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10 Best Contest & Giveaway Tools to Run a Successful Promotion

I bet that at least once in your life, you bought a product just because a store offered something free in addition to it. And, I’d wager that when your favorite influencer had a giveaway, you were tempted to enter it.

There’s nothing new about the fact that people love free stuff, and there’s nothing wrong with  companies trying to take advantage of it. Besides, how can you pass on this opportunity, if it’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to engage new followers?  

That being said, improving follower growth rate is actually one of the top reasons why brands start giveaways in the first place. 

Surveys shows that 64% of companies launch sweepstakes and giveaways with this intention, while others also list brand awareness (62%), consumer engagement (58%), and customer loyalty (26%). 

If you have a giveaway planned in your content map, you could definitely benefit from using a giveaway app. This way, you will save yourself a lot of time and energy, as such tools often offer a variety of useful features:

  • Templates for a quick start
  • Allow you to create many different type of giveaways
  • Data tracking dashboards
  • Easy giveaway form building process
  • Multiple design customization options

You might feel tempted to jump right into it and start creating your giveaways with the first platform you find on the internet. However, I encourage you to review the following list of the best contest & giveaways apps first. 

In this list, I’ve collected the best options available online, analyzed their features, pricing, and also did some social listening to see if these apps are worth your time. 

1. Woorise

If you want to create an engaging giveaway but don’t want to waste your time on building it from the bottom up, Woorise is the perfect choice for you. 

Woorise is a comprehensive app that allows you to run viral giveaways, contests and competitions, to create beautiful landing pages or engaging forms such as surveys and quizzes.. The app supports multiple languages, which makes it a perfect choice for businesses from every corner of the world. 

Woorise features

What first stands out about Woorise is its versatile Drag & Drop giveaway builder. It allows full customization, and you can add your own visuals and change the size and colors of the form. Besides, Woorise integrates with many campaign tracking services, like Mailchimp, Zapier, and Google Analytics. 

However, ready-to-use templates are undoubtedly among the best features that make Woorise worth your attention. 

The app offers several template categories for different purposes, including giveaways and social media contests:

woorise giveaway templates

When you choose a template, you get redirected to an online editor, where you can enter the giveaway details, change the size of the form, and add relevant images:

woorise giveaway download example

In terms of running a giveaway, Woorise dashboard offers all the necessary functions, including forms management, awards management, and even fraud detection. 

Besides, the app’s dashboard collects and analyzes social data from giveaways in real-time, allowing you to make timely and necessary adjustments to your giveaway. 

Woorise Pricing

If you want to give Woorise a try but don’t want to commit to it yet, there is a free trial available. The prices for the app range between €29 and €99 a month, depending on how many features you want to access. 

What do the users say?

Customer reviews for Woorise are overwhelmingly positive. For instance, G2 reviewers give Woorise 4.8 stars:

g2 woorise reviews

Customers mostly praise the app for easy UI, live chat support, multiple integrations, as well as an option to create contests and giveaways in multiple languages. 

The reviewers don’t point out any particular drawbacks of this app, but some of them suggest adding a floating widget feature and a full whitelabel of the Woorise plugin on WordPress. 

2. SweepWidget

SweepWidget is a great tool that caters to all sorts of contests. They have a wide array of 90+ entry methods ranging across 30+ social media platforms. It’s perfect for running viral giveaways, big and small contests, leaderboard competitions, instant rewards/coupons giveaways, and email lead generation campaigns.

SweepWidget features

They allow you to grow followers and engagement across all popular social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, TikTok, and 25+ more.

You can run leaderboard competitions by rewarding people with the most entries. There are milestone-based incentives to award instant coupons/prizes to users who reach a certain threshold of entries.

There are 20+ CRM API integrations for building your newsletter lists. They also have other API integrations such as Zapier, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Tracking Pixel, Stripe, PayPal, custom SMTP, and there’s even a robust native API.

Create your giveaway in 5 minutes or less with their easy-to-use drag and drop builder.

SweepWidget entry methods

Once it’s ready, you can use the free hosted landing page or embed it directly into your website.

SweepWidget pricing

SweepWidget offers an unlimited-use free plan. Their paid plans start at $29 per month, giving you most of the entry methods you’ll need.

