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About Woorise Affiliate/Referral Program

Woorise affiliate program gives all users an opportunity to earn money by referring users who use the platform. When you refer other paid users, you can earn cash credit that can be cashed out via PayPal.

Woorise affiliate link

You will find your affiliate/referral link inside your Woorise account in the Account > Affiliate Program (top right corner).

You can deep link your affiliate link to any internal Woorise page, if you feel that page will better influence the conversion based on your page content or recommendation.


When you refer users you will earn 30% recurring commission for every sale we make. You continue to receive commissions until the user ends their subscription. There’s no cap on earnings. The more accounts you refer, the more you earn.

One of the great things about Woorise affiliate program is that we automatically allow you to start earning money as soon as you run your first campaign. Anyone that clicks through the Woorise badge in the campaign will have the ability to earn you money.

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

  • We reserve the right to invalidate referrals if we feel you are “gaming the system”. This program is designed to reward people that send us meaningful signups (this means posting in forums or specifically telling people to create a campaign is against our TOS).
  • Minimum payout for cash referrals is $100, payments only made via PayPal. Payments are made within the first 15 days each month.
  • Under no circumstances shall you send any messages that violate the CAN-SPAM act of 2003 in respect to Woorise.
  • We will not honor referrals from SEM advertising that uses either the woorise.com domain or any keywords relating to Woorise.
  • You will not purchase any domains that contain Woorise in the URL (i.e. WooriseCampaigns.com).
  • Self referrals will not be credited, abuse of this may result in removal from the program.
  • You cannot use a Woorise campaign to incentivize referrals, this means running a campaign asking users to signup using your affiliate link.

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