JUNE #changealife GIVEAWAY: Festo Servo Kit

Enter to win a Festo CMMT Developer Kit. This Servo Kit will introduce you to the awesome world of motion control.

Giveaway Items:

– Festo Servo Kit: $299 Value

My career in Controls has completely changed my life! I’m asked everywhere I go, “How do I get into that? Where do I start? What do I need?”. Preston Hadley, President of Envision Automation & Controls.

That’s why we want to give someone the opportunity to CHANGE THEIR LIFE!

We’re giving away a complete Festo Servo Kit for FREE. (Sponsored by Festo)

No games, no entry fee, just sign up and enter to win.

Watch the unboxing here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/preston-hadley_changealife-festo-motion-activity-6795010529116078080-3VGl

Honorable Mentions:

Festo Servo Kit Includes:

The giveaway has ended.

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