What do the users say?

SweepWidget capterra reviews

SweepWidget has an impressive 4.8-star rating on Capterra with 40 reviews. Customers liked that there were so many features for such an affordable price compared to other tools. They were also impressed with the responsiveness of the customer service.

Users haven’t pointed out many drawbacks, but a couple of users have suggested having a popup to wrap the embedded widget.

3. Rafflecopter

This is another good giveaway app that you can use if you need to set up a campaign quickly and effortlessly. Rafflecopter is the best option for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs who want to launch a giveaway to grow their audience but have a limited budget. 

Rafflecopter features

Referral campaigns, Facebook contests, and giveaways – Rafflecopter makes all these features available to businesses who want to try social media promotions but want to do it as quickly as possible. 

It will take you under 10 minutes to set up a giveaway with Rafflecopter. The app offers a simple step-by-step guide form, to which you add all essential giveaway details:

Rafflecopter  giveaway dashboard

As you can see, you can add several prizes, their images, and different entry options. There’s also quick access to the app’s FAQ page if you get stuck at some point. 

After your giveaway form is ready, you can copy the code to it and add it to your blog or website. With Rafflecopter, you can also run your giveaways on Facebook. 

Rafflecopter pricing

The free trial is available to every user who wants to take a quick look around without any financial obligations. Besides, you can also take a tour of the app even without subscribing. 

Subscriptions to Rafflecopter start from $13 a month and can reach up to $84, depending on the number of features and integrations you want to get. 

What do the users say?

This giveaway app also has quite good reviews, with 4.5 points from G2 reviewers:

Rafflecopter  g2 reviews

Mostly, users like Rafflecopter because it’s affordable and easy to set up. However, some users complain that the free trial version is very limited, and you will be forced to spend money just to run a basic giveaway. 

4. ShortStack

This app is among the top most comprehensive platforms for brands who want to make a long-term commitment and integrate contests and giveaways in their marketing strategy. 

Shortstack is an all-in-one app with multiple integrations and 100% customized campaigns. According to ShortStack, brands get full control over creating the contest of giveaway templates but can also benefit from the app’s ready-to-use forms. 

ShortStack features

As it was mentioned earlier, besides giveaways, ShortStack offers a variety of services:

  • Landing page builder for lead generation and nurturing 
  • Social media contests
  • Coupon code generator
  • Email marketing and analytics
  • Analytics and data management

In terms of running a giveaway, ShortStack has a very quick and easy-to-use UI. You can build your giveaway from scratch or use already available templates, like this one:

shortstack giveway app dashboard

In the image above, you can see Shortstack’s dashboard. You can edit the template block by block and also add a variety of widgets, from email signups to Google Maps. Once the giveaway is up, you can use the same dashboard to track the campaign. 

ShortStack pricing

Everyone interested in this giveaway app can give it a try with limited free access. However, if you decide to use this app on a regular basis, you will have to invest from $99 to $499 a month. 

What do the users say?

Customers mostly praise ShortStack for the versatility of its services. G2 reviewers give this app 4.4 stars for its UI:

shortstack g2 reviews

Besides, according to the reviewers, the app provides plenty of marketing ideas to connect with the customers, grow the audience, and generate leads, making it one of the best giveaway apps on the market. 

However, some users complain there are frequent bugs with embedding the code to the giveaway form. And there are very few template options. 

5. Outgrow

This is another great app for those who don’t have much time for building a giveaway form from scratch or have no coding experience. Similar to Rafflecopter, Outgrow claims that its easy UI and user-friendly dashboard allow businesses to create a giveaway within minutes. 

Outgrow features

Like the majority of giveaway apps, Outgrow also has templates for contests, quizzes, and surveys. However, its distinctive feature is interactive content, as it also provides templates for calculators, and you can even use it to create a chatbot. 

Outgrow’s dashboard is quite intuitive, and, with its ready-to-use templates, it won’t take you too long to create a giveaway:

Outgrow giveaway dashboard

As you can see, you can edit your giveaway form section by section, change text, and add visuals. You can also start your giveaway form from scratch, and there’s a customer support chatbot to guide you through the process at all times. 

