-in-one tool that helps sync your audience from Instagram to your customer funnel. Control the entire customer journey from the moment they leave Instagram to your website, blog, and more.

With HubSpot, you can create a custom website using the drag and drop builder tool. Take your website domain and add it to your Instagram bio. As you share your website and increase web traffic, capture their engagement using our website analytics dashboard to see how users interact with any content hosted on your website. Allow customers to provide feedback, answer surveys, or sign up for newsletters and email lists.

HubSpot’s CRM and all-in-one solution provides an entire campaign’s worth of features including:

  • Free CMS platform
  • Simple drag and drop builder
  • Website templates and customizable options
  • Web hosting and content management
  • Support for blog, video, and media content
  • Intuitive reporting and engagement dashboard

Using a free HubSpot account, take advantage of these tools now and upgrade your plan as you scale starting at $45/month.

7. Linktree

linktree bio link tool

Linktree is perhaps the most well known bio linking tool. It allows users to create optimized landing pages and use them to post links to the pages they’d like their audience members to visit. It also has a function that allows you to share your links on other social media platforms, such as Facebook.

There is a free version, but the paid plan costs just $6 per month and offers a lot of useful additional functionality. Here are some of the benefits of the premium plan: 

  • Replace Linktree’s logo with your own. 
  • Link styling to draw attention to one link. 
  • Image or icon thumbnails for each link. 
  • Social media icons to take visitors directly to your other channels. 
  • Robust link analytics including click-through rate and user locations, devices, and referring URLs. 
  • The ability to schedule links ahead of time. 

Linktree Pro also offers integration with a number of other channels including Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Amazon’s Influencer Program, and email marketing tools like Mailchimp. 

elink io bio link tool

Elink is an epic platform that gives you the greatest selection of visually stunning, fully responsive layouts for your Instagram bio link. Here, you can find a layout for every business, influencer, and brand to make your content pop and stand out.

You can add product links, articles, YouTube videos, brand pages, music tracks, images, and more to your landing page. That’s not it! You can also add images, button text, header images and choose from various fonts and colors to make your social bio link more appealing. 

The best part? elink comes with a robust Chrome and Firefox extension which means you can update your bio link on the go and you can embed this on your website or even use elink to send newsletters.

Key Features: 

  • Create as many Instagram bio links as you want.
  • Add images for each link with CTA buttons
  • Choose from over 50 beautiful layouts.
  • Customize the layout according to your brand and message.
  • Update content on the go using elink’s browser extensions.
  • Embed your elink on your website or send as newsletter to your audience

You can use this awesome Instagram bio link tool for free and you can also upgrade to the pro version for $12/month.

9. Mailshake App 

milkshake app bio link tool

The Milkshake app allows you to build a simple Instagram website. You can then link to this from your Instagram bio, and followers can use the page to find all your other links, branded content, and products. 

Mailshake is designed specifically for the Instagram mobile app, and uses a “cards” system to allow users to scroll through content in much the same way as they swipe through Instagram Stories. 

Cards and themes are somewhat customizable, and you can also add a “Buy” button, directing your customers to a purchase page on Paypal. You’ll also get a daily and monthly breakdown of link clicks and card views. 

The best part? It’s free! 

10. Campsite

campsite bio link tool

Campsite is a simple landing page builder. If all you need is a collection of links with accompanying images, Campsite has got you covered. You have complete control over your branding including colors, logos, and fonts, and all plans include unlimited links. You can also pin a link to the top of your profile, archive and restore links whenever you like, and embed your Campsite profile within your professional website. 

The free version gives you basic information about link clicks. The Pro version costs $7 per month and comes with an impressive set of additional features including: 

  • Ability to control your metadata with a custom title and description
  • Custom images for all links
  • Retargeting profile visitors via Google Ads and Facebook Retargeting Pixel
  • A custom subdomain
  • Thousands of stock images from Unsplash
  • Robust analytics including a daily breakdown of clicks and Google Analytics integration 
  • Integration with Mailchimp and Google Sheets to grow your email list easily. 

