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Exciting $1,000 Cash Giveaway:
Win $200 Each, 5 Lucky Winners!

Get ready for our thrilling $1,000 Cash Giveaway! We’re celebrating our amazing community and giving you a chance to win big. Five lucky winners will each receive $200 to spend however they like! Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity. To enter, simply follow the instructions below. Good luck, and we can’t wait to see who will be our five fortunate winners!

How it Works


Download & Sign Up To participate in this fantastic giveaway, start by downloading our app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once installed, sign up for a new account or log in if you already have one.


Locate your Signup Code. After signing up, head over to the ‘Links’ section within the app to find your unique giveaway entry number. You’ll need this number for the next step, so make sure to note it down.


Complete the Giveaway Form Visit our giveaway page and fill out the entry form, providing your unique entry number from the app. Make sure to carefully follow all instructions and submit your entry before the deadline.

Drawing Event

The lucky winners will be chosen in a live drawing event that will be recorded and shared on our website and social media platforms. We’ll personally contact the winners to congratulate them and provide further details on claiming their prize. Good luck, and thank you for participating in our exciting giveaway!

What is The Brainstorm Network?

About us

The Brainstorm Network is a groundbreaking platform that connects individuals and businesses seeking innovative ideas and feedback with a diverse community of problem-solvers and creative thinkers. By making market research and consulting services more accessible, affordable, and efficient, we aim to transform the way small businesses, entrepreneurs, product developers and marketing professionals approach decision-making and growth.
Our mission is to popularize the market research industry, making it more widely known and accessible to the global population. By empowering everyone to become a market researcher, we seek to break down barriers and foster a collaborative environment where unique insights and ideas can be shared, enriching the business landscape for all.

I’m excited to announce our $1,000 Cash Giveaway! Your incredible support has been invaluable to our growth and success.
We’re giving back to our amazing community with this opportunity for five lucky winners to receive $200 each. This giveaway is our way of expressing gratitude for your continued support.
Best of luck in our giveaway, and thank you for being a part of our journey!

Artur Sterkhov
Founder and CEO
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