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Introducing Gallery Block to Create Photo Voting Contests

photo voting contest

Running photo contests is an excellent way to engage your fans, build awareness, strengthen your community and collect a ton of highly valuable user-generated content that will help you promote your offering in a highly relatable, engaging and trustworthy way.

With Woorise you can easily create and customize your own powerful photo voting contest or start with the photo voting contest template. You’ll be able to directly accept or automatically import submissions from a wide selection of sources, capture valuable user data, showcase submissions in stylish galleries and easily pick winners through random draws, manual selection and even fan voting.

Woorise Gallery block for photo voting contests

A new Gallery content block is now available in your Woorise landing page builder that will allow you to run photo voting contests. The best way to run your photo contest is by setting up a photo contest campaign with Woorise which directly accepts image submissions from a wide selection of sources.

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