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Best Instagram Hashtags Ideas per Industry (Fashion, Travel, Photography +more )

Using the right Instagram hashtags can help you extend your reach, engage your audience, and even boost your brand. Definitely, using hashtags is one of the most essential steps you must take in order to promote and increase reach on your Instagram posts.

However, choosing popular Instagram hashtags is something that’s often mystified brands, as it can be difficult to notice trends and patterns at first glance. Hashtag strategies aren’t one-size-fits-all, which can cause even more confusion for businesses trying to figure it out for themselves.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and it can be used in a variety of ways to draw in customers to your ecommerce business. You can promote your latest products, acquire new customers, and communicate directly with your existing followers. Couple those possibilities with the 1 billion+ monthly active users, and you can see why it’s so powerful for your business. 

But whether you’re using Instagram for personal use, or planning to adopt Instagram marketing for your business, it’s critical that you take advantage of one important thing – Instagram hashtags. A simple tactic that can be used to grow both your reach and authority.

The question is: how do I find the best hashtags for Instagram?

In this post, we want to share some of the top Instagram hashtags ideas that are categorized by different niches and according to what you do on Instagram, you can add them to your Instagram posts and increase your reach.

1. Top Instagram Hashtags for Followers

instagram hashtags for followers ideas examples


Well, definitely, Instagram followers are what make you become popular and successful on this platform. Actually, apart from using different Instagram followers apps to grow, you have to choose the top related hashtags to encourage people to follow you. Here are some of the best ones:

  • #followforfollowback – 93M posts
  • #follow4followback – 36M posts
  • #getfollowers – 716K posts
  • #follower4follower – 260K posts
  • #getfollowersfast – 49K posts
  • #getfollowersnow – 13K posts

2. Top Instagram Hashtags for Likes

instagram hashtags for likes ideas examples


Another important factor that all the Instagram users care about without any doubts is the number of likes. Unquestionably, Instagram likes can boost your business, grow you on Instagram, and increase your Instagram engagement rate which calculates your success rate on Instagram. But how to get more likes? Yup! Use the following hashtags on your posts:

  • #likeforlikes – 165M posts
  • #likeforfollow – 156M posts
  • #like4likes – 87M posts
  • #morelikes – 563K posts
  • #getlikes – 221K posts

3. Top General Instagram Hashtags

instagram hashtags for general use ideas examples


Well! Now that we know how to get more likes and follows on Instagram, let’s find the top Instagram hashtags that are used generally and have lots of followers. One point about the top general Instagram hashtags is that they help you find trending posts and content on Instagram and repost on Instagram to keep in touch with your followers.

  • #love – 1.7B posts
  • #instagood – 1.1B posts
  • #photooftheday – 776M posts
  • #picoftheday – 560M posts
  • #tbt – 528M posts
  • #nature – 505M posts
  • #summer – 449M posts
  • #instadaily – 434M posts
  • #selfie – 418M posts
  • #bestoftheday – 200M posts
  • #igers – 275M posts
  • #nofilter – 268M posts
  • #instamood – 236M posts

4. Top Instagram Hashtags for Fashion

instagram hashtags for fashion ideas examples


One of the greatest groups that use Instagram, to grow their business and show people trends, are those working on fashion. Actually, fashion bloggers on Instagram can share amazing photos of clothes, shoes, etc and also show other people how to match their clothes. So, no matter what you are working on in this niche, you have the chance to win the market by choosing the best hashtags and sharing them in your captions. So, let people find you out cause nowadays, more people are caring about being fashionable and following trends. Here are the most popular ones you can find on Instagram:

  • #fashion – 799M posts
  • #style – 465M posts
  • #ootd – 301M posts
  • #outfitoftheday – 52M posts
  • #instastyle – 48M posts
  • #whatiwore – 18M posts
  • #styleinspo – 12M posts
  • #currentlywearing – 10M posts
  • #shoppingaddict – 3M posts
  • #lookgoodfeelgood – 1M posts

5. Top Food Instagram Hashtags

instagram hashtags for food ideas examples


Have you cooked something delicious? Are you a chef and looking to grow your restaurant? Or do you sell ingredients and food products? Well! Use the top Instagram hashtags for food and get more and more viewers and also customers! 