Outgrow pricing

Apart from a free trial, Outgrow is now offering a special COVID $0 offer for a basic plan to support small businesses that are struggling during these challenging times. The prices for other plans go up to $45 a month. 

What do the users say? 

The majority of reviewers on G2, who come from small to medium-sized businesses, say it’s easy to build a brand with content from Outgrow. Some users, like the one below, also praise the app for its quick customer service:

Outgrow g2 review

However, some users report the lack of versatility in tracking brand data, saying that the results of the campaigns are too hard to interpret. Also, others claim that the app lacks examples of content that could be useful for brands that are about to run their first giveaway and don’t know where to start.  

6. Wishpond

This is one of the most comprehensive and popular digital marketing platforms. Wishpond allows its users to not only run giveaways and contests but also do online advertising, design landing pages, create email marketing campaigns, and even track calls. 

Wishpond features

With Wishpond, you can publish giveaways and sweepstakes on a variety of platforms, including your website and blog.  Among all other giveaway apps on this list, Wishpond allows you to run such events only on Facebook, which is a significant drawback compared to other apps we’ve mentioned a bit earlier. 

The app’s definitive advantage is its customization features. You can add elements to the templates as well as upload your own content. You can also test the final result on different devices. 

Wishpond pricing

This app is the only one on our list that doesn’t offer a free trial. However, you can book a 30-minute demo, during which a representative will guide you through the main features of the app. 

Wishpond’s website also doesn’t contain any information on its pricing policies. But, according to G2, prices for the app vary between $49 and $99 a month. 

What do the users say? 

Customers give Wishpond 3.8 stars on G2, mostly praising its email marketing tools:

Wishpond g2 reviews

Unfortunately, the majority of users don’t recommend this app for those who want to run a giveaway. Customers mainly say that the interface of the Wishpond editor is slow and lacks basic features. The templates lack customization, and users report they have to spend long hours designing their giveaways. 

7. Vyper

This giveaway app is probably the most decorated on our list, with tons of successful partnerships with companies like Universal Music, Walmart, and Warner Bros. Giveaways are the main focus of the Vyper app, but you can also use it to launch reward programs and referral campaigns. 

Vyper Features

As many other giveaway apps we’ve mentioned earlier, Vyper has ready-to-use templates, in which you can edit giveaway details block by block, add prize images, and change button options. There is also a countdown feature to add urgency to your giveaway:

vyper giveaway app dashboard

You can also make changes to the design of the template and add some branding features. Besides, there is a usability testing option, and you can do a quick trial run for your giveaway template to see how it will display on the desktop screen and on mobile devices. 

In general, there is only one giveaway template available on Vyper. You can turn this template into a landing page, an embedded form, or a popup widget:

vyper giveaway templates

While you can tweak these forms and customize them to your liking, it would still be better to have more options as well as examples from brands who ran successful giveaways with this app. 

Vyper Pricing

The price for a Vyper subscription will depend on the type of your organization. For an enterprise, the cost of the subscription is $149 a month, while agencies will have to pay $299 a month. There is also a free trial option for those who simply want to try this giveaway app without any financial obligations. 

What do the users say? 

You could say that customers are mostly satisfied with Vyper, giving it 4.7 stars on G2:

vyper g2 reviews

Most of the reviewers say that Vyper’s editor is very flexible and easy to use. The UI is very organized, and it’s easy to track your campaigns. 

However, some users note that it would be fair to allow more customization in template designs for such a high price. Besides, some reviewers also complain that Vyper doesn’t support all email providers. 

8. Woobox

This is another comprehensive giveaway with a variety of other features, like social media contests, landing pages, and pop-ups. Woobox is great for small businesses that don’t want to spend a fortune creating and running a giveaway. 

Woobox features

The app’s dashboard is broken down into five categories – landing pages, pop ups, embeds, Facebook tabs, and posts. Each of these categories offers a selection of templates for different purposes, including giveaways. 

When creating a giveaway, first, you need to edit all the information in the form and then customize it to your liking. You can also change the layout of the form, add and delete elements, and create a personalized branded background:

woobox contest app dashboard

Woobox is also among those digital marketing solutions that allow you to preview your giveaway on different devices and through various email providers. In terms of personalization, this giveaway app also differs from the majority of others mentioned on our list, as it allows you to add many types of content to your giveaway form, including a video. 

