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95 Social Media Content Ideas for Everyday Posting

Social Media Content Ideas for Everyday Posting

Social media presence is a must for brands to grow. You create business accounts to attract the audience and turn them into loyal followers, who then become customers providing you with a consistently growing income.

Easier say than do, right?

For this to happen, you need a strategy and social media content. Tons of content that would engage users and, at the same time, fit your business goals. Doesn’t it look like the moment to brainstorm some fresh content ideas to add to your social media content plan? You can also further capitalize on AI-generated content to acquire a greater abundance of ideas.

By the end of this post, you’ll have 90+ social media content ideas for your brand platforms.

Here they are by categories, depending on your business needs:

Social media content to build brand reputation

  1. Your company news: Tell your audience about new product launches, updates, upcoming events, awards, and any other happenings your company undergoes.
  2. Your company culture: Write about what your company stands for. Share your brand values, some rituals in your team, principles and beliefs you stick to while working, etc.
  3. Behind-the-scenes: Show the process of your product creation or packaging, post about your team at work, share how you prepare for events, you name it!
  4. Testimonials: While collecting customer feedback is critical for getting insights, you can use their testimonials as social proof and design them as social media content assets. Retweet their words or create graphics, but remember to mention the author.
Social media content to build brand reputation testimonial example
  1. SlideShare presentations: Do you post presentations at SlideShare or any other corresponding resources? Share them on social media too.
  2. Case studies: Tell the audience about detailed studies and analyses of your existing projects. It’s a great way to build expertise and trust. When describing case studies on social media, use linking words for readers to follow the thread of your story.
  3. Product reviews by customers: Most consumers want to see user reviews before purchasing from you. Besides posting them on landing pages or review websites representing your brand, design some for social media accounts for more targets to see.
  4. Your top-performing posts: Reshare them again to remind users about your expertise in the field.
  5. Employees: Show the faces behind your brand. Users want to deal with real people, so why not “humanize” your content for more authenticity and trust by spotlighting your team members and their stories on social media?
  6. Industry research results: Post about the latest research and studies in your niche to educate the audience and let them see your brand keeps up with the times.
  7. Photos from events: Showcase your brand’s personality by sharing photos from company events. If you host charity or fundraising meetings, posting about them helps spread awareness and demonstrates your brand’s social responsibility.
  8. Social responsibility posts: Speaking of responsibility, by the way. Today, users expect to see it from brands; they want to support businesses sharing the same values. So, don’t be shy to speak about critical issues you stand for.
Social media content to build brand reputation Social responsibility post example

Content types to know your audience

  1. Surveys and polls: It’s one of your best options to try for engagement and learning your audience better. Surveys and polls are interactive, appealing to social instinct and, thus, inviting to act. When crafting a survey or poll, think of non-trivial answers to queries so it would be more interesting for users to participate.
  2. User feedback: Encourage users to share their stories about their experience with your brand and highlight the most exciting ones on your social media accounts. It’s a great chance to turn followers into your brand ambassadors.
  3. Answers to FAQs from users: Instead of responding to commonly asked questions over and over again, why not design each as a social media post, providing answers and pinging (Facebook, Twitter) or highlighting (Instagram) them for all users to see? Once these posts are made, you can always schedule them using social media tools.
  4. User-generated content: Not only does it help to fill your feed with fresh and authentic content, but it will also attract new followers and convert your existing audience into customers.
  5. Quizzes: Interactive content is super popular on social media, encouraging users to act. Posts with quizzes allow you to keep the followers engaged and boost conversion.
  6. Q&A sessions: Host a Q&A session with your audience on social media. It can be a Twitter chat or a video stream on Instagram or Facebook. Consider it an opportunity to interact with followers and help them finally get all the questions answered.
  7. Questions: Ask your followers about what product they love most or what blog post you should write next. Twitter polls work great here, helping you get the audience’s insights.