If you’re serious about marketing, Campsite may be the way to go. Its impressive bonus features make it more than worth the $7 per month for smart marketers who want to tap into the full potential of Instagram. 

11. Shorby

shorby bio link tool

Shorby is another social media landing page builder that allows you to create a single “Smart Page” to store all your Instagram links. You can build between 5 and 250 Smart Pages, depending on which plan you buy. 

Shorby’s other features include: 

  • Fully customizable pages 
  • Ad platform tracking pixels 
  • Tracked clicks
  • Shortened links
  • Full click insights 
  • Automatic membership to the Shorby Rewards program, a kind of affiliate scheme where you earn rewards if you refer a new customer to Shorby. 

The Pro and Agency packages also allow you to add dynamic feeds, integrated with a variety of ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and Etsy. 

Shorby is more expensive than many of the other tools on this list. Prices start from $12 per month and rise to $24 and then $82 per month, depending on what features you want. If you pay monthly, prices rise to $15, $29, and $99, respectively. 

Is it worth it? Perhaps. Shorby’s features are reasonably impressive, but you can access most of the same features through other, more affordable tools. The most expensive “Agency” plan will only be useful to large organizations undertaking significant marketing spend. 

12. Tap Bio

Tap Bio allows users to create a branded mini website as a central hub for all your links. Tap Bio utilizes “cards”, and each one has a different function. This allows you to share multiple links on the same theme, centered around one call-to-action message. Tap Bio has a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface and every page is fully optimized for mobile. 

Tap Bio’s Basic account is free, but pretty limited. It gives you one profile with one card and one unique link. The Silver plan costs $5 per month and gives you up to three cards and access to link stats. With the Gold plan, you’ll pay $12 per month for unlimited cards and links. 

There are also yearly pricing options if you’d like to buy a year’s membership upfront. 

Feed Link is an Instagram bio tool created by EmbedSocial. You’ll get a custom feedlink.io URL and be able to generate a clickable Instagram landing page. Unlike any of the other tools we’ve listed here, Feed Link generates a feed from your Instagram posts. So every time you upload a new post, it will show at the top of your Feed Link page. 

You can then tag each photo in the feed with a unique link, allowing customers to click through to your sales page or wherever else you’d like to send them. 

Feed Link is particularly useful for retailers and ecommerce store owners, as it allows you to create a shoppable feed, making it easy for customers to buy from you in just a few clicks. 

Users of the EmbedAlbum platform can access Feed Link as a free functionality. Otherwise, there’s a free version that allows you to use images from one source (e.g., one Instagram account) and create up to 10 albums. Prices then rise to $19, $49, and $99 per month. The more you pay, the more image sources you’ll be able to use. All paid plans allow you to create unlimited albums, sync with Facebook, and customize the layout and design. 

Link in Profile allows you to create a branded landing page of links, and adds the corresponding picture from your Instagram feed to each post. The result is that you create a clickable version of your Instagram feed, allowing you to direct your followers where you want them to go. 

Adding links to your page couldn’t be simpler. Just include a link in your Instagram photo caption, and Link in Profile will automatically use this to generate a new link on your landing page. 

Link in Profile can integrate with various ecommerce solutions including Shopify, Etsy, and even affiliate links, making it the obvious solution for those looking to sell products online. 

Link in Profile does not have a free version, and the Personal plan costs $9.99 per month. There is a 30-day free trial available, so you can see if you like it with no risk. 

15. Lnk.bio

Lnk.Bio allows you to create a simple landing page as a home for all your links. Even with the free plan, you can add an unlimited number of links as well as accompanying images for each one. 

Those using the free plan will be assigned a random URL. With any of the paid plans, you’ll get a custom URL of your choosing. 

The Mini plan costs $0.99 per month and includes scheduling functionality, traffic and stats analysis, and external analytics pixel. A lifetime subscription to the Mini plan will get you all this for a one-time payment of $9.99. The link scheduling capability is particularly useful. 

