Enter to WIN this year’s March Mystery Box!

For the last 3 years we’ve given away our Mystery Box to one (1) lucky winner. This year, we’ll have a Mystery Box for three (3) lucky winners.

WHAT’S in the box?

We won’t tell what’s in the mystery box (that’s why it’s a mystery). But it’s definitely created for horse lovers. Who knows!? Maybe your box contains horse treats, horse books, horse-related services, equestrian jewelry, rider accessories, or motivational books. You’ll have to WIN it to find out…

WHY are we giving away a Mystery Box?

For one thing, it’s fun! And who doesn’t want a chance to WIN something horsey and mysterious once a year? The other reason is, …. and this is why we do ALL of our Giveaways, to give you an opportunity to discover horse-related products and services you may not have heard of yet. You can check out our previous Giveaways.

This year, eight equine businesses are adding items to our annual March Mystery Box, which means each box is worth over $200. Although I won’t tell you what these businesses are giving away, I will let you know who they are. To find out, simply join the HorseWorldConnect Club Facebook group.

*these equine businesses may reach out to you with an occasional email or an invitation to join them on Social Media. This way you can get to know them before you buy from them. And of course you can meet them in the HorseWorldConnect Facebook Club.

What are you waiting for? Enter to WIN your Mystery box.

The more you share this Giveaway opportunity with others, the bigger YOUR chances of winning. To make sharing easy, you’ll see some share buttons to click once you’ve entered.

Good Luck. We hope you WIN!

Heike and Frog from HorseWorldConnect

Unfortunately this Giveaway has ended.

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