Social media content ideas for sales

  1. Giveaways: Giveaways and contests engage users, promising them to get something for minimum effort, and that’s why they are so popular. Your account gets positive dynamics, attracting a broader audience thanks to tags and shares users make to participate and win.
social media content ideas instagram giveaway post example
  1. Offers and discounts: Shoppable posts on social media make the purchase journey shorter and help you convert leads. Craft visually-attractive publications for your offers, with all the information a user might need to purchase.
  2. Teasers: Forget boring announcements; use social media posts with teasers to drive user interest. Try question stickers on Instagram, teaser videos (check out the commercial video maker from PlayPlay to help create these) and guessing games to hook the audience to interact with your content.
  3. Gifts: Surprise your loyal followers with gifts from time to time. Choose a user with the most compelling comment and write a post about them to win something from your brand. Or, announce a gift for “the most active followers of this week.”
  4. Product shots: Get creative when sharing your product photos. Say no to boring, catalog-like pictures and think of attractive backgrounds, props, motion animations, etc. They need to stand out when the audience scrolls your feed.
  5. Event promos: Do you organize an event or want to tell the audience about upcoming occasions in the niche? Craft bright event posters using a poster maker tool or postcards and share them on social media accounts when appropriate.
  6. Product videos: While creative visuals are super engaging, videos are 135% better in organic reach than pictures. Take advantage of this opportunity by sharing product videos on Facebook or Instagram.
  7. Before-after: If your product/service involves such an effect, why not follow the “Show, don’t tell” principle and demonstrate the results of your work with users? Beauty, fitness, home decor, and many other brands often publish before-after posts on social media.
Social media content ideas for sales before after example

Social media content to engage

  1. Quotes: Forget about all those overused inspirational quotes from famous writers or spiritual teachers that make active social media users roll their eyes. Why not publish sayings from your CEO, opinion leaders in your industry, or influencers related to your business?
  2. Puzzles and games: Such content is super engaging because of its interactive nature. Ask users to find a cat in a picture, come up with a word related to a previous user’s comment, etc. The only rule: Stay as relevant to your niche and brand voice as possible.
  3. Custom pictures: Think of custom pics that will communicate your brand’s visual identity, tone of voice, and message. Graphic design tools can help you customize beautiful visuals in minutes.
  4. Infographics: Visuals are 60,000 times faster to perceive than text. Share infographics to turn boring statistics or step-by-step guides into visually pleasing and engaging content assets.
  5. Free services or instruments: Tell users about your free services or share helpful instruments that might assist them at work.
Social media content to engage free services or instruments
  1. Challenges: If it makes sense for your brand nature, participate in trending challenges on Twitter or Instagram. You can also create your own challenge to provide fun for the audience and expand your reach/impressions.
  2. Ask users for help: Ask followers about what they’d like to know about your product, what they’d like to read in your upcoming blog post, etc. Such posts are an extra opportunity to get ideas for your future content and collect customer feedback on their preferences.
  3. Live streams: Super popular on most social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook), live videos are your opportunity to engage the audience and improve behavioral factors at your accounts.
  4. Illustrations and collages: Go beyond stock photos and try alternative visuals to display your information creatively. Illustrations and bright collages with multiple layers, images, and texts will strengthen your brand communication and help you stand out in users’ feeds.
  5. Instagram Stories: They look more organic than traditional posts in your Instagram feed, and Stories get much more views. Post them regularly to get users involved and engaged with your brand, and set up Story Highlights on your profile.
  6. Reels: It’s a relatively new instrument on Instagram to get a more engaged following. Craft 15-30 seconds videos to entertain users, earn a broader audience, and build loyalty among your existing followers.
  7. Humor (memes and GIFs): Such content is super popular on social media; it’s a great way to stay trendy and showcase your brand’s personality. Feel free to create original memes or repurpose the most popular ones according to your background.
Social media content to engage meme example
  1. Twitter chats: Host a chat to communicate with the audience on specific topics, engage new followers, and connect people sharing the same interests.
  2. Virtual events: Host a virtual event — a webinar, a concert, a charity meeting — via social media. You can partner with influencers in the niche and invite them to participate in it for a win-win collaboration.
  3. Free webinars: Whether it’s your brand webinar or you’ve got one from others in your niche, why not share it with the audience? Free stuff attracts users and motivates them to follow you to get more information in the future.
  4. Holiday posts: Most people love holidays! Show your spirit by sharing a holiday-related image or video on your social media accounts. And don’t limit yourself to Christmas and Halloween: Check a holiday calendar and consider everything related to your business.
  5. Playlists: Why not share music with your social media followers? Post Spotify playlists of your teammates or ask users to share their favorite songs for work, relaxation, shopping, sports, etc.
  6. Fun facts: Entertain your audience by sharing fun facts related to your niche, company, employees, or customers. People enjoy reading stories, and they are more memorable than bare facts or static pics.
  7. Fill-in-the-blank: Involve the audience in communication by asking them to fill in the blank with some statement related to your niche.
  8. Motivational posts: Share motivational quotes, stories, or videos with a corresponding hashtag like #MotivationalMonday, #WednesdayWisdom, #SunnySunday, etc.
  9. Carousels: On Instagram, carousels work best to display products or educational information. They make the audience spend more time on your post, swiping through every image, and lead to better engagement.
  10. Weekly Posts: Think of engaging categories like “Fun Friday Fact,” “Wednesday Wisdom,” or “Tuesday Tip” and publish topical weekly posts. Your audience will know when to check your social media page for the news.
  11. “Photo of the Day:” Post some entertaining or awkward picture and ask followers to give a clever caption to it.
  12. “This Day in History:” Find rare and exciting facts or events that happened in your country or city and tell the audience about them. Consider those related to your industry.

