Tall Tales

Book Giveaway 2022

Tall Tales is a paranormal fantasy/horror webserial that has been running since 2018 but went on a one-year hiatus as Tim was preparing Volume 3. To prepare for the story resuming on August 1, we’re giving away the full collection of published books and stories!

Two lucky winners will receive signed print copies of Tall Tales: Volume One, Tall Tales: Volume Two, “The Blind Guides,” and “Purgatory;” AND they will also receive a copy of Tall Tales: Volume Three as soon as it publishes! Three more winners will receive signed print copies of Tall Tales: Volume One, “The Blind Guides,” and “Purgatory.”

Winners will be drawn on July 1. At that point, I will announce winners on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, the Tall Tales website, and the Tall Tales newsletter. Winners will receive a personal email from matteson p i [at] the gmails to confirm mailing addresses for their books.

As you await the results and/or your books, now is a great time to catch up on the story so far! The first draft form of most Tall Tales stories are published as blog posts on the website, and starting on August 1 the stories from Volume Three will begin publishing, one post per day, every weekday. The print volumes consist of these stories after going through editing, as well as additional stories that never see the website. “The Blind Guides” and “Purgatory” are standalone short stories that take place in the world of Tall Tales and connect to the main story, and were originally published as booklets to be available at conventions to introduce people to the style and content of Tall Tales.

The promotion has ended.

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