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How to Get More Sales on Shopify

Get More Sales on Shopify

Have you tried your best, and it seems like you are running out of ideas on how to promote your Shopify store?

If your answer is Yes, then this article is for you.

Rather than switching to other Shopify alternatives, our recommended methods to promote your Shopify store in this article can help you get improved sales results.

Low website engagements that result in poor sales are signs that you might have been doing things the wrong way. 

How then do you make your approach right and successfully promote your Shopify store?

Read on to find out!

First things first, determine your target audience! 

No promotion or advertisement can be successful without having a targeted audience. From the planning stage to the execution of ideas, there’s a need to pre-determine who you would be reaching out to. 

Who should be your target audience?

  • Those who do not know your brand: this is the sole aim of promoting your Shopify store – reaching out to those who do not know your brand. Social media and technology have now made It easy and possible to reach out to ALMOST everyone, if not all. 
  • Those that know your brand but prefer your competitors: no matter how well you market your brand or products, some people will still prefer your competitors. Nevertheless, these people are still targeted audiences because it is confirmed that they already like your product type; they just do not buy from you. With consistency in your promotion techniques, you become their first alternative should anything occur between them and your competitors.  
  • Those that have bought from you before: these should be the most important people to you. They are the reason for the present successes you celebrate. Moreover, their reviews of your products trigger higher conversions because prospective buyers believe them more. It’s normal. It is more of a “tested and trusted” thing.

1. Search Engine Optimization of Your Shopify Store: Use Relevant Keywords 

Asides from those that will hear about you from friends or adverts, potential customers will only discover your online Shopify store if it pops up in search results. Therefore, your Shopify page rank is vital in getting more leads.

The way to improve this search engine optimization (SEO) rank of your Shopify store is to use relevant keywords and interactive content. Think like a potential customer. Think of the likely words that a potential buyer will input into the search bar. 

Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing your website’s visibility for relevant search results. That is the process of making your site appear more in searches. 

One of the best SEO tools that are free and easy to use is the Yoast SEO. There is a paid version too. The software does SEO analysis for all your pages and provides recommendations for improvement.  

yoast seo

Keywords are those search tags that potential buyers will use when searching online. Proper usage of keywords is one of the white hat SEO strategies to practice. Using the right set of keywords increases your Shopify store’s chances of being located during a search. 

The Yoast SEO also checks out for the keyword density and related details, as you can see below. 

yoast seo keyword density

Recommended places to insert keywords are product descriptions, product headers, image tags, and crucial parts of the Shopify page. 

Is that all you need to do? 

Definitely NO! 

As we said, search engine optimization is a process. That’s what many people who complain often forget. It’s not a one-day thing. Therefore, it is a set of activities you keep doing while making modifications as time goes on. 

These activities include putting up informative content that simply relates to the type of products you have. 

For instance, if you run a Shopify clothing store, content on clothing styles and clothing fashion trends will be relevant and help promote your Shopify store. You can even make it more interactive by occasionally featuring active customers on the posts. It generates engagement and makes them look forward to your Shopify page even when they are not ready to buy.

Make frequent posts too. The idea is to get noticed. When done well, your website will begin to generate higher traffic as people see you as an informative plug for your product niche. 

2. Guest Blogging

As we have seen, blogging and creating interactive content is one way to drive massive engagements and traffic to your Shopify website. However, many business owners are often so occupied to update new content on their blogs regularly.

For such business owners, guest blogging is one effective alternative to blogging yourself. Guest blogging is the process of writing and publishing your content on an independent website and linking it back to your own site.

These links are called backlinks. The idea of this guest blogging process is more like getting endorsements or recommendations in the real world. Google sees each backlink as people that value your posts. However, these links have to be from a similar niche to not count as spam. 

The higher the number of quality backlinks, the higher your Shopify page will rank on google search results. So, guest blogging is another way to do search engine optimization. As we earlier said, it’s a process. 

The next question is, how do you get these websites or blogs that will allow you to publish on their site?

Our recommended option is searching for such websites and writing out emails to request slots to publish your post. Many websites openly ask for guest blog content, so the job is halfway done if you find such. 

You can consider applying the format below in searching those websites out:

Clothing + intitle: “write for us”

The word “clothing” is the title, and you can replace that with the preferred title of your niche. Your search results should bring out the “Write for Us” pages of some blogs with a similar niche.

google search results clothing

Once you have done this, you can begin to reach out to these blogs one after the other via email. Just ensure you send a personalized professional email to them.

3. Influencer Marketing

Many potential buyers are more likely to purchase from a company based on other customers’ recommendations (families, friends, role models, etc.) than one from the company itself. This fact is the driving force behind the influencer marketing method.

Influencers on social media are those accounts that have amassed a huge number of followers and are expected to get high engagements on posts. 

By influencer marketing, you are expected to approach these accounts/ people to advertise your brand for you. The logic is taking them (influencers) to be the first customer that has tried out your product or service you have to offer and recommends to others (followers).   

However, there are some essential factors to consider when trying out influencer marketing. Top of the list is deciding the social media platform that will suit your brand the most. For instance, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty brands thrive better on Instagram. The informative and education industry works best on LinkedIn instead. 

By the way, 89% of people believe that Instagram is the most important influencer marketing tool on social media. 

After picking a social media platform to use, the next thing is to search for an influencer. You can use influencer marketing platforms like Grin to search for influencers. 

grin influencers

One of the other things to note is their engagement ratio before considering a vast number of following. I mean the number of following compared to the activity on the influencer’s post by engagement ratio. 

