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Partial Entries: Collect Data in Real Time

Partial Entries feature (available on Pro plan) allows you to collect data in real time as it is entered on your forms. When Partial Entries is enabled a partial entry automatically created when a user begins to fill out the form.

Woorise Partial Entries
  1. Select the campaign you want and click on the Form > Settings > Partial Entries
  2. Click the checkbox to enable Partial Entries
  3. Additional options will appear. The Warning Message is used to place a message above the form, making your users aware that their field values are being saved before submission.
  4. You can also enable Conditional Logic to trigger Partial Entries only if specific rules are met.

    Partial Entries has two options under the Progress sub-heading: All Fields and Required Fields. You can set a percentage level against either of these criteria that will determine when the partial entry is saved.

    In the image above, the partial entry will be saved once more than 50% of Required Fields on the form have user input.

It will take a few seconds for Partial Entries to appear in the Entries page. A partial entry is also saved when a page of a multi-page form is submitted.

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