Win a pair of podpoi® v2!

We’re celebrating the 10-year anniversary of podpoi! A milestone in the evolution of the world’s most loved and durable LED poi we’re wanting to share with you. The podpoi v2 have wireless control and syncing, custom high-temp LEDs that help you shine brighter, and many more adjustable and programmable modes.

To win the podpoi® v2, earn the biggest amount of points, to have the highest chance of winning!

We wish you good luck, and hope to see you soon at our next gathering in Guatemala!


The giveaway has ended.

If you’re the winner, we’ll notify you by email.
It’s not possible to exchange the podpoi® for the monetary value.
If you’re coming to the Guateflow gathering, we will give you your podpoi® there.
If not, we’ll ship them to you. There’s a budget of $ 20 available for the shipping costs. If the shipping fee will be more expensive, you’ll have to cover the rest. Also, we do not cover any possible import taxes.

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