  • #food – 382M posts
  • #foodporn – 224M posts
  • #instafood – 167M posts
  • #foodie – 148M posts
  • #vegan – 92M posts
  • #homemade – 72M posts
  • #organic – 42M posts
  • #hungry – 32M posts
  • #glutenfree – 30M posts
  • #vegetarian – 26M posts
  • #goodeats – 8M posts
  • #healthyeats – 4M posts
  • #omnomnom – 4M posts
  • #madefromscratch – 1M posts

6. Top Travel Hashtags

instagram hashtags for travel ideas examples


No matter if you have a travel agency or a travel blogger! Using the top Instagram hashtags in this category, you can grow your business in a blink! Today, even if people are not capable of traveling to different spots of this huge world, they follow travelers and agencies to enjoy the photos of these beautiful spots. So, take a great shot, share it on Instagram and add hashtags to promote them.

  • #travel – 487M posts
  • #sunset – 245M posts
  • #travelgram – 122M posts
  • #vacation – 117M posts
  • #wanderlust – 116M posts
  • #tourist – 33M posts
  • #honeymoon – 13M posts
  • #travelbug – 10M posts
  • #vacay – 8M posts
  • #solotravel – 6M posts
  • #staycation – 4M posts
  • #resortwear – 1M posts
  • #traveltuesday – 1M posts

7. Top Pet Care Instagram Hashtags

instagram hashtags for pets ideas examples


Do you have a cute dog? Or a lovely cat? Well, why don’t you share photos and videos of them and talk about the strategies you have to keep them safe and healthy? Do this, get some followers, interact with other pet lovers and even find out better ideas to take care of your pet! So, add the following hashtags and let people find your posts and share your experiences! 

  • #dog – 260M posts
  • #cat – 204M posts
  • #dogsofinstagram – 186M posts
  • #catsofinstagram – 130M posts
  • #pet – 91M posts
  • #dogstagram – 82M posts
  • #puppylove – 47M posts
  • #instapet – 24M posts
  • #doglife – 23M posts
  • #catlife – 13M posts
  • #mansbestfriend – 9M posts

8. Best Tech and Gadgets Hashtags

instagram hashtags for tech and gadgets ideas examples


Are you a technophile and love to share tech news on Instagram? Or have you invented a new amazing gadget? Use the top Instagram hashtags in tech and gadgets and get more views. Also, in this way, you can read others’ comments and experiences, which helps you choose better when purchasing a new gadget!

  • #apple – 31M posts
  • #technology – 14M posts
  • #tech – 11M posts
  • #android – 10M posts
  • #mobile – 8M posts
  • #innovation – 7M posts
  • #VR – 3M posts
  • #gadgets – 3M posts
  • #instatech – 1M posts
  • #techie – 1M posts
  • #wearabletech – 143K posts
  • #applevsandroid – 12K posts
  • #ilovemygadgets – 11K posts

9. Top Wedding Instagram Hashtags

instagram hashtags for wedding ideas examples


When you go around Instagram, you feel that love is in the air! So, what a great chance to use the top Instagram hashtags and introduce your wedding services to the lovely couples out there and appear in the list of best wedding planners on Instagram! 

