11 Best Funnel Builder Tools

Best Funnel Builder Tools

The conversion of a lead into a sale is a journey. 

A journey that requires precision, continuous iterations, and scope of scalability.

If you are a small business, a SaaS founder, or a hustling entrepreneur struggling to get your leads converted into paying customers, there’s something in the process that needs to change.

A reliable sales funnel builder software is all you need.

It can help you achieve transparency and insights at every step of a user’s onboarding journey. 

In this detailed guide, we will look at the best funnel builder software out there, which can eventually help you scale your profits effortlessly.

How Does a Funnel Builder Software Function?

Before we take you through some of the best funnel builder software this year. It’s essential to understand the algorithm that goes behind these tools. 

Think of funnel builder software as your go-to solution for crafting and managing those all-important sales pipelines. 

These tools are super user-friendly, making it a breeze for anyone, whether you’re running a small business or part of a big corporate team, to customize your sales funnel just the way you need it.

So, what can you do with these tools? Well, for starters:

  • You get to create landing pages that are so enticing, that visitors can’t help but stick around.
  • You can orchestrate email marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience.
  • And, you can integrate payment systems so smoothly, making the purchasing process a walk in the park for your customers.

A reliable funnel builder software automates the journey from the first “hello” to the final “thank you for your purchase”, and significantly ramps up your chances of turning a visitor into a customer.

Plus, the amount of analytics these tools present will always keep you a step ahead.

They help you understand your customers’ behaviour and how well your funnel is performing, giving you all the intel you need, to make smart, sales-boosting decisions.

Keep in mind that the structure of a sales funnel varies from business to business. 

When deciding on a sales funnel software, it’s crucial to identify the stages most critical to your unique sales process. 

This approach allows you to select software that offers features that align perfectly with your needs, ensuring you get the most value out of your investment.

Why is Sales Funnel Software important and How to choose one?

According to our expertise and insights, it’s clear that people often only take note of their journey with a brand when something goes sideways. 

Thus, a fluent customer journey is a non-negotiable.

The best funnel builder software will facilitate a flawless, repeatable buying process, and will increase the likelihood of repeat business from customers. 

Conversely, a negative buying experience, even with a satisfactory product, may drive customers to explore competitors. 

The right sales funnel software will help you mitigate such risks by streamlining the purchase process and reducing errors, thus preventing scenarios that might lead to customer dissatisfaction. 

In a world where unhappy customers can quickly voice their issues online, effectively managing the sales funnel is about improving sales efficiency, maintaining a positive business reputation, and fostering enduring customer loyalty.

Here’s what to keep in mind before you choose your champion;

  • Identify Your Needs: Understand what exactly you want out of your software. Do you want more leads, nurturing, or conversion? Your primary goals will determine the best funnel builder for you and your specific requirements.
  • Ease of Use: Always, opt for software with an easy-to-use interface. Of course, you want your marketing team or GTM members to be operating these tools! Hence go for the one that requires minimal technical expertise, allowing you and your team to create and manage funnels without a steep learning curve.
  • Integration Capabilities: Make sure the chosen software can seamlessly integrate with other tools you use or can use, like CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and payment gateways, to create a unified marketing ecosystem.
  • Customization and Flexibility: The software you choose should be customizable. Be it landing pages, emails, or other funnel stages, to fit your brand and specific audience.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Look for software that provides in-depth analytics and reporting features. This will help you track performance, understand customer behaviour, and make data-driven decisions. 
  • Budget and ROI: Always sync your budget and the potential return on investment. The right software should offer a balance between cost and the value it brings to your business.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Research and read reviews from other users. Ask around, recommendations from peers in your industry can also be invaluable in making an informed decision.

By carefully assessing these aspects, you can choose a funnel builder software that best aligns with your business objectives and enhances your marketing efforts.

To make this easier, we have already jotted down some of the best funnel builder software this year and we will also educate you on how to leverage them to boost your sales. 