Expert content for social media posts

52) Blog Posts: Share your new blog articles on social media platforms. Ensure the content you propose is valuable and relatable to your audience.

Expert content for social media posts blog post example
  1. Industry statistics: Share an informative article about the statistics in your niche. Such posts work well for LinkedIn and Twitter.
  2. Tutorials: Share educational and informative guides with your social media followers.
  3. Checklists: Checklists are super popular among online users as they provide actionable, step-by-step instructions on doing something.
  4. Mind maps: They provide visually organized information that’s easier for users to consume than text, so your followers will appreciate such content from you by all means.
  5. Reading lists: Make a list of book recommendations for your audience to read on the topics related to your industry.
  6. Lifehacks: Share a simple hack that helps your followers deal with a common problem they face.
  7. Insights: Write about niche findings, tiny details most people don’t notice, the ideas that strike you today, etc.
  8. Predictions/analytics: Share your predictions on upcoming trends, winners, global issues, etc. Analyze events happening right now, and feel free to ask followers to do the same in the comments.
  9. Podcasts: Reading long content is time-consuming, and it’s often more comfortable for users to listen to your information while doing something else. If your brand creates podcasts to generate leads, consider sharing them on social media for better engagement.
  10. Industry news: Make a list of news sources in your niche and share those most exciting when they appear. Consider the occasions that make sense for your business and target audience.
  11. Industry myths: As well as any other niche, yours has some controversial facts or misconceptions. Share them with the audience, busting those false prejudices and, thus, proving your expertise.
Expert content for social media posts Industry myths example
  1. Long reads: Tell the audience about worthy long reads to check in your niche. You can also try writing lengthy captions on Facebook or LinkedIn: It’s a common misconception that users don’t read extensive posts there.
  2. Content Series: Create a series of posts on a particular topic, try a weekly talk show, think of a series of interviews with special guests, etc.
  3. Rules and instructions: Structured and actionable, posts with such content will resonate with the audience who come to social media for the information.
  4. Reports: Annual reports on the grounds and concerns in the industry are what your audience will appreciate and share.
  5. E-books: Post about your brand e-books or share the information about worth-checking e-books from others.
  6. Glossaries: It can be “word of the day” posts defining professional slang in your niche, or you can share links to glossaries with terms your target audience might need to know.
  7. Curated content: Instead of spending time creating in-depth posts, re-share the valuable information your colleagues or partners have, and remember to credit them. You can use something like QuillBot’s APA citation tool to credit your contributors in both a casual and academic setting.
  8. Quick tips: How-to’s, tutorials, or case studies are in-depth and take time to prepare; instead, you can share small “pro tips” to provide the audience with quick insights.
  9. How-to posts and videos: Tell the audience how to use your product or how different aspects of your niche work. For maximum engagement, consider Instagram carousel posts with step-by-step instructions; to drive more traffic, create short explainer videos.

