10 Easy Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is one of the most engaging digital marketing platforms available today. It has also turned into a direct source of revenue for your business and brand. However, these benefits will only be realized if you increase subscriptions to your YouTube channel. 

Every channel or account owner must grow his or her subscriber numbers to reap the benefits of using YouTube. There are different strategies that you can use to increase subscriptions to your channels. Some of the tricks used are free, while others require you to invest time and money. 

1. Run Giveaways And Contests

Fans and potential followers will always take action if they have something to gain. Marketing on YouTube is all about building community, and YouTube contests are a great way to do that. Run a YouTube contest that promises some of your products or discounted prices to attract more followers to your channel. The contest will popularize your product or service while at the same time earning your channel more subscribers. 

YouTube contests can increase your video reach and help you get new YouTube subscribers. Whether you’re a vlogger or your brand uses YouTube for marketing, instructional videos or just entertainment, giveaways and competitions can be an extremely cost effective way to grow your YouTube subscribers and channel’s visibility.

Successful contests and giveaways depend on the tools you are using. Woorise is one of the most effective tools for running promotions, giveaways and contests on YouTube. Woorise provides a drag and drop interface that allows any YouTube channel owner to create promotions, giveaways and contests without requiring extensive IT skills or coding knowledge.

2. Create The Best Title For Your Video 

Subscribers will see your account and consume your content if your channel is ranked high by search engines. While ranking is important, you need a title that compels visitors and internet users to click on your channel. The title of your video will determine the number of people who click on to the video to view content and later subscribe. 

The title of a video determines the number of people who will click on it when it appears on search results. How can you use the title to increase YouTube subscriptions?

  • Create relevant video titles – the title will give an idea of the content in your video. The title of the video must, therefore, be relevant to the content promised. Visitors will be compelled to click on to the video, watch and eventually subscribe.
  • Optimize the title – use keywords that will boost your ranking on all search engines. Search engines use specific words to determine your ranking. These words must be captured in your title. Once you rank high, traffic to your channel will increase. This translates to more views and eventual subscriptions. 
  • Make the title interesting – when faced with ten or more titles at the 1st search-results page, a visitor will click onto the most interesting. The clicking presents a chance to view your content and be compelled to subscribe. 

As they say, the first impression is everything. The title to your video is the first impression a visitor or viewer will have about your brand. Make this first impression worthwhile, and you will have a long-lasting relationship with the visitor.

3. Optimize The Description 

Add a description to all your videos and optimize the descriptions for search engines. Search engines are reliant on text when ranking videos and images online. A video without a description, therefore, has little chances of getting spotted by the search engine spiders. This will result in poor ranking. 

An expertly crafted description helps the engine to place your video on multiple search results. For instance, a video about a sporting moment may also appear under motivation and talent. These additional areas will only be made possible through the use of an optimized description. 

The title is also too short to accommodate all the possible keywords that relate to your content. The description provides a chance to add secondary keywords that will increase your chances of the video appearing on more searches. Better ranking results in more traffic to the channel and, eventually, higher chances of attracting more subscribers. 

4. Always Call To Action 

Many content developers and channel owners assume that viewers will just like your content and subscribe. A lot of viewers have no idea what subscription means for a YouTube channel. They will watch a video and leave because their expectations have been met. This is why you see videos with a lot of views, but the subscriber numbers tell a different story. 

The secret to translating views into subscriptions lies in Call-To-Action. Tell your viewers what you would like them to do on the channel. If you need subscribers, make the intention clearly known to them. Show arrows on where they should click to subscribe. Indicate the benefits of subscribing and appreciate their effort in advance. You may even set a target of a particular number of subscribers within a limited time. Most visitors are appreciative and will subscribe easily. 

Call to action should be strategic. It is like a punch line to a comedian. You must place it strategically along with your content so that it appears as natural and compelling as possible. Do not call for action too early even before the visitor has enjoyed any benefits of watching your video. Still, do not wait too late into the video that the viewer has abandoned viewing. You may even prepare a specific video to call to action and increase subscriptions. 

5. Promise More Content In Future

The benefits that come with a subscription will compel more people to take action. Outline the benefits of subscribing to your channel to the viewer or the community you have created. A promise of the ability to see more content in the future will compel more people to subscribe.

Indicate that those who subscribe to your channel will see more content or get alerts whenever you post a video. This is an enticement that will help you collect a few more subscriptions. The viewer will also be compelled to look for more content from your channel. He or she anticipates seeing more regarding the topics you handle in your videos. 

6. Produce The Best Quality Content (videos) Imaginable

The simplest content marketing rule states that quality content will always attract followers. A viewer will never want to miss a video if he or she was satisfied with the first. If it takes a subscription to get these videos, the viewer will subscribe.