Woobox pricing

You can use Woobox completely for free for an unlimited time. The free plan allows you to add up to 100 giveaway participants, and the number of campaigns is unlimited. However, if you want to access more features, subscription plans start from $37 a month. 

What do the users say? 

From our first look at Woobox’s interface, this app made a good impression. However, the customers rate Woobox 3.9 on G2, which is lower than any other app we reviewed on our list so far:

woobox g2 reviews

Most of the reviewers say that, while Woobox’s editor is very flexible, the campaign tracking tools lack clarity. Campaign documentation is very scarce, and the app lacks tutorials, which would help new users get started. 

9. EasyPromos

With this app, you can create giveaways on four social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. There’s also an option to launch contests, games, quizzes, and generate coupons. One of the best features of this app is its campaign tracking system, which presents data in an easy and digestible way. 

EasyPromos features

In terms of running a giveaway, EasyPromos is one of those app options that already have all the templates for every occasion. You don’t need knowledge in graphic design or coding to create a giveaway form, and all the templates are already tailored for the requirements of different social media platforms:

In the dashboard, you can change giveaway registration details, tweak fonts, and add prize images:

EasyPromos promotion app dashboard

However, the layout of the forms is very basic, and you will need to purchase extensions for extra design options. 

EasyPromos App pricing

You can start by subscribing to a free plan just to give the app a trial run. Subscription plans start from $29 a month and go up to $49 for a pro plan. 

What do the users say? 

Reviewers give EasyPromos app a solid 4.4-star ranking, mostly for its easy-to-use interface:

EasyPromos g2 reviews

However, some users say that the prices can go up significantly if you don’t have a well-defined strategy and don’t know how to navigate the app. 

10. Viral Loops

The last giveaway app on our list, Viral Loops, is another template-based platform for creating different contests, landing pages, sweepstakes, and referral campaigns. Companies that are trying to build a brand on Shopify can also use Viral Loops to run customer engagement campaigns on this platform using a handy integration. 

Viral Loops features

With this app, you can run a giveaway on every social media platform, including Facebook Messenger. You can also create a giveaway pop-up form for your website:

viral loops giveaway app dashboard

You can change the format of the template from the name and email inputs to social sharing based on the goals of your campaign. Such templates allow you to create a basic giveaway within a couple of minutes, even though there are not many options for customization. 

Viral Loops pricing

You can try to run a giveaway using a free plan, however, you’ll have very limited access to features that could make your giveaway more personalized. The pricing for plans starts from $49 a month and can go up to $299, depending on the number of participants in your giveaway. 

What do the users say? 

G2 reviewers give Viral Loops solid 4 stars, mostly praising it for its gamification elements:

viral loops g2 reviews

However, many users complain that the app is hard to set up, some claiming it took them several months to figure out how to get it to work. Besides, some users add that the app’s fraud detection mechanism sometimes malfunctions, flagging every giveaway and contest entry as suspicious activity. 

What Are The Ingredients Of A Stellar Contest and Giveaway?

Before we dive into promoting you may be wondering: how do I get started with creating a great contest or giveaway in the first place? In general, it is important not to skip out on the brainstorming and planning process to ensure that everything runs smoothly, especially if it’s your business’s first go-around at a contest or giveaway. 

The three major facets of a contest that you should focus on before the promotional process even begins are as follows:

Pinpoint The Goal Of Your Contest

Contests should always be a mutually beneficial experience for both your brand and your customers. Before planning anything regarding your contest or giveaway, it is important to pinpoint the underlying perks that you hope the contest will bring you. After the contest is over, you will then be able to return to your original goal to measure its effectiveness.

To accomplish this, try asking yourself questions related to: 

  • Who You Want To Reach: What age group is this contest targeted to? Are they prospective leads? Current customers? All of the above? 
  • Your Business Goals As A Result Of The Contest: What do I want to get out of this contest? Is it new web traffic and followers? Increased brand awareness and trust? A stronger connection with my audience? Improvements in sales for a specific product? 

