Some Basic Information About the Leading British Luxury Car Brands

When only the absolute perfect combination of luxury and sports can do, you might turn to the Bentley Continental GT as the ultimate in the world of prestige automobiles.

It’s clearly a pricey proposition, starting at more than $ 230,000 new (plus tax and service fees), but it’s also one of the most impressive brands — in addition to Rolls Royce — that epitomizes the British Luxury Car class. Its three-seat cockpit, five doors, and V12 engines are definitely classic but even so, this car oozes class. And when you drive it, nothing happens by accident.

  • One of Rolls Royce’s great innovations is its use of carbon composites. In the case of the Bentley Continental GT, the carbon fiber composites are formed on the panels of the body through a process that yields a high level of strength. The end result is an extremely lightweight car that can also handle towing very large luggage. All these traits make it the ideal vehicle for hauling those heavy goods or cargo around town. But if you want a luxurious ride that also looks great, it is best to go for one of Rolls Royce’s British luxury cars.
  • Of course, just because the Lincoln limousine is a staple in Hollywood does not mean that all British luxury cars are alike. The Ford Focus has already become a favorite among young crowds — especially those who are keen on sports and auto racing. A Ford Focus, however, cannot compare to a Rolls Royce limousine in terms of styling, although the smaller hatchback version is actually quite beautiful. Ford Focus sedans also have their own distinct look and there are several different colors to choose from.
Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Some would argue that there are better British high-end cars than the ones manufactured by Rolls Royces and others like BMW, as well as Audi, Mercedes and Ferrari. But then, what about the American cars that are so dear to millions of diehard British car lovers? Are there really any better options out there? Or are all British luxury cars equally good?

In many ways, pricing starts at the same level as American luxury cars do. The key difference is that British luxury cars usually cost a bit less when it comes to buying and selling. And then there are the incentives and the additional features that come with every model. When it comes to adding up the total price of your dream car, it might be cheaper to buy a phantom.

When it comes to the top British automobile brand, Vauxhall is second only to Rolls Royce in terms of sales volume. It is, perhaps, the most well-known and recognized name in the field of British cars. Many of its models are the choices of those who have already purchased supercars like the Pagani or the Lamborghini, as well as being familiar with other brands like the Ford Fiesta and the Chevrolet Corsica.

And even though there are other luxury car manufacturers in this world, the British automobile maker still rules. Its reputation for reliability and sophistication is unquestioned, and even though its global sales have decreased in recent years, it has maintained its high standards.

Jaguar E Type

Since its inception in 1926, when it started out making miniature electric motor vehicles, Vauxhall has been going strong. Its high-end automaking division is led by none other than the original Vauxhall founder, John Temple. He is responsible for the firm’s innovative designs, such as the Vauxhall Grand Marquis, Vauxhall Deion, and the Vauxhall Victor. These are just some of the highly popular models manufactured by the brand; they all share a common trait: they are all highly successful vehicles in their own right.

Many people love using these luxurious vehicles. And why shouldn’t they? They are not only speedy, elegant vehicles, but they can also be reliable and fuel-efficient. Some can even boast of having several technological features, such as airbags and anti-lock brakes. For these reasons, many automotive experts believe that the British luxury car brands, including Vauxhall, should continue to stay where they are: at the forefront of automotive technology.

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