Quality content also gets viral. It will be shared with other platforms and attract more attention naturally. Increased traffic to your channel is interpreted by search engines like quality content that is then ranked high. Quality content will automatically draw subscribers to your channel. 

How do you ensure that the content uploaded on your channel is quality?

  • Produce relevant content – a viewer will not go past 30 seconds or a minute if the title promises something that cannot be found in the video. Deliver the content you promise in your title, and your viewers will always return for more.
  • Use quality production equipment – think through your video production process because the resulting clip is your raw material. Use high-quality cameras and sound equipment. The viewer should never strain to extract information from your videos.
  • Invest in the production process – hire a professional scriptwriter, caption your videos, and use the best graphics. The video editing expert should know his craft such that you produce the most captivating video to watch. Investing in production will result in excellent viewership statistics. 

Quality production is an asset that you cannot ignore as a YouTube channel owner or promoter. The level of engagement with your content will depend on its quality. People are proud to share, engage, and be associated with quality products. 

7. Share Your Content On Social Media 

Social media is a perfect platform to engage your potential subscribers. All the friends and fans on different social media platforms can be turned into subscribers. They will be directed to the channel when you share the content on social media. 

Social media provides a platform to share the content and call on your friends and fans to subscribe. The number of people you can reach through social media is admirably high. You can also promote your page on social media using ads to increase the level of engagement and action taken on your YouTube channel. 

Sharing content on social media platforms increases traffic to the YouTube channel. This will boost your ranking on SEO and result in more engagement with your content on the channel. Increased traffic coming from social media increases the chances of people subscribing to your channel. 

8. Know Your Target Audience 

Know your audience and deliver content that provides solutions. Each product is designed for a particular audience. Such an audience consumes information in a particular manner and style. Some want long videos that provide all descriptions and details possible. Another audience wants short clips that will deliver the information fast. The needs of each category must be met.

Knowledge of your audience enables you to produce relevant content that will compel the viewers to subscribe. Knowledge of the audience also affects the language, props, length of videos, and other dynamics of videos uploaded on the channel. An audience whose expectations have been met will be eager to subscribe to any channel. They also share the content with friends on all channels possible, which makes the channel more compelling. 

9. Promote Your Channel On Different Platforms

Social media platforms like YouTube are offering owners and marketers the opportunity to promote their content at a small fee. Since subscriptions will add value to your business and brand, invest a few dollars by promoting the channel. 

Promoting a YouTube channel offers several benefits

  • It will help you achieve a specific target – promotion can be done with such goals as increasing subscriptions, compelling viewers to click on ‘notifications,’ or increasing viewership, among others.
  • You target a specific audience – interface allows you to target a very specific audience. You may choose the advert to be seen by people from a particular region, age group, gender, and such other specifications. Such specifications will enhance the impact an advert has on your channel. 
  • You choose a customized promotion package – the advertisement budget will depend on the potential of your business. A customized package allows you to spend resources based on your earning potential. 

Promoting a YouTube channel increases engagement and helps you to capture the right people for your content. It is a cheap yet effective way of collecting more subscribers. 

10. Engage Your Followers And Subscribers 

Allow your subscribers to engage with your content. They can like videos, comment, share, and even dislike. This is a way of creating loyalty. They will provide views on the type of content they want, and ideas they feel should not be added to the channel. These views help you to endear the channel to its followers and in the process, make it more attractive.

Social media is highly reliant on engagements. An engaging channel or social media account helps you to create a community that is ready to support you in whichever campaign or promotion you will be running. If they feel that their concerns are addressed during content creation, they will share the content and invite their friends also to like the channel.

Discussions on your ‘comment’ section keep the visitors on your channel for longer hours. More time on the channel translates into added engagement with your content. They will review and replay your content until the discussion is settled. Use the features provided on YouTube to make the visitors and viewers feel welcome to your channel. 

Final Thoughts

Increasing the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel takes time. It is highly reliant on the quality of your content and will affect return traffic to the channel. Use promotion tools and engage the subscribers to keep them returning to your channel. 

YouTube is just like your other social media channels where subscribers are what make the channel an effective way to engage your customers. Its not only important to to build an audience, but with so many options out there you also need to engage and re-engage them regularly. Keeping your audience active and returning to your YouTube channel will ensure that your brand remains top of mind.

Follow the tips mentioned above to set up a compelling YouTube channel and create amazing content and videos so that you can grow your YouTube subscribers without ever having to pay for them.

Can you think of any other useful tips to grow YouTube subscribers? Let me know in the comments below.

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