  • #wedding – 179M posts
  • #bride – 57M posts
  • #weddingday – 35M posts
  • #weddingdress – 34M posts
  • #loveislove – 24M posts
  • #engaged – 13M posts
  • #weddinghair – 7M posts
  • #weddingstyle – 5M posts
  • #ido – 5M posts
  • #shesaidyes – 4M posts
  • #bohowedding – 2M posts
  • #rusticwedding – 1M posts
  • #summerwedding – 1M posts
  • #centerpieces – 925K posts
  • #fallwedding – 751K posts
  • #sayyestothedress – 750K posts
  • #weddingfavors – 697K posts
  • #tyingtheknot – 244K posts

10. Top Fitness Hashtags

instagram hashtags for fitness ideas examples


If you just open up the Instagram application, go to the explore page, and scroll the screen for some seconds, you will see thousands of athletes, workouts, and fitness inspirations. Hence, this shows that if you are a fitness coach or love to share your personal experience in making flawless abs and muscles, use the following hashtags and grow your Instagram account:

  • #fitness – 387M posts
  • #gym – 184M posts
  • #workout – 157M posts
  • #fitfam – 110M posts
  • #fitnessmotivation – 81M posts
  • #yoga – 79M posts
  • #cardio – 45M posts
  • #fitlife – 34M posts
  • #nopainnogain – 23M posts
  • #noexcuses – 21M posts

11. Best Holiday Hashtags

instagram hashtags for holiday ideas examples


Obviously, human beings all around the world are in love with holidays! So, how lucky you are if you are offering products and services that are related to holidays. Just use the following hashtags on your posts and double up the number of likes, comments, followers, and views on Instagram and get more and more customers every day!

  • #christmas – 146M posts
  • #holiday – 141M posts
  • #happyhalloween – 13M posts
  • #valentine – 10M posts
  • #newyearseve – 9M posts
  • #christmasdecor – 5M posts
  • #newyearsresolution – 1M posts
  • #holidayspirit – 1M posts
  • #happyfourth – 948K posts
  • #stockingstuffers – 868K posts
  • #kwanza – 280K posts
  • #underthetree – 163K posts
  • #thanksgivingtable – 65K posts
  • #spookyhalloween – 26K posts
  • #hanukkahgift – 13K posts
  • #turkeyorham – 5K posts

12. Top Instagram Hashtags for Artists

instagram hashtags for artists ideas examples


Instagram is the best and also the most popular visual platform out there! No matter if you are an illustrator, digital artist, photographer or even a water-colorist, Instagram is the best place to sell your products. All you need is a camera, an Instagram account, and the following hashtags. Just do it and enjoy the amazing results of what you did!

  • #Art – 623M posts
  • #BlackandWhite – 149M posts
  • #StreetPhotography – 76M posts
  • #Instaart – 64M posts
  • #ArtoftheDay – 34M posts
  • #Pencil – 32M posts
  • #AbstractArt – 22M posts
  • #WorkInProgress – 16M posts
  • #CommunityOverCompetition – 4M posts
  • #MakersMovement – 4M posts
  • #CreativeLife – 2M posts
  • #MyBeautifulMess – 1M posts

13. Top Instagram MakeUp Hashtags

instagram hashtags for makeup ideas examples


Are you a makeup professionalist who loves to share amazing tutorials with people? Or do you sell makeup products on Instagram? Use the following hashtags and share your unique ideas with people! While today, not only women but also men are in love with these products. So, do your best, let it just happen and be among the best Instagram makeup artists.

  • #makeup – 276M posts
  • #makeupaddict – 26M posts
  • #makeover – 6M posts
  • #makeupmafia – 5M posts
  • #blush – 4M posts
  • #bronzer – 1M posts
  • #shimmer – 1M posts

14. Top Real Estate Hashtags

instagram hashtags for real estate ideas examples


We all know that to be wonderful in this niche, we have to know what customers exactly want! Also, the art of talking to people and encouraging them to buy a house can be shown on Instagram better. Because you can create some amazing videos of you talking about a house and its facilities, and itemize all the things you said in the captions to make sure that they have been said appropriately. Also, use these hashtags to find the best customer and win the marketplace with no doubt!