Choose An Enticing Reward And Prize

Who doesn’t enjoy a free or discounted perk? While the majority of people are happy with anything that is free, choosing a prize that aligns most with your target audience’s needs, desires, and interests brings a more personal touch to the contest. The more your prize is catered to your audience, the more entries that you’re bound to get! 

Here are some popular prize ideas to try out: 

  • Free products or services
  • Free trials into a program, subscription, or membership
  • Gift cards and coupon codes 
  • Paid trips and excursions
  • Access to exclusive products or services

Also check this article with 100+ of the best prize ideas for your next contest or giveaway for more inspirational ideas.

Create The Rules And Entry Details

Perhaps the most important step in ensuring a smooth sailing contest is to have a clear set of entry rules and parameters. To get as many entries as possible, it should be seamless and accessible for your consumers to take part in the fun. Outline the rules, restrictions, and end date of your contest or giveaway.

A few easy ideas for a contest or giveaway entries includes:

  • Reposting a photo with a hashtag or account tag
  • Social media follows, comments, and likes
  • Tagging or referring a friend to a post
  • Filling out a survey
  • Creative entries such as naming or brainstorming a product or creating a video

How to Promote Your Contest or Giveaway

At the core of any successful contest or giveaway lies promotion, promotion, more promotion! You can have the best prizes and the most fun entry ideas in place, but they are nothing without getting the initial word out. Lucky for you, the rise of digital content marketing and social media has made it easier than ever to promote your contests and giveaways on multiple effective channels. 

All in all, contests and giveaways are a low risk, high reward opportunity for connecting with new and old audiences alike. While this is by no means an exhaustive list of promotional tactics, it is hopefully enough to get you started with the exciting process ahead of you! A combination of the following techniques is sure to create the anticipation that you desire.

Here are the best and proven methods for promoting your business’s contest or giveaway like a champ: 

1. Generate Excitement Before Announcing

In the weeks leading up to your contest or giveaway, dropping subtle hints on your social media platforms about an upcoming surprise leaves audiences checking back for more information!  

2. Write A Coinciding Blog Post

Blog posts are goldmines for establishing credibility and showcasing the knowledge you have on your industry and brand. Writing a coinciding blog post with your contest is a great place to explain the parameters and details for entering and winning.

Since blogs are usually much longer in word count than a social media post or another marketing platform, they’re a perfect supplement for contestants looking for a more in-depth explanation. 

A well-written blog post utilizes:

  • Strong SEO keywords to rank highly on search engines
  • Compelling titles and subheadings to draw readers in
  • Lists, bullet points, and headings for an organized piece

3. Promote Your Contest To Existing Customers

Try promoting your contest to customers that have bought from you in the past. The odds are that a loyal customer is already a fan of your brand, and will be more excited to take part in what you have to offer.

Think about it: contests and giveaways are a way of showing your appreciation and care for your customers, so why not thank them directly after purchasing from you? Promoting to existing customers can be as simple as sending a link to the contest’s details in a post-purchase follow-up email. 

4. House Details On Your Website

Your website houses all of your brand’s most important information, so contest details are no exception. A dedicated landing page that explains the details, restrictions and rewards of your contest or giveaway is a great point of reference for your audiences to check up on.

You can easily hyperlink it in your social media bios, email newsletters, and other promotional platforms! Plus, a giveaway photo or graphic with a link on your homepage is a great way to grab a website visitor’s attention right off the bat. 

5. Make It A Partnership

The culmination of two audiences is always better than one! Partnering with another creator or brand will offer a whole new set of eyes to both your contest and brand in general. The crossover of audiences will make it a win-win situation for both parties involved. 

There are a variety of ways to make your contest or giveaway into a partnership: 

  • Influencer marketing: Reach out to social media influencers and creators that your target audience idolizes to see if they would be interested in promoting or endorsing your contest. This can be as small as asking the creator to repost your contest to their story or can be as large as creating a full-blown sponsorship opportunity. 
  • Brand Partnership: Cohosting your contest or giveaway with another company that shares the same values and typical audience will bring in new traffic and buzz. Pooling together your resources and creativity will create an even more exciting prize for your contestants! Just make sure that the brand you work with is not too much of a competitor. 

6. Try Out Paid Advertising 

Though not an absolute necessity for promoting, paid ads can be an effective tool for reaching your target audiences with ease. Considering that paid ads have, on average, a 200% ROI rate, they are definitely worth a try. That is, of course, if your marketing budget allows! 