I believe that Lnk.bio really comes into its own with the Unique plan, however. This plan offers a lifetime membership at an extremely affordable $24.99 (that’s the total price you’ll pay, forever). This plan allows you to remove the Lnk.Bio logo and footer, change the colors of your page, and use a custom background image.

Sked Link bio link tool

Sked Link helps users create a custom landing page where you can link to your store, newsletter, blog posts, and much more. 

Sked Link pages are highly customizable, allowing you to add your own colors, logo, branding, and more. Ecommerce retailers can also create shoppable links, allowing you to send customers directly to your sales page.

Sked Link is the most expensive tool on this list. Plans start from $25 per month which includes access for one user and one Instagram account, a visual content planner, and automatic cross-posting to various channels. The Essentials plan costs $75 per month and includes competitor tracking and analytics, robust reporting capability, Sked assets library, and much more. The $135 per month Professional plan is designed with teams in mind, and gives you unlimited user access across up to five Instagram accounts. 

Given its expensive pricing and robust features, Sked Link is a great solution for those who are serious about Instagram marketing and willing to invest in it. It’s unlikely to be suitable for those just starting out or with a very minimal budget for Instagram marketing. 

17. ContactinBio

ContactInBio specifically bills itself as one of the top alternatives to Linktree. It helps users create a “micro landing page” with multiple links and all their social media profiles in one place. 

ContactinBio also includes forms and payments functionality, allowing you to receive orders, collect leads, and take payments. You can even include smart links to messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, enabling your customers to reach out to you directly with a single click. 

ContactinBio offers a free plan with good functionality including a simple drag-and-drop page editor, complete page customization, a custom URL, free themes, click tracking, and more. The Business plan costs an affordable $7 per month and offers additional customization options, Mailchimp integration, a shoppable feed, and the ability to remove ContactinBio branding.

Agency users can get the same functionality with five additional user accounts for $28 per month. 

18. Linkin.bio

Linkin.bio is an Instagram linking tool by Later. It enables users to recreate a version of their Instagram feed on their landing page, with clickable links for all posts. You can include up to 5 links per post, but only one link on your main page that is not assigned to a particular post.

You can also create a shoppable feed, linking your posts to your Shopify page for quick and easy purchases and getting conversion data from Shopify for each post. 

Linkin.bio has great analytics tools, with click and pageview data provided for each post as well as Google Analytics integration, UTM tracking for Instagram, and revenue data for ecommerce stores. 

Linkin.bio has a free plan available for individual users, which offers the basic functionality without the analytics. Paid plans cost $7.50 per month for the starter plan, $16.50 for the Growth plan, and $33 for the Advanced plan. The Growth and Advanced plans offer full analytics and useful insights. 

19. Url.bio

Url.bio lik in bio tool

Url.bio is another link in bio tool which helps you share all your most important links in just one url. The best part? There is no limit as to how many links you can add! Url.bio is a great tool to 

help with affiliate marketing,  blog promotion, and providing website access to your social media followers.

The dashboard is also highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the colors and thumbnails of your links to match your brand. The tool also provides a series of themes to choose from which can help you match your aesthetic! 

One of the most important features of any link in bio tool is analytic tracking. This gives you valuable insights into your traffic to know which links are performing best.  With url.bio, you can look at these analytics through either total views or total clicks. 

Last major benefit? It’s free!

Ultimately, the tool you choose will come down to your needs and goals with Instagram marketing. All the tools I’ve listed here are great options for you to consider. I can’t tell you that one particular tool is the best, because they’re all great for different reasons and will work well for different users. Personally, I like Woorise and Lnk.bi, but your preference may differ. 

Decide which features you need, set a budget, and then use these recommendations to guide you.

With the right bio link tool, Instagram marketing is a powerful strategy. I wish you all the best with growing your followers, getting more likes and shares, and boosting your conversions. 

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