Content types for personal brand promotion

  1. Personal stories: They work best for those promoting personal brands. It’s a chance to become more “human” on social media, build identity, and share authenticity. Stories help to hook attention and remember you.
Content types for personal brand promotion personal story example
  1. Accomplishments and awards: Share your success with the audience and celebrate together! Let your social media community know whether you’ve completed a milestone, got a prize, or won another achievement.
  2. Your experience: Have you discovered a solution to solve a problem you’ve experienced? Share it with the audience because big chances are they have the same problem.
  3. Reactions to negative comments: Proper response to negative comments can turn an angry user into a loyal follower. Plus, your audience will see that you care about every customer and don’t shy away from responsibility.
  4. Your response to brand mentions: Use social media monitoring tools to find what others say about your brand and repost them, responding with a “thank you” or a more detailed comment.
  5. Brand storytelling posts: Tell the audience how everything started, what challenges you faced on the way to success, what lessons you learned, and what values your brand got. Create a series of posts or design your brand history as an infographic.
  6. Repurposed content: When doing content moderation of blog articles, you might want to repurpose some information for social media posting. It can be statistics represented as a graph, a checklist as an infographic, a how-to article repurposed into a carousel post, an interactive flipbook etc.

Social media content to go viral

  1. Contests: Encourage users to participate in a contest related to your brand. Be clear about objectives and define simple rules for people to follow. Such content is your chance to attract a broader audience to your brand and engage loyal followers.
Social media content to go viral contest example
  1. YouTube or TikTok reposts: If you have an engaging TikTok or YouTube account, why not share its popular content with your followers on other social media? You can even schedule TikToks to come out when your audience is most likely to be online. 
  2. Trends: Everyone wants to keep up with the times, so write about the latest trends in your niche for users to share and, thus, boost your social media posts conversion.
  3. “True or False?” posts: Engage your social media followers in communication by giving a controversial fact and asking them to guess if it’s true. Such posts often evoke discussions in the comments.
  4. Digests: They get tons of shares thanks to the structure. Your audience sees the selection of informative articles in one place and decides to keep this post for later. (It’s all about the fear of missing out.)
  5. Do-it-yourself content: Simple and actionable tips on how a user can do something with no expertise in the niche are your sure-fire way to engage the audience.
  6. Links to free resources: Users love free stuff! Why not share links to valuable downloadable content your audience will appreciate? Sure thing, choose resources relevant to your niche and make sense for your followers.
  7. Links to topical discussions: Found an exciting dispute online? Share the link to it with the audience so they might check and participate in debates too.

Content ideas for networking

  1. Job listings and hiring announcements: Let your audience know that your brand’s expanding and hiring new specialists. List open positions, ask to tag people who might be interested or share the posts telling about new team members.
  2. Partners promotion: Write about your partners on social media. Tell about your collaboration, mention why you are proud of working with them and remember to tag them in your content.
  3. Ratings: Share the latest ratings related to your niche or tell the audience about your brand’s place in them.
  4. Guest posts: If you have unsolicited contributors writing for your business blog, please share their guest posts on social media accounts and introduce them to your followers.
Content ideas for networking guest post example
  1. Interviews: Feature an influencer, a partner, or a customer by sharing an interview with them. Ensure you tag them in your post.
  2. Roundups: Invite niche experts to participate in a roundup and answer some urgent questions. Post their insights on social media, tag them, and invite them to share for better reach and more impressions.
  3. Wishes and congrats: Craft social media posts with congratulations and wishes for partners, niche influencers, or employees on their special occasions.
  4. Gratitudes: Do you have an admirable customer, a social media follower, an employee, or a partner? Give them a shout-out and tell the world why you’re grateful for them.

Wrapping up

Now that you have so many social media content ideas in your pocket, it’s time to choose those meeting your audience’s needs and business goals. Include them in your content plan, and remember to analyze the engagement rate to understand how to optimize your social media strategy.

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