Some of the most successful types of paid advertising opportunities include promotion via Facebook Ads. This is because Facebook contains advanced targeting options, making it a perfect platform for promoting your contest to the most niche sectors of your target audience! Display ads, or the ads positioned on third party websites, are also popular choices for marketers. 

7. Post Details Across Social Media Platforms

Posting on social media platforms is one of the best ways to rapidly disseminate information to large audiences. Your brand’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media sites lend themselves perfectly for announcing a contest. 

Some of the best uses of social media for contest promotion include:

  • Hashtags: Branded hashtags allow users to find your contest more easily on social platforms. Integrating a hashtag throughout your promotional posts will align all of the relevant content under one unified label. 
  • Stories: Stories that last 24 hours on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook is a great place to post fun photos of your prize to generate anticipation, excitement, and remind audiences to get involved. Instagram even has a swipe up feature, allowing you to link a landing page with more contest details. 
  • Posts: Posting contest details within your social media feeds will undoubtedly position it in front of the eyes of your followers. The interactive nature of social media posts is perfect for connecting with audiences in the comments section by answering their contest-related questions. Use high quality photos and graphics of your prizes as well! 
  • Short Videos: With the rise of Instagram reels and Tiktok, short-form videos are all the rage! A short and creative video boasting your contest will keep consumers engaged. 

And who knows? With enough social shares and engagement, your contest has the chance to reach millions! 

8. Send An Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are a great way to announce a contest to a large group of target audiences. If someone is already subscribed to your email communication channels, chances are that they’re more committed to your brand. When sending an email newsletter, try embedding photos, videos, and links to your contest details. It’s easy to do and is more eye catching than solely a blob of text. 

9. Take Advantage of Traditional PR

Traditional PR tactics are not just a thing of the past! Using traditional PR tactics, such as press releases, is a surefire way to gain some earned media and publicity surrounding your contest without having to pay a dime. 

Not sure how to write a press release? Luckily, there is not much to it! Overall, a press release is defined as a short, often one-paged, document that outlines a newsworthy story or announcement for the media to report on. If the story aligns with a publication or news outlet, they might just select your contest to report on. Send press releases to publications and news outlets within your business’s sector and community to increase your chances of getting a free slot of media attention! 

10. Use SMS Marketing Tactics

A quick text message to your SMS subscribers is an almost-foolproof way to clue them into an exciting contest or giveaway, as they boast an open rate of 98%! SMS marketing is known for being effective at sending direct and time-sensitive messages to consumers, making it the perfect vehicle for linking to your limited-time-only contests or giveaways. 

11. Use Copywriting To Your Advantage

No matter the promotional tactic used, well-written copy is an essential tool for articulating messaging in a strategic manner. The word-choice, tone, and language utilized impacts the way that your audiences will connect with your content. Keep in mind these ideas when writing about your contest:

  • Tone and Voice: Keeping your writing in a friendly, excited, and personable tone is a good rule-of-thumb for drawing people in. 
  • Call-To-Action: Since call-to-actions are a tried and true copywriting tactic for sparking audiences to take action, (example: enter to win today!) place call-to-actions within all of your promotional posts!

Time-Sensitive Language: To compel audiences to enter your contest or giveaway in a timely fashion, it is important to use language that conveys a sense of urgency to sign up fast. This can be accomplished by emphasizing the limited time for entering the campaign.

Which Giveaway App Will You Choose?

There is no doubt that if you decide to run a one-time giveaway with any app from this list, it will do the job perfectly. However, once you decide to use the app consistently, you need to take into account all the pros and cons before making a choice. 

In terms of customer reviews, there are three obvious leaders – Woorise, Outgrow and Vyper.

However, now every one of these apps will give you the personalization options you want. For instance, Rafflecopter offers only a basic-level design, even though its ranking is higher compared to Woobox that has more to offer in terms of giveaway template customization. 

Woorise and ShortStack are the winners for the most advanced features and customizations options compared to other giveaway tools.

At the end of the day, consider your needs before choosing the app to run your giveaways. Hopefully, our little overview will guide you and help you make a more informed decision. 

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