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How to Notify Winners Through Woorise Dashboard

Unless you run an instant win campaign Woorise doesn’t automatically notify winners. However, we are providing an easy way to send an email notification manually.

Notify winners through Woorise dashboard
  1. Create an email notification with the message you want to send to the winners and set the event to Manually.
  2. After picking winners in the Entries page click on the Winners to filter entries.
  3. Select the entries you want to send the notification using the checkbox on the left.
  4. From the Bulk actions dropdown choose Send Notifications and click on the Apply button.
  5. From the popup select the email notification you want to be sent. Optionally you can override the default email notification Send To by entering a comma delimited list of emails addresses to which the selected notifications should be sent.
  6. Click the Send Notifications button.

You can currently send up to 20 emails each time.

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