  • #realestate – 35M posts
  • #realtor – 14M posts
  • #broker – 4M posts
  • #househunting – 3M posts
  • #properties – 2M posts
  • #justlisted – 2M posts
  • #homesearch – 372K posts

15. Top Instagram Hashtags for Music

instagram hashtags for music ideas examples


We all know that music is a worldwide language. No matter if we understand the lyrics or not, music can make us feel whatever the composer wanted to say! So, if you are a composer, singer, or you have a band, try these hashtags and let people listen to some tracks and feel better for being on Instagram.

  • #music – 311M posts
  • #singer – 46M posts
  • #song – 35M posts
  • #newmusic – 20M posts
  • #newalbum – 3M posts
  • #performer – 3M posts
  • #coversong – 3M posts
  • #coverband – 757K posts
  • #musictherapy – 699K posts

16. Top Instagram Hashtags for Kids

instagram hashtags for kids ideas examples


If you are selling baby products, or even you are a mom to a cute baby, share some amazing photos on Instagram and use the following hashtags to grow your page in a short period of time:

  • #baby – 180M posts
  • #kids – 89M posts
  • #babygirl – 70M posts
  • #newborn – 22M posts
  • #bebe – 16M posts
  • #kidsofinstagram – 8M posts
  • #justbaby – 3M posts

17. Top Instagram Hashtags for Movies

instagram hashtags for movies ideas examples


Watching a marvelous movie and wanna introduce it to others? Or like to talk about celebrity news, actors, new movie releases, etc? Well, post some great scenes and photos on Instagram and write down the following hashtags to boost your Instagram likes and follows:

  • #film – 57M posts
  • #movie – 41M posts
  • #cinema – 25M posts
  • #movies – 22M posts
  • #celebrity – 14M posts
  • #filmmaker – 7M posts
  • #oscar – 3M posts
  • #moviestar – 2M posts

18. Top Instagram Hashtags for Books

instagram hashtags for books ideas examples


Are you reading an amazing book? Why don’t you just take an amazing shot and share it on Instagram? Also, you can sell books on Instagram by sharing amazing quotes, introducing writers and books. So, go ahead and try to boost your growth using the following hashtags:

  • #book – 46M posts
  • #bookstagram – 43M posts
  • #bookworm – 18M posts
  • #instabook – 9M posts
  • #bibliophile – 9M posts
  • #bookstagrammer – 5M posts
  • #booklove – 5M posts
  • #bookgram – 1M posts

19. Top Instagram Hashtags for Fun

instagram hashtags for fun ideas examples


Actually, most of the people enjoy funny images and videos on Instagram and go there to have fun. So, if you create a page to share funny videos you’ve created with TikTok or other apps, post memes, etc, you will win for sure. Also, add the following hashtags to your posts to grow at a shorter time.

  • #fun – 385Mposts
  • #funny – 188M posts
  • #lol – 163M posts
  • #meme – 109M posts
  • #funnymemes – 48M posts
  • #comedy – 44M posts
  • #jokes – 20M posts
  • #memevideo – 1M posts

20. Top Instagram Hashtags for Science

instagram hashtags for science ideas examples


Well, nowadays, science has an important role in our lives. So, creating a scientific Instagram account would be a great way to spread amazing pieces of information and also gain followers. So, go ahead, create your science page and use the following hashtags to fasten the process:

  • #space – 15M posts
  • #science – 12M posts
  • #nasa – 5M posts
  • #math – 3M posts
  • #physics – 2M posts
  • #instascience – 141K posts

Final Thoughts on Top Instagram Hashtags

To wrap up, Instagram hashtags are keywords that help people follow your content on this platform and let you grow more and more every day. However, Instagram hashtags are an essential part of Instagram marketing. If you combine your hashtag tactics with a strategy that focuses on how to get more Instagram followers, you’ll see an immediate lift in likes, comments, and followers.

A post with at least one Instagram hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag. So it really is worth creating a hashtag strategy for your brand if you want to grow your Instagram account!

Use the hashtag suggestions detailed in this post to form your own list of high-performing hashtags that will extend your reach and keep your audience engaged, and remember to switch them up based on your analysis and measurement for best results.

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