Detox from 2020- Win a Sauna this February

Few things will improve your health as much as detoxing your body. That’s why we’re giving away three prizes that will kickstart your detox.
Enter for a chance to win a portable infrared sauna, oral detox kit, or a heavy metal testing kit. Complete any of our bonus actions to increase your chance of winning.
Read more about the products from Primal Life Organics, Synergy Science, and Doctor’s Data below.

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Synergy Sauna

Infrared saunas have many science-backed benefits. There is evidence that they improve immunity, detox the body, help relieve insomnia, improve cardiovascular health and even have the potential to alleviate cancer. They are a natural health wonder, and the Synergy Sauna is one of the best.

The Synergy Sauna™ portable full spectrum (near and far) infrared sauna provides deep penetrating and detoxifying therapeutic heat through the use of infrared rays.

Made from natural bamboo with ultra low EMFs and a built-in ozone generator for internal sanitation. This product is sure to improve your health regimen and your life.

Primal Life Organics Oral Detox Kit

Cleansing your mouth daily, with every brushing will help control the bacteria and reduce toxin levels inside your mouth which is important for whole-body health.  Infections and bacterial overgrowth in the mouth can travel into the body and lead to long-term health issues.

Our clean, safe dental detox kit gets the job done so you can enjoy every bite, sip, and smile opportunity. Not only will your smile be healthier, but our cleansing toothpowder erases stains off the surface of your teeth while keeping your teeth feeling strong! 

The kit includes:

-One copper tongue scraper

-One Activate Charcoal Toothbrush

-One Black peppermint tooth powder 0.25 oz (7 g)

-One Toothpowder Peppermint 0.25 oz. (7g)

-One Dirty Mouth Gum Serum 0.5 fl oz. (14 ml)

-One Box (30-count) Natural Dental Floss Picks

-One Detox Natural Deodorant 0.75 oz. (21 g)

Doctor’s Data Heavy Metals Toxicity kit

Doctor Data’s Heavy Metals Toxicity test will check your body for chronic exposure to things like arsenic, lead, mercury, and other toxins by using a strand of your hair. The test can tell if you’ve been exposed to 31 different toxins, from recent exposures to up to six months after. 

The kit comes with everything you need to collect and return your sample, including a prepaid return envelope. Your test results will let you know how much of these toxins are present in your sample, presenting their quantity in the gram and microgram levels.

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