Magician On Duty

Five Year Anniversary NFT Giveaway

I am celebrating five years of Magician On Duty, and I want to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting me all along.

The holder of this NFT will also receive special benefits within the Magician On Duty community.

Rules, terms & conditions

1. One NFT per person or wallet. If you purchase the compilation on Bandcamp, you will receive one additional NFT.

2. Must have an ethereum /polygon address / wallet such as Metamask in order for you to receive the NFT.

3. You must add the Polygon network/blockchain to your metamask wallet in order for your NFT’s to be displayed on your account. (

The NFT will show in your “HIDDEN” tab on OpenSea. You can change the settings to make it visible.

4. Must complete all the required steps in order to receive the NFT.

5. You must follow all the [required] social media accounts listed in the giveaway in order to receive your NFT at the time your entry is being reviewed.

6. Limited supply of 450, first come, first served. The NFT is listed / displayed on OpenSea.

7. The purchase of the compilation is not required, however it will be appreciated as it will help people in need.

8. Magician On Duty reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time for any reason whatsoever. 

Thank you!

*Terms & Conditions apply*