For example, here is Karen/@karenncamargo_ who makes money on Instagram by advertising for brands. She has about 53.1k followers on Instagram. While the followers’ count is not that high compared to some that rack millions of followers, she manages to produce a very decent engagement from her posts. 

karenncamargo_ influencer

As a micro-influencer, it will be easier to reach out to her, and by coming to a suitable agreement of fees and conditions, she can start promoting your Shopify store to her followers. 

Taking a look at her post below, you can see her promoting the gade cosmetics brand. That’s what they (influencers) do. Her loyal following will trust her recommendation and check out the cosmetics. It’s as simple as that. 

karenncamargo_ influencer instagra post example

Rather than social media posts alone, influencers can also produce short content on your product or a short video showing them using your product.  It is all about branding and promoting awareness of your brand. 

In case you plan to try Facebook or other social media platforms, we advise that you use the same hashtag for every one of your promotions. This consistency is needed for proper branding. Check out some of these top hashtag generator tools like HashtagsforLikes to help out. 

HashtagsforLikes trending hashtags

If properly motivated, the influencers will put in their best because a win for you is another crown to their achievements. 

4. Integrate Social Media with Shopify  

If there is one thing you had love about Shopify stores, it’s how it integrates with social media platforms. The benefits are numerous both on the side of you as the seller and your customers as well.

As a seller, catching up with massive inflows of social media traffic can be very tiresome. That’s why social media management is now considered a top 10 e-commerce job. Imagine you already entered a contract with an influencer marketing account; you would want to follow up with their progress.

Hence, it would be best to integrate your Shopify store with a social media automation tool to easily promote your Shopify store. 

For instance, integrating with Instagram will allow your customers and visitors to make purchases swiftly to your brand or advert page. All they have to do is click on the shop now icon, and they will be linked right to your brand website. 

However, Facebook also boasts of a high sales rate. So, it would be best if you did not forget to integrate with Facebook as well. 

The advantage of these social media platforms for marketing is that you’re making it easier for customers to reach you right from their comfort zone. That is why 77% of people will likely buy from brands they follow on social media. Coming online to Facebook or Instagram to check out your page is like a routine to such customers. 

5. Social Promotions & Giveaways 

As much as many of us like to work for what we have, we still do not say no to free things. Like, who does not like gifts or promos?

That’s the basis for giveaway promotions. Social promotions and giveaways are one guaranteed way to promote your Shopify store instantly.  

With the right amount of planning and the best approach, giveaways can boost your sales, increase traffic to your website or product pages, and even increase your number of followers. 

We have compiled some of the best ways you can organize your next social promotions and giveaway. 

Make a referral Giveaway

This is one of the most converting forms of a giveaway, and it is very easy to set-up using any of the best referral marketing tools. All you have to do is launch a new product, an online course, or an affiliate program and request people to get it for a reward.

You could even make it more interesting by changing the criteria to the number of people each customer refers. It increases your audience and makes more people aware of your brand. Check out these referral tips to understand better.

referral example

Make an Order Giveaway

Ask people to make an order for a specific product or any of your products within a specified time frame. It might be two days or more. Let them know you will randomly select as they buy to win a specified prize.

The timeframe is to put urgency into play, and the reward could be anything. Just make it something worth challenging for. One side benefit of this method is that it reduces the number of abandoned carts

Organize a photo giveaway

Hosting a contest whereby your customers upload pictures of them using your product on your media page is a great way to promote your Shopify store.

Thus, the idea of photo contest/giveaway is to encourage those that have been using your product and to motivate those that have not started.

Product Naming

This is an effective way of promoting your Shopify brand and keeping your customers active and engaged. The mode of Promotion is that you ask your active customers and audience to suggest names for a new product you’re about to launch.

Doing this goes a long way in making them feel like a part of your brand. Such customers usually turn out to be loyal ones.

6. Email Marketing

As far as e-commerce is concerned, email marketing remains one of the prolific tools to reach out to your customers effectively. So, as much as possible, always try to gather the email addresses of your customers. 

A way of collating their email addresses is by publishing a free eBook guide that will require a sign in with their email in order to download. 

With a top email marketing tool, you can send out discount offers or promotional emails on products launched. Keeping in touch with your customers via email is an excellent way to keep them interested in your offer. Simply look for interactive content to continually keep them engaged. 

7. Joint Promotion with Brands from Complementary Niche 

Organizing social promotions and giveaways can sometimes be strenuous, especially if you’re just starting your online Shopify store. In such cases, having a joint promotional event with a brand that offers a complimentary product to yours is a good initiative. 

As an illustration, imagine having a Shopify store that sells jeans. Partnering with a sneakers brand would be great. You can even decide to host promotions where every person who buys jeans trousers gets a reasonable discount on getting sneakers. 

A lot of the time, partnering with other established brands in a complementary niche is the best way to understand the market and beat your competitors to the game.

8. Host Online Webinars and Events

Online events such as webinars and virtual conferences are excellent ways to promote your Shopify store and business ideas to a knowledgeable audience. There are some great virtual event platforms like Remo where you can host your event and eventually grow and engage your audience.

If you are the anchor, all you need to do is address the challenges that your product/brand tends to resolve and offer your product at the end. 

You can also decide to sponsor an online meeting of people. Most times, this is to be done via donations. So, you accept being a sponsor of the event, and the organizers promote your online brand or Shopify store to the audience.

The advantage of this method is more if the gathering is that of people that are in your niche. In physical meetings, make sure you have what you can use to advertise your brand, such as your business cards with you. 


Promoting your online Shopify store is about improving your brand’s awareness and generating leads. By following the guides/recommendations in this article, you can expect to generate more traffic to your Shopify store or website. 

The first step to do this is to identify the promotion method you choose to practice and think about how it would best to build your brand. Other steps involve being consistent and flexible to make necessary changes to your plans as time goes on. 

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