Best Funnel Builder Software You Can’t Miss this Year

Funnel BuilderKey FeaturesPricing Structure
WooriseCustomizable landing pages, Drag-and-drop builder, Custom rewards for referralsFree tier up to 100 leads, Plans start at $29 per month
Zendesk SellAdvanced CRM, Automated lead assignment, Real-time reportingPlans from $19 to $115 per user/month
WishpondAdvanced email campaigns, AI-driven tools, Chat GPT for content, Mobile appFree tier up to 200 contacts, Plans start at $44/month
HubspotCRM system, Automated lead follow-up, Email AutomationFree to $3600 per month
KartraDrag-and-drop builder, Kartra Agency, Funnel mappingPlans from $119 to $549 per month
MailchimpCustomizable landing pages, AB testing, Automated publishingFree to $137.19 per month
KajabiIntegrated landing pages, E-commerce checkouts, Kajabi branding removalBuild Mode: $0/month, Plans from $119 to $399 per month
GrowSurfCustom rewards for referrals, Tailored plans, Referral marketing focusPlans from $450 to $1050 per month, Enterprise custom pricing
ClickFunnelsEmail/Facebook marketing tools, Web page editor, One-click upsell toolPlans from $147 to $497 per month
Systeme.ioSales funnel creation, Dropshipping services, Business AutomationFree to $97 per month
KeapCustomizable forms, Personalized follow-ups, Automated upsellsPlans from $159 to $279 per month

1. Woorise

Woorise – Create Beautiful Landing Pages Forms Surveys test

Woorise is a powerful lead generation and email marketing platform that allows you to create a wide range of interactive campaigns such as landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes, viral giveaways & contests, accept payments and more to help you grow your business from a single platform.

Features include a modern landing page and form builder, 40+ field types and thousands of social actions, 100+ interactive templates, conditional logic, real-time email notifications, multi-language support and built-in analytics.

Feature Overview:

  • Beautiful and fast design with a powerful drag & drop landing page and form builder
  • 100+ customizable templates for interactive campaigns and landing pages 
  • Multiple layouts and many customization options
  • Conditional Logic
  • Personalized email notifications
  • Multi-language support
  • Create refer-a-friend campaigns
  • Geo Targeting to make your campaign available to specific countries
  • Multi-Page Forms
  • Instant redeem rewards
  • Personalized thank you pages
  • Export your data in a CSV file
  • Embed your campaigns on every website or platform
  • Workspaces to manage all your brands or clients from a single account
  • Bio Link page to link to all your important content
  • Integrate with a wide range of apps including all major email marketing apps


Woorise offers a free forever plan up to 100 leads. Woorise also provides a free 14-days trial to try all premium features.

  • Basic plan: Starting at $29 per month, ideal for startups and businesses who starting out and they need to run basic campaigns.
  • Grow plan: Starting at $49 per month, ideal for growing businesses and organizations who want to create powerful lead generation and email marketing campaigns.
  • Pro plan: Starting at $99 per month, ideal for any size of business and enterprise companies who want to run any kind of customized marketing campaigns with powerful tools and no limits.

What We Like:

Woorise serves as an essential platform for businesses seeking to transform leads into paying customers. It features a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and customizable templates, streamlining the creation of engaging landing pages and forms.

The platform offers detailed insights and personalization options like refer-a-friend campaigns and multi-language support. These features enable businesses to understand and engage their audience effectively, fostering conversions and profit growth.

Furthermore, Woorise supports seamless integration with major email marketing applications, ensuring a cohesive marketing strategy. With plans for every business size, Woorise is tailored to help users scale their operations and enhance their digital presence efficiently.

2. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell emerges as a feature-rich CRM solution, skillfully designed to enhance funnel and lead tracking, automate lead assignment, and boost lead generation. 

It stands out with its advanced marketing automation features and real-time reporting, making it one of the best funnel builder software choices for businesses seeking a holistic solution to manage customer interactions at every lifecycle stage.

Feature Overview:

  • Advanced CRM capabilities with a focus on funnel and lead tracking
  • Automated lead assignment for efficient team workflows
  • Robust lead generation tools to enhance pipeline opportunities
  • Powerful marketing automation to streamline operations
  • Real-time reporting for up-to-date insights and data analysis
  • Comprehensive management features for all stages of the customer lifecycle


  • Team: $19 per user/month – Ideal for small teams needing basic CRM functionalities
  • Growth: $55 per user/month – Suitable for growing businesses requiring more advanced features
  • Professional: $115 per user/month – Designed for professional teams seeking comprehensive CRM solutions

What We Like:

Zendesk Sell impresses with its combination of powerful features within an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface. 

Its ability to handle various aspects of customer relationship management, from initial contact to deal closure, and its marketing automation capabilities make it a strong contender for companies looking to solidify their software operations. 

Despite being a pricier option, especially for larger teams, Zendesk’s all-in-one platform approach offers significant value for businesses aiming to streamline their operations under one umbrella.

3. Wishpond

Wishpond is this all-in-one, cloud-based platform designed to efficiently capture and nurture leads through your sales funnel. 

It’s equipped with almost all of the sales funnel optimization capabilities expected by modern businesses and goes beyond its unique features and offerings.

Feature Overview:

  • Advanced email campaign integration and personalization
  • Streamlined and automated sales processes
  • In-depth leads database for tracking conversion paths
  • Custom tools for building websites and landing pages
  • Integrated online payment systems for e-commerce functionalities
  • Analytics dashboards providing real-time insights
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces for landing pages and websites
  • Chat GPT-powered AI for innovative email content generation
  • Convenient mobile app for remote management
  • Detailed sales analytics and dashboard features for tracking progress
  • Agency-focused tools for managing multiple client accounts
  • SMS marketing, referral templates, contact management, and reward systems
  • Visual automation builders, list segmentation, and e-commerce platform integrations
  • Over 900 integrations with pre-built automation sequences
  • Industry-specific landing page builders with AI-generated content
  • AI-powered chatbot for enhanced customer interaction

Pricing Structure:

Wishpond offers a free subscription for up to 200 contacts. 

For expanded and intricate functionalities, pricing starts at $44.00 per month when billed annually ($528/year), or a monthly plan at $69.00.

What We Like:

One of the best funnel builder software this year, Wishpond, excels with its broad spectrum of features, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. 

Its capacity to provide personalised visitor experiences based on its funnel stage is remarkable. 

The all-new generative AI features for content generation and the extensive range of tools for digital product development are standouts. 

Wishpond boasts high-profile clients like Sony, CBS, and Walmart, highlighting its reliability and versatility.

4. Hubspot


HubSpot is renowned for its extensive suite of tools designed to support and enhance business growth. It stands out as a versatile platform, offering a range of features essential for building and sustaining a healthy and functional sales process.

Feature Overview:

  • An extensive library of landing page templates tailored to various marketing strategies
  • Professional email automation to facilitate effective communication
  • Streamlined automated lead assignment and follow-up processes
  • Detailed contact timeline and segmentation for targeted marketing
  • A robust set of traditional sales funnel tools, including infrastructure for content creation and distribution
  • An exceptional CRM system at the core, unifying marketing, sales, and service initiatives


  • Free Plan: Ideal for businesses just starting, offering basic CRM functionalities at no cost.
  • Starter Plan: Starting at $20 per month, this plan includes additional CRM features suitable for small businesses looking to expand their operations.
  • Professional Plan: Priced from $890 per month, designed for growing businesses requiring more advanced CRM and marketing tools.
  • Enterprise Plan: Starting at $3600 per month, offering a comprehensive suite of features for large-scale business operations with complex needs.

What We Like:

One of our favourite software entries here; HubSpot impresses with its ability to cater to businesses of any size, providing a solid foundation for building and maintaining a strong customer base. 

The platform’s scalability and diverse functionalities make it ideal for companies aiming to grow and adapt over time. 

Its integrated CRM system, which efficiently manages various aspects of customer interactions, is a standout feature that enhances the entire customer journey resulting in a better conversion ratio.

5. Kartra

Kartra stands out as a reliable marketing and sales platform tailored to fulfil any and every online business need. 

It’s tailored to handle customer and lead management efficiently at every stage of the buyer’s journey, fostering strong customer relationships.

Feature Overview:

  • A user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder for easy creation of lead-generating landing pages
  • Innovative funnel mapping feature that provides a visual approach to designing sales funnels
  • Capability to export sales funnels to PDF, facilitating easy sharing with management and stakeholders
  • Kartra Agency, is a unique feature tailored for managing client accounts, especially those with recurring revenue and ongoing support needs


  • Starter Plan: $119/month, suitable for new businesses or those with up to 2500 leads.
  • Growth Plan: $229/month, ideal for growing businesses with up to 12,500 leads.
  • Professional Plan: $549/month, designed for established businesses with up to 25,000 leads.

Although Kartra does not provide any free plan, they boast a 30-day money-back guarantee in case it does not prove to be a worthy option for you.

What We Like:

We recommend Kartra, particularly for its Kartra Agency feature, which stands out for its focus on managing client accounts effectively. 

This feature is ideal for businesses that handle multiple client projects, providing a streamlined way to oversee recurring revenue and support. 

Additionally, the platform’s intuitive interface for building landing pages and visual sales funnel mapping makes it a valuable tool for simplifying complex marketing tasks.

6. Mailchimp

One of the most popular email automation tools, Mailchimp, is recognized for its simplicity and effectiveness around online marketing, offering a range of features from sales funnel software to comprehensive customer journey tracking. 

It’s a versatile solution, particularly suited for small businesses, but scalable to meet the needs of larger enterprises.

Feature Overview:

  • Customizable landing page templates to drive and convert website traffic
  • User-friendly API for sending trigger-based messages
  • Comprehensive tracking of the entire customer journey
  • Behavior and campaign analytics for detailed insights
  • AB testing for strategy optimization
  • Automated publishing and channel management features


  • Free Plan: Ideal for small businesses, offering up to 1000 emails per month.
  • Essentials Plan: Starting at $9.19 a month, and offering up to 5000 emails per month.
  • Standard Plan: Beginning at $13.72 a month, suitable for businesses looking for more comprehensive marketing tools and offering up to 6000 monthly email sends.
  • Premium Plan: Starting at $137.19 a month, offering the most extensive set of features for large-scale operations and up to 150,000 monthly email sends.

What We Like:

Mailchimp’s strength lies in its ease of use and the ability to send highly targeted messaging, making it a great fit for businesses looking to engage customers effectively. 

Its behaviour analytics and AB testing tools are particularly beneficial for refining marketing strategies.

7. Kajabi


Kajabi emerges as a robust marketing and sales platform, particularly effective for businesses that focus on online courses and digital products. 

It offers an array of tools to spark interest in products or services and convert that interest into solid sales and new customer acquisitions.

Feature Overview:

  • Code-free, fully integrated landing pages offering a professional look with minimal setup or web design experience needed
  • A built-in shopping cart, with the advantage of zero transaction fees
  • Customizable e-commerce checkouts to enhance the customer buying experience
  • A platform that, while not primarily targeted towards small businesses or startups due to its pricing structure, provides immense value for companies with a focus on digital product sales


  • Build Mode (New!): $0/month, billed annually, with $149/month afterwards. It includes 3 products and funnels, unlimited landing pages and marketing emails, 10,000 contacts, 1,000 customers, 1 website, and 1 admin user. This plan offers a 45-day free building period.
  • Basic Plan: $119/month billed annually, or $149/month.
  • Growth Plan (Most Popular): $159/month billed annually, or $199/month. This plan expands upon the Basic features, offering 15 products and funnels, 25,000 contacts, 10,000 active customers, 1 website, and 10 admin users. 
  • Pro Plan: $319/month billed annually, or $399/month. It includes 100 products and funnels, 100,000 contacts, 20,000 active customers, 3 websites, and 25 admin users.

What We Like:

Kajabi stands out for its ability to cater to companies with larger budgets, particularly those selling online courses and other digital products. 

Its user-friendly design, combined with powerful e-commerce capabilities, makes it a top choice for businesses seeking to streamline their sales funnel strategy for digital goods.

8. GrowSurf

GrowSurf is a dedicated platform designed to leverage the power of referral marketing. 

Recognising the timeless value of word-of-mouth, it provides tools for businesses to grow through strategic referrals and rewards.

Feature Overview:

  • Tools for creating custom rewards, such as cash payments, discounts, gift cards, and account credits, incentivizing customers to promote your product
  • Suitable for a range of companies, including B2C, B2B, SaaS, and FinTech
  • A focus on referral marketing as a primary customer acquisition strategy


  • Startup Plan: $450/month
  • Business Plan: $650/month
  • Elite Plan: $1050/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for businesses with more than 300,000 users, offering tailored plans to fit specific needs

Yes, if you are a small business you can probably skip this one. 

What We Like:

GrowSurf excels in its ability to enhance business growth through the efficient use of referral marketing strategies. 

Its adaptability to different business models and the option to customize rewards make it a go-to choice for companies prioritizing referral-based growth.

9. ClickFunnels 

ClickFunnels is renowned in the market for being an exceptionally user-friendly sales funnel software tool. It provides an array of features to smoothly guide buyers through each step of the sales process.

Feature Overview:

  • Tools for email and Facebook marketing automation to effectively manage and nurture leads
  • An accessible web page editor for creating engaging, conversion-optimized pages
  • A one-click upsell tool, allowing businesses to automatically offer additional products or services to customers who are already in the buying process


Basic: $147/month & $127/month when billed annually

Pro: $197/month & $157/month when billed annually
Funnel Hacker: $497/month & $208/month when billed annually 

What We Like:

ClickFunnels is especially beneficial for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking a simple yet powerful system to convert prospects’ interest into tangible sales. 

Its one-click upsell feature is particularly effective for maximizing revenue potential from the existing customer base, offering more options to buyers already inclined to purchase.

10. Systeme.io

Systeme.io is a versatile all-in-one marketing software, offering an impressive suite of tools including a sales funnel builder, autoresponder, dropshipping services, and business automation. 

It’s designed to support the launch and growth of online businesses efficiently.

Feature Overview:

  • Sales funnel creation with easy-to-use templates
  • Tools for building and selling online courses
  • Efficient dropshipping management
  • Quick and simple funnel and landing page builder
  • Built-in email autoresponder for streamlined email campaigns and newsletters
  • Membership site creation across all plans, ideal for online courses


Free Plan: $0 per Month, offering basic features for starting an online business.

Startup Plan: $27 per Month, for growing businesses needing more advanced features.

Webinar Plan: $47 per Month, tailored for businesses focusing on webinars and larger-scale online courses.

Unlimited Plan: $97 per Month, providing the most comprehensive set of tools for large businesses and extensive online operations​

What We Like:

Systeme.io is particularly suited for entrepreneurs, providing a comprehensive set of tools to start and scale an online business rapidly. 

Its user-friendly platform and diverse functionalities make it a great choice for individuals seeking to quickly establish and grow their online presence.

11. Keap

Keap, previously known as Infusionsoft, is a dynamic sales and marketing platform, ideal for fostering business growth. 

It features customizable and embeddable forms for efficient lead capturing and nurturing, alongside a personalized approach to follow-up communications. 

Users appreciate Keap’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface for creating sales pipelines, and its automated upsell functionalities are key in sealing deals and enhancing profit margins.

Feature Overview:

  • Customizable and embeddable forms simplify lead capturing and nurturing.
  • Personalized Follow-Up streamlines communications with prospects.
  • Drag-and-Drop sales pipeline creator facilitates easy creation of sales pipelines.
  • Automated upsell features aid in closing deals and maximizing profits.


Pro Plan: $159 per month for 1,500 contacts and two users.

Max Plan: $229 per month for 2,500 contacts and three users.

Ultimate Plan: $279 per month with inclusion of advanced features. 

What We Like:

Keap is ideal for dedicated users seeking a robust platform.

Its wealth of features provides a comprehensive solution for managing sales and marketing activities, making it highly suitable for businesses focused on detailed and deep engagement with their marketing tools.

Ending Note

The art of selling is never a walk in the park, rather persuading an individual to spend money is the toughest job out of all.

Although, with the right approach and practices this hassle-rich process can be made easier.

Hence we covered the best funnel builder software this year to enrich all fellow entrepreneurs, marketers and individual practitioners with the best possible ways of converting those cold leads into hot paying customers. 

Want to know about more such tools and marketing trends